Wanted + Emperor + LoveBombForHumanity

Hello Everyone,

I will be playing a loop of Emperor and Wanted every other day with a sprinkle of LBfH once or twice a week (Ive seen how well LBfH works to make you internally congruent + make people open to you).

I will buy and start tomorrow (as I think I played a bit too much LBfH so want a washout period).

This is my first time using SubClub products (other than LBfH), other than twice when a friend of mine IRL played Wanted and Emperor for me a few months ago while we were on vacation. Results were crazy as it was almost like I could do no wrong with the ladies.

Any tips and insights are welcome.


Just to make it clear, I will be running this stack for atleast 2 cycles.

Main objectives:

Get the job I like and do well at it (already finished 4 stages of the interview process, where I think I really well.)

Continue with Muai Thai and Boxing (started around a month ago and plan on doing it for the foreseeable future)

Become a lot more attractive to women ( I’m OK already but more is always better in this case)

Become someone sought after by people and looked up to by people while maintaining boundaries

These goals are only for the first 2 cycles that I run this sub for (or until the goals get fulfilled). They are likely to change and evolve with time and progress

The main long/medium term goals is to be a millionaire within the next 5 years while having a lot of intimate options + having an extremly healthy lifestyle. The above goals are the first leg of a much bigger plan


Welcome @Armozel A very solid stack, it will rock your world for sure :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Tobyone, can’t wait to see what this stack (and subClub’s other subs) will help me achieve

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You got clear goals and a great selection of subliminals to fulfill them. All the best, @Armozel. Soon you will be the Kingpin :wink:

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This seem like an awesome stack. Also welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Lion and @Sir.Patrik I appreciate it, and its good to know that the stack I have chosen is good as I had some initial doubts (due to wanting more money subs in it). I will continue with this stack for atleast 2 more cycles though as it seems to be a good foundation.

Did the first loops of Wanted Experimental and Emperor Experimental and I’ve been giddy since.

Went boxing and even when we were going drills (especially the ones which are designed to strengthen your neck, which can be painful), I was having fun, to the point where the coach was serious with others but kinda giggled every time he looked at me(as I had a big grin on my face while I was feeling the pain and still pushing through).

I also realized that more than any other reason, I do martial arts for fun. More than for my health or to gain a masculine edge, its simply fun.

Seems like the subs are pushing me to have fun no matter what.

I also, for some reason, dont seem to want to concentrate on anything thats not fun, or that I can’t turn into fun.

Im also getting women staring at me and smiling while Im a lot more nonchalant, yet not cold.

This is all just on the first day.

No headaches, no recon.

My body language is extremely good too.

Cant wait to see how I’ll end up in 45-50 days


Having fun is so underrated often as adults We lose our sense of fun. And become serious, I was having This talk with my friend.

He’s like you know Why Everyone is so miserable because they are always serious.

I litterally had to teach a client to allow himself to have fun.


Can defo agree with that, world would be a much better place if people taught and allowed themselves to have fun

Today, I felt a strong urge to be disciplined. Was drawn to watch videos about seeking and going towards pain and challenges in order to grow, which I agree with as this is something I have believed in for a while now- though this time it feels like its something I am naturally going to do.

Added with yesterdays feeling of seeking and making every situation fun, I think it synergises well, as the only way most people would make it through pain and hardship is by somehow having a certain lighthearted attitude towards it.

Emperor and Wanted seems to combine quite well, though in a curious way.

I bought and listened to one loop of PCC (just had to try it) but Ill be disciplined now and stick to my original routine and not get seduced by other subs.


Didn’t get the job I was hoping to get so I have decided to start a business (possibly a full stack Web agency)

Other than that, feeling extremely detached and kinda introspective especially after LBFH.

Keep getting sexual dreams.


Looked at my own face while getting a haircut and was shocked by how intimidating I look. My own eyes and face intimidated me

I think it’s best for me to run ascended mogul instead of emperor as something is telling me that I should be a lot more focused on my wealth and money right now.

I already have a good routine of going martial arts ( go about 4 times a week) so that’s my healh covered, my self esteem and attractiveness will get taken care of by wanted, the self love/introspection by love bomb for humanity, the alphaness and wealth programming by ascended mogul.

I also need to be more social as I’m too much of an introvert and people that initially liked me soon get angry/upset thinking I don’t like them or I that I think I am better better than them due to my non chalance that I have developed over the years. So maybe I should swap wanted with daredevil as wanted might just increase this non chalance even more. This is only with new people though as my friends and family I have now, I have a good relationship with (most the time, though my family is a bit messy)

Decisions, decisions.

Note to self: meditation helps execute the subs faster

Never meditated so easily before nor did I have any motivation to do so.

In fact, I have never meditated for more than five mins.

Today, I easily meditated for more than 15mins


I think this is an awesome idea for you, especially because Emperor is like wealth scripting plus more, but you’re stacking with Wanted and LBFH, which has your social & more aspects covered. Ascended Mogul will be a bit tighter on just money and business!

As for this, I literally could not think of a better stack to solve this for you than Ascended Mogul + Wanted + LBFH

Ascended Mogul will give you the confidence you need to socialize AS AN INTROVERT instead of thinking you need to be an extrovert to get attention and connection (ie be a daredevil.) It’ll also give you status, so people come to you, instead of you needing to express yourselves to them.

Wanted is the perfect social archetype for an introvert, pull people in, get them to open up to you, learn how to be completely inn control and even influential just through thoughtful listening and questions and general vibe.

And LBFH will super enahcen that vibe, so you give off an aura of positivity, not condescendence, and even people around you will be effected by the results.

Plus, don’t switch out Wanted for Daredevil, Wanted could make you deadly on sales calls, in the long term, while being “extra” on sales calls with Daredevil’s style really wouldn’t be all that effective. Sales calls are all about listening 4x more than you speak.

Perfect stack, IMO. See where it takes you the next 60 days.

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Thanks @Billions I have taken this advice and started running AM.

After the first loop, I got angry about people that owe me money and realised how I had weaked my masculine core by letting it slide or being lenient with payment times.

I also realised how I weakened my masculine core by not paying my own debts.

With every passing imagined scenario, I am developing a line of thinking resembling “what would xyz person do in this scenerio”?

Xyz people in question:

Vito/Michael Corlione (The Godfather franchise)
An emotionally/mentally aggressive and ruthless tech entrepenuer

AM has definitely been a good decision.

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Realised that most people do not care about your emotional pains and so you should not bother wanting them to care.

Wanted and LBfH seems to be working well.

I believe a lot of out neediness stems from our desire for people to care about parts of ourselves that are wounded. And now these parts are being healed and the need for validation of these parts are being removed

Also just realised that I like fighting so much (martial arts) because it allows me to avoid emotions

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I ran a lot of AM, and you reminded me of the anger it made me feel.

It’s all positive though! Sounds like a good result. You’re realizing you should stand up for yourself, and haven’t.

Way to go!

Truth AF.

Interesting. I wonder what would happen if you meditated before or after martial arts?

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Thanks Billions, I even told a guy who keeps trying to make me do free work for him to not contact me, which they complied to. In the past, I have done a lot of free work for people in hope of some future payback (not necessarily monetary, more so reputation) but none have helped me that much in that regard.

I also have a pretty clear idea on what I am going to create (it will be a software for financial markets, most likely for individual investors as opposed to institutional investors).

After building the product, a lot of the marketing will be done online but I am contemplating cold calls too as I have experience in them.

Women front- Some looks and more IOIs than before.

The main goal and aim is to become a luxury, embody luxury and offer luxury to others which they can purchase at an exclusive price.

And the above is not just in regards to money either.

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My main focus will primarily be on wealth-

One product, One customer base with 1/2 marketing channels.

All while increasing my sex appeal and improving in martial arts.