Viking From Within

Long story short, emperor is not good for me right now.

Im kinda scared to run chosen (changed to chosen from within) , not only because the recon i excpect but because the results it might give, im the opposite of chosen:

  • Negative (always visualize the worst)
  • Judging and afraid of judgment
  • Always think the worst about people
  • My ability to connect deeply with people is 0 (i have never been intrested in other people, for some reason i see myself as better than them)
  • I usually dont express my self
  • I really dont care about people and im not empathetic at all
  • I never open up and never show vulanrability (i dont trust anyone)

Emperor just made all of this worst, and i dont want to he like this.

Im very scared to run chosen but i will do it.


I’m really surprised you haven’t run CFW yet. CFW is an excellent start point not only for Chosen but every alpha title. It would help you with getting rid of those above and get you ready for the real alpha mindset, instilling its strong foundations.


Wont chosen achieve those same results tho? Eventually?

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It has slowly for me, tbh I am actually more confrontational (in a good way) on Chosen and LBFH than Emperor or Ascension. Everyone gets different results from different subs but in my experience Chosen has helped me with your goals. I wanna say that Chosen is giving me what I have been missing and that was a more positive mindset.

CFW will get you there as well. Although if you could also stack LBFH with it if you don’t wanna pay and see how that goes. If you need CFW down the road go ahead and get it.


I dod a cycle of lbfh + glm which help me a ton, it actually made me more confrontational as well.


Can you share with me what chosen did for you?

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Nope, it’s no a healing title although it contains some scripting oriented to working on the things you mentioned. However, that would require much more time and could be a really rough experience for you (recon).


I would say Chosen has really matured me as an individual, I am starting to make better decisions for myself in general. I have a lot more integrity and with even less internal resistance. Its making me accept my leadership qualities and im still working on that. Makes me a much more positive individual in general from my inner thoughts to the way I interact with people. This was a result from healing from Chosen.

Now all my life, I have no idea why but, at times when meeting new people (happened twice today but that was also after a loop of RoS) it doesnt take very long for people to vent to me, get trauma off their chest, or just trust me in general. At times I would think this as weird or an annoyance, but not anymore. I dont know what it about me that says " I can really trust this dude and/or vent to him." Sometimes after an hour after meeting me. For now I still dont know why and I might never get the answer, however Chosen is helping me accept this as a gift, rather than an annoyance and thats good enough for me. I will say that the positive mindset does help with more positive manifestations too.

Chosen has also given me the courage to run RoS, I wont go into details but my relationship with spirituality was damaged, from the people I considered my mentor, to the people I have considered my spirit family, from spiritual elitism of myself to forgetting about my physical/human path and putting myself in a hole. I am running RoS for now to heal and confront that part of me with the goal to also be better this time. I was afraid to run it until Chosen.

Now I will also say this, Consider what @Voytek has recommended to you. I have never really interacted with him, but he is a long time member and also a very wise one at that. He knows what he is talking about, I have learned from his posts, and tbh I do agree with what he said.


@Voytek @Uber_Elysium so how should i do it? Cfw + lbfh? Cfw + chosen? Cfw and keep spartan?
I actually saw that saint wrote you shouldnt use lbfh + cfw because it will be too much healing at once.

Maybe cfw and spartan is the best.

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That’s correct. Later on, when you feel/think you’ve dealt with the aforementioned issues, you can switch to Chosen or any alpha title you desire since you’ll have built very strong alpha foundations thanks to CFW aided by Spartan.


Than its decided, tommmorow i start cfw + spartan.


Just change the title of your journal to Viking (or warrior) from Within, for example. :blush:


Good idea, becoming a fearsome viking starts from within :100:


CFW: after the first loop i felt really calm and relaxed, i still feel the calmness and tranquility ubtil now.

Spartan: i push myself harder on workouts, i gain strenght every workout via adding weights ore adding reps, more people have been complimenting my arms.

Also a nice little story:

I cooked myself a beautifully marbled ribeye steak with a ton of butter.

I sat down and as im eating my steal, my mom told me that a lot of milk as been spilled in the fridge’s drawers and she needs help to take the drawers out so she can clean them.

Im always happy to help my mom, espescially if its something physical.

I pulled the first drawer, i pulled it too hard, all the milj flew and i was covered in milk from the hairs on my head and face to my toes, some splashed on my mom’s hair too.

She freaked out, usually i would freak out too and become angry and say stuff like “for fuck sake now i need to clean it and take a shower and its disgusting and blah blah blah”.

But i didnt, i was just like “my its ok, we clean the milk, we go shower, everything ok”.

Now im thinking to myself “i cant go shower now, my steal will get cold”, so im sitting there, enjoying my steak while soaking in milk, i was sticky af.

Usually i couldnt handle it and have to go right to the showet, but i was unphased, and even while covered in sticky milk i still enjoyed my steak.

Moral of the story:
Dont cry over spilled milk, also make sure that the cartons you buy dont have holes in them.


This thread kinda inspired me to try out the new CFW. Thank you!


So far its like magic, yesterday was the best day i had at work in a long time!

I might write about it more later, might not tho lol.

But the title is amazing, its not what i wanted but its what i need.

Its the most importent title for me now.