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I am watching many videos of successful people and it seems everyone is using this technique. I NEVER did anything similar before and i was wondering if you can recommend any good videos/articles to understand HOW to do it. I am not interested on why is good or the theory behind it. I would like to watch or read any good articles on how long, what i should aim for etc. I already assume if so many people from such competitive environments are using this, it should be working


I’m using it too and I guarantee you, it does work!
It’s actually very simple: You start to imagine a scene of something you want to achieve, for example holiday at the beach. Now you just start to imagine the scene from first-person perspective as if you’re actually there. What do you smell/see/think? And most importantly, what do you feel?
Live that scene as if it is already happening and end the session with a feeling of deep gratitude.
If you want to get into more depth about this, I highly recommend you check out Dr Dispenza’s book Becoming Supernatural.


@ExploringAstronaut How much time should i devote on average? What if i have two goals in my life? Should i visualize in seperate sessions?


It doesnt matter how many goals you have, you can even combine them in one session. For example if you want wealth, a beautiful gf and luxus holidays, why not visualising chilling with your gf on the roof of a four-star hotel?
The time doesnt matter, the only thing that matters is your immersion into the scene. And of course the best would be to leave the session with the feeling of having achieved your desired goal and to keep that feeling for the rest of the day. Thats probably the hardest path but also the most direct of all I think


I am happy for those who have good visualization abilities.

I am so sad for those people with aphantasia and who cannot visualize at all. I can’t visualize myself being in the scene either.


Well it took alot of practice I can assure you. A lot. (Im not that good and Im still far from the level I want to be)
What helps tremendously is reading novels


Most people can only visualize with their dominant sense at first, usually visual or auditory. Olfactory comes in third. Then kinesthetic and in rare occasions gustatory. If you’re visual and you have difficulty, you could see yourself looking into a mirror. That often makes it easier compared to looking down to see yourself.

Start small. Even the most complex of LEGO structures start with a single piece and build from there. Start with one detail and then paste/add things on top of it until the picture grows. Over time it gets easier, faster and more senses can become involved.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine oneself as if the goal is already achieved, since there is a part that keeps actively denying it. In that case, it’s okay to tell yourself it’s a day dream. Once you get better, you’ll need less focus on the practice itself and you can put that focus on convincing yourself otherwise.

The people that have most of the issues are the younger generations. Those that have grown up watching the movie instead of a book. They lack the skillset, which can even be seen in certain areas of an IQ test. For them, start reading more books, force the imagination.

As for aphantasia, it’s been associated only with the visual sense. They can’t see anything, or see it very blurry. But even they have four other senses that can be recruited. Plus, I believe it can be overcome, since they can still visualize involuntarily. For now, it’s not even in my spell-check, so it has some way to go.

I like to pick a single goal and meditate on it for 5-10 minutes in silence in the morning. Then I tell myself everything and everyone will assist me in achieving my goals and go about the rest of my day. It’s a good way to tell one’s subconscious which opportunities to point out to me. Much like a supercharger does, really.


Visualization is nothing more than imagination. Let’s say you want to visualize being at the beach. You know what sand feels like, right? You also know what it is to get your feet wet, to feel the breeze, and the sun on your face. You know all of that. Visualizing is pretending these things are happening to you. Visualization is more about conjuring feelings than “seeing” anything. Nobody has crystal clear imagery when they close their eyes (it’s impossible, there’s no light), you don’t need that. If you want to visualize an apple just imagine it there. Pretend it is there. The act of pretending and projecting yourself somewhere else than now is visualization.

I’m one of the people that believe that “Visualization” is poorly named and also vastly misunderstood.
The only good thing with a steady and crystal clear visualization is that it is more enjoyable.


I agree that the word visualization is a misnomer in this case. I have, however, had a hypnotic subject that indicated she was able to get a crystal clear picture of what I was describing. Not just a sense/feeling of it, but an actual image. Even though she had her eyes closed and the lights were dimmed.

She may have been mistaken of course. I can imagine something so vividly that I just know without a doubt it’s there, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you if I’m actually seeing it or just know what it looks like and where it is in relation to everything else.

Although I am by no means an expert, I would think that it is theoretically possible to activate the visual cortex that way. In the end, it’s just data being sent from the eyes to the brain. If you can give it different data, you could see whatever you like. Unless there’s a built-in firewall. Then again, maybe I’m heading out of the realm of visualization and into the realm of hallucination. Either way, I’m swerving off-topic.


I think so too. At the end of the day, it’s all about signaling genes.

Good advice btw


It is. I had some amazing experiences where I would actually see something with closed eyes, as if I had my eyes open. Its astonishing. Those were pretty random things, but still, it baffles me


Yeah, being able to see crystal pictures with eyes closed is as puzzling as it sounds.Good point about hallucination.


Nice video about visualization


That’s exactly what I do every morning. I even wrote a whole piece about the RAS like a month ago. Makes you wonder how long it would take to change the filter…

Still, going to that degree is very hard to do. For some, imagining the desired outcome as already present is the hardest. For others it’s getting a clear picture.

Ever heard of the experiment they did with basketball players? They split them up into three teams. Team 1 would practice free throws for 30 days. Team 2 would visualize throwing successful free throws for 30 days. Team 3 would split equal time between them. Then after 30 days they would all do free throws to measure how much improvement they had made. I believe the end result was that Team 2 and 3 were marginally better compared to Team 1. And Team 2 hadn’t physically touched an actual ball in 30 days.


What is RAS?


Reticular Activating System. I figured I’d save space just using the abbreviation, letting Mel spell it out. Guess not. :slight_smile:


you could try scripting aka future projection/future pacing…it is really easy to use …basically…you just write down what you want…in descriptive language and have fun with…nothing more …if you want more infos …look up YouTube…


There is no people that cannot visualize. I make this reply so that I can hear your beliefs and help you understand that you can visualize and just think otherwise.

If I ask you what colour is your car (if you have), you won;'t see the text "white " or “silver” coming up in your mind but an image of your car.

I am a hypnotherapist. One out of two people tell me they can’t visualize, imagine, etc. Until I get them to the right state and they can.

I am not saying that you might not be visualizing as good as others.

Also at points in my life I was great at seeing things, others at feeling. During visualization use what’s best for you at that phase of your life / mind’s state.


Now that I review this thread I think it is very important to make a point here:
You do NOT need to visualize in order to manifest!
What do I mean by that? There is a common belief and I shared this belief aswell for a very long time, that you have to be able to see and smell and touch everything in your imagination as if it is a 4K high-end movie, which is just not true. But because people believe this they get stuck and discouraged.

One very simple way to manifest something if you have a hard time visualizing is to imagine hearing a conversation which implies that your desire has become true. For example if you wanted to go on vacation, you would create a conversation in your mind that goes something like this:

Your friend: “How has ____ been?”
You: “Oh, I loved it! The weather was awesome and it was just as amazing as I expected.”
Your friend: “Yeah, those pics you send looked fricking cool.”

So you just hear this conversation and play it over and over again in your mind until you play along and speak your part as if you were actually talking to this friend. No need to visualize, just get involved and absorbed into the scene.
The best indicator that you are doing it right is you having fun with it.


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