Want to volunteer for Terminus or Ultima


Subliminal Club has changed my life Emperor Made the biggest change in my life… If Emperor ever goes Ultima or Terminus I will be 100% down to try it or variations that have more power or crossovers… Emperor has changed my life. This would also help me as less loops help as my days are kind of limited due to circumstances I cant control


That’s awesome.
Love to hear a full report of your experience/results if you ever feel up for it.

As for now Emperor will likely have a terminus option when all the main store (non-custom) are given a name-embedding option. (no eta as of yet)

If you want a terminus Emperor now you can make one in the Q Custom Store.


You could technically also make an Emperor Ultima-but it will not be guaranteed to work as the Emperor core wasn’t built for an Ultima modification.


You two might have things to discuss!