Wanted + Emperor + LoveBombForHumanity

I have decided that I will register a company in Delaware/another offshore haven, which in turn will wholly own a company which I will open through the offshore corp here in the UK.

I have an urge to not let anyone know that I own the business nor for anyone to know where my wealth comes from. Here in the UK, people are able to know about you, your address, your businesses, how your business is performing and a lot more, just with a simple google search (if you own a registered corporation)

My idea has also changed, and I might be going into something a lot less tech heavy and more relationship building/sales/telesales.

I aim to decide within a couple of weeks.


Update time:

I will likely start a new journal soon due to how much my stack has changed but here is my changes so far (with wanted, mogul, emperor and sometimes LBFh )

I used to be able to about an hour of boxing and nothing else per day (it’s hard cardio plus our trainer trains one of the top ten heavyweight boxers in the world plus former heavyweight champions as well as famous YouTubers that decided they wanna be boxers, so he makes us put in work) but now I can do that plus about two hours of muai thai a day, for 3 to 4 days a week. I’ve decided to try ju jitsu and wrestling and maybe after a few months transition into MMA (our gym has quite a few professional MMA people, couple are in the UFC so it’s a great place to learn from them). When training with much bigger and more experienced people than myself, I’m surprised that they gas out faster than me. My stamina seemed to have increased significantly.

In regards to business, I still Hvent made up my mind but I’m not as worried as before. I still have ideas but another one came up that will potentially make me a lot more in a much shorter period of time with a lot less effort. And I doubt more than 100 people in the world are trying this idea seriously so if I can make it work, it would literally be the best way to make money ever. And no, it’s not a pyramid scheme or any type of scam.

In regards to women, they’re extra nice to me and extra open to me to the point where I feel bad for being so detached and cold when they give me attention and interest. I haven’t tried to seduce any yet in a serious way as I want to get my money situation sorted first (though I suspect this is a form of internal blockage or recon). I also get sexual or romantic dreams nearly every day and wake up with raging bones. I have had some women blatantly stare at me like in those scary movies where possessed people just keep staring at you blankly with big eyes.


Back on this after a month of wanted solo and a month of RoM, emperor Black.

I’ve learnt not to change stacks after seeing how beneficial sticking to one thing is. Previously, before running wanted solo for a moth, I changed stacks a lot.

Won’t happen again.

This is my 3rd day on the stack.

I’ve noticed I’ve been feeling extremely angry at some friends as they keep trying to subdue my anger in a way where they think I’m trying to play out a character to show the world, when in reality, I’m not.

Also noticing a lot of manipulation people do.

What seems to happen is that people like to mentally masturbate over their analysis of people and their deconstruction of people in their own minds in order to find the other persons faults and sticking points.

These same people also don’t have a purpose In their life that is of any significance.

I won’t ever be that person and if I ever was, I won’t ever be that person again.

People’s unconscious analysis and perception of me also seems to influence me into Conforming to that role, without words being said.

A massive amount of our blockages seem to be solely from this.

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Lack of self love really blocks everything.

Also doing nearly 3.5 hours of combat sports a day now, just for fun.

Finances looking up massively and I’ve made breakthroughs, soon I’ll have enough income to not have to do any kind of work and will be living off investments.


Women in the street much more receptive to me as I walk past, they smile, smirk and sometimes lick their lips and turn away due to sexual tension.

I have also suddenly developed a liking to tall slim women (I’m 5.6) and they seem to like me back.

Maybe it’s my recently ju jitsu training but I feel like it would be fun to do some takedown on them lol

Overall very good start


I have no idea why but I executing wanted much better than when I was running wanted alone.

Or maybe it’s the synergy between these 3 subs that make it like this.

Just turned 30 today and everything feels different.

I feel older and a lot less concerned d with trivial petty stuff. No idea if it’s the sub or the age.

Looking back, I’d say I would give my 20s a 10/10.

Not because either had a lot of sex or made a lot of money, but I discovered and experienced things very few people in the world can ever do.

And I hit my main goal which I set when I was 22, right at the end.

My new goal for when I’m 40 is wealth related. And I have a feeling it will be achieved.


Happy Birthday! :sparkles: :four_leaf_clover: :tada: :confetti_ball:

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Thank you :grin:

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Hey happy birthday man :partying_face: !

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Thanks bro :pray:

My concious thought process is a lot more controlled, lot less egotistical,lot more emotionally neutral and a lot less reactive.

Soon as I am successful in making money, my subconscious pushes me to stop with that idea or slow down in some way in the form of procrastination.

I think my next stack will be EOG, Wanted and Ascendent Mogul

Although I may continue this stack for another cycle.

Could possibly make a custom for this too.

I’m amazed at how good I look in the mirror

People much nicer to me and I stopped looking for iois like I used to.

My detachment feels almost meditative.

ENormous amounts of IoIs, didnt talk to any as was busy

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Seeing a lot of stuff on social media with men and women being angry at each other and that they ‘should or shouldn’t do this or that’ just seems funny whereas before it triggered me.

I live by different set of rules, all that gender war shit dosent apply to me.


My ability to love the types of women I would not have been able to do to before has increased.

I believe this is LBfH’s doing

Recon- dreams of women leaving me and not wanting me + irl women being extra committed to someone else and seeming angry at me.

But we roll, faced this before.