Very Very Very Intrigued to Buy Ql but


Holding my card in my pocket with much difficulty! biting my hands so that they don’t reach my pocket


Well as long as you dont stick with one for a time you wont get results anyway. What are you running currently?


Day 25 Khan ST2 @ExploringAstronaut


What is it that you want from QL you got the feeling you dont get from Khan? I heard stage 4 has some good studying scripting.


Flavor of the full Quantum Tech


I must admit I myself often feel like a child in a toy shop again when thinking about subliminals. Ahhh the temptation!
There is an easy exercise for this.
Write down all subliminals you want to have and the corresponding life areas.
You will notice that it is so much you already feel stressed out just from looking at the list. Then you remember why it is a good choice to limit your current usage to the program you are currently listening to.


Just think of this:


Lol @d1gz :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: