Wanted + Libertine?

Does anyone have experience with this combo? I tried searching but didn’t come up with much. They both like highly passive titles for attraction so I’m intrigued by the idea of being irresistible to and getting hit on by women just by existing, as un-masculine and unrealistic as that sounds.

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I agree its unmanly.

But good news for you its definitely NOT unrealistic.

I have never used wanted but i can tell you that libertine should have girls approaching you in the nightlife.

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Thank you for linking that. So you had women initiate on you really strongly without you doing much, that is awesome.

Yep but I stop Wanted because of how lazy it made me so now I run my custom: The Innovative Mastermind - A Journey Through Cutting Edge Technology - #2 by CyberSec

That’s what I never understood about Wanted. What’s in it that makes people lazy/nonchalant? Why can’t that part be taken out?

I know we will be told its just energy intensive, but isn’t that the case with other titles as well ?

Energy Intensive and it’s also the physical shifting that makes you lazier. Some people don’t experience the laziness, some people say it won’t make you lazy but it’s the way you use it which makes no sense. Bottom line is Wanted is best used for vacation purposes (For me anyway) but for work forget about it.

To be honest, my only concern with Wanted is when you use it in a technical roles which is where it doesn’t shine well aha. For business/management positions Wanted laziness might not be a huge problem since you might be able to overcome it.

That’s no true for everyone. Wanted + Libertine will help him a lot but libertine will most probably not get girls approaching him since it’s a aura based (It’s dependent on inner growth). Results that you got on Libertine might not be the same as he would get when he uses it.

Because if your male you run behind women to jump into the juice.

If this primal urge is reversed then the drive is gone. It’s perfect for recharge you and use your energy in other directions.