Wanted Journal (physical shifting chronicles)

Ascension Custom x 2 loops
Wanted x 2 loops
Ultima Custom muscle building

Listening every other day

Gym 3 times s week (started 2 weeks ago)

5th June

Muscle Mass 54.2 KG
Fat mass 10.5kg
Bone Mass 2.9kg
Weight 67.5kg

June 7th

Muscle Mass 54.4kg
Fat Mass 11kg
Bone Mass 2.9kg
Weight 68.3kg

June 9th

Muscle Mass 57.4kg
Fat Mass 8.2 kg
Bone Mass 3.0 KG
Weight 68.6 kg

June 15th

Muscle Mass 57.3 kg
Fat Mass 8.9 kg
Bone Mass: 3.0kg
Weight 69.2 kg


Will continue to add changes twice a week

What is your height?

Just over 170 cm

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How are you measuring your muscle mass, fat mass, and bone mass?


Using a machine at the gym.


Did 2 loops of Wanted and 1 loop of muscle building ultima last night.

In the early morning did 1 loop of custom ascension will hopefully make it to the gym today to do chest and shoulders.

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How old are you @blackadder

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Ohhhh over half a century old


Yes i am @i_am i mean i am using a body analysis machine.

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June 17th

A friend came over to visit so for a good few days was eating alot of rice and meat neverthless continued with the loops.

Muscle Mass 57.2 kg
Fat Mass 10.1 kg
Bone Mass 3.0 kg
Weight 70.3 kg

So in less than 2 weeks you gained 3kg of lean muscle tissue and burned .4kg (1lbs) of fat.
My man that’s a textbook result of an average cycle with normal level PEDs :heart_eyes:
Be proud my man


Thanks @Invictus

Got down to the gym today and did 3 exercises working on the back

  1. Flipping an 80KG tyre across from one side of gym to another

  2. Deadlift (both straight leg and romanian deadlift).

  3. Bar pull ups

After the workout i ate a plate of brown rice with tuna fish and eggs.


Any special recipe, or do you just dump them together?

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I went 90% vegetarian over a month ago now i am back to eating more meat and salads. I am no longer regimental with what eat however a typical meal day might be


3 eggs and 3 slices of toast (whole meal bread)
Protein shake
Plate of brown rice


Two burgers brown rice lots of salad
Sometimes tuna or salmon (organic)

Sometimes chicken.

Lots of almonds and nuts.

Protein shake in evening.

Take BCAAs daily.

I eat alot of organic fruit like grapes, mangoes, peaches etc.


Right after my workout did a loop of my muscle building custom.

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June 19th

Had a deep tissue massage afterwards i get very sleepy its time for me to crash out :slight_smile:


How much does a massage like that cost? I haven’t had a decent massage in years!

50 euros…

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20th June Body Analysis

June 20th

Muscle Mass 57.9 kg
Fat Mass 8.3kg
Bone Mass 3.0kg
Weight 69.2 kg

Will continue 5 x 5 training

Last night I ran 4 loops of the muscle building ultima feel extremely tired will take of all day off and subs to recuperate.

If I can hit 60 kg of muscle mass by the end of next week will be over the moon.