Wanted + Stark Custom

Making a journal here as I’ve heard it can help to realize your own results. Not sure how often I will update so we’ll see. Also wanted to share my custom as I think it’s pretty neat.

Custom is (spaces to separate goals):

-SPS Fat Burn
-APS Torso
-Emperor Fitness ST2 Core
-Epigenetics & DNA modulator
-Extreme exercise motivation
-Health Codex
-Deep Sleep

-Stark Core
-Dragon Tongue

-Ethereal presence
-Aura of Approachability
-Aura of craving
-Gorgeous Manifestor
-Alexander’s play

-Inner gasoline
-stop porn and masterbation
-eye of the storm

Will be running this alongside Wanted (this will be my third cycle of Wanted) and 1x a week ascension chamber, not sure about visualizing and conscious guidance and all that but hey, it’s free so I’ll give it a shot.

Goals are to bolster Wanted’s physical shifting with the first few modules, focusing on fat on the belly. Next the Stark Core and Dragon tongue to simply make me more sociable and witty, although I know there’s a lot more to Stark. The next group modules, I have the idea that they could make me a very hypnotic and intense person that captivates the attention of others. Obviously with a focus on women with the gorgeous manifestor and alexanders play, but I’d like to just be a captivating person in general to everyone. Finally the Inner gasoline and stop PMO are my “result enhancement” modules as I strongly believe the subconscious makes good use of sexual energy you store from not watching porn/masterbating/ejaculation. I’ve done streaks of nofap in the past and just felt more stable and alive. Anyways, today is Day 1 of listening, starting the cycle today.


Day 3

Haven’t listened yet today. But have had dreams the last two nights. I can’t really remember or explain them but it feels like they were very in depth and complex with a lot more going on than usual. Maybe something to do with the Deep Sleep module, or just the subconscious processing a big amount of info compared to before. Not much else to report.

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Day 4

I think recon is kinda hitting now, I feel kinda off and a bit slow in the head. Just gonna power through with the standard listening schedule though. Feeling down in various ways is nothing new to me so no problem.

Recon is hitting quite hard, I just had a random delusion that my coworker had installed cameras in our office space to watch what we do when they’re not here. Haven’t had delusions like that in a while.

How about listening twice a week?

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I’ll give that a shot next week if things don’t go well for the next few days. But I’ve been pretty “out of it” for long periods of my life in the past so I have a pretty good tolerance to these feelings.

Black Coffee seems to stave off some of the recon effects, for me at least

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I believe I’m seeing some modules manifest. Primarily inner gasoline and stop PMO. Had a massive urge last night, the intensity was off the charts honestly. Likely inner gasoline at play. I don’t have a porn problem, just MO actually but it seems the stop PMO module covers everything because I was able to restrain myself much better than before. I was having flashbacks of positive interactions I’ve had with people over the past 2 week streak and I was asking myself if it was worth losing all that for 5 min of pleasure.

Also don’t know if this is how gorgeous manifestor even works, but a few women at my work have changed up their hairstyles and all look objectively more attractive. Not that I’m interested in coworkers, but still, interesting how it all happened at the same time.

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Lmao :joy:

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If anyone happens to read this, do angel numbers mean anything (ex:444)? I have been seeing them more often, usually in the time, in my car odometer, order numbers at work and at restaurants.

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Do angel numbers mean anything? Who knows. But if you believe in it, you can find tons of pages about the number 444 with google. Here, for example, is a very detailed one.


Recon is hitting again, I (feel like I) fumbled through a few interactions at work and just feel stupid now. Also had random bouts of anxiety and feel like I wasn’t as productive as I could have been. Questioning if the subs are working or doing anything. I guess the only thing to do is keep at it and get my money’s worth. Day 11.

What is your plan for listening for the next 9 days?

Just going to stick with the regular schedule

Not that I’m planning on adding another sub anytime soon, but if I wanted a more masculine edge to my stack, what would you guys recommend? So far I’ve seen ascension, godlike masculinity, emperor.

GLM for sure


Was crying a few nights ago for no real reason. Something tells me that I probably should have run a healing title before getting into these seduction type titles, but I guess at this point it would be wiser to not jump between subs and just stick with what I have right now. Presumably the healing will happen regardless, it will just be a rougher time ( and maybe slower?) without a dedicated healing sub.

What have you considered?

There is also Ascension.

I haven’t consider a particular healing title, I don’t think adding another sub to the stack right now is a good idea.

I had a weird dream last night, the memorable part was that I started hearing the ZP masking sound at one point and for some reason I was convinced it was Diamond. I don’t have any interest or use for that title right now so, not sure what happened lol.