I solemnly swear i will not buy another Subclub Program


I solemnly swear i will not buy another Subclub Program until atleast April
I solemnly swear i will not buy another Subclub Program until atleast finishing 30 days Khan ST4
I solemnly swear i will not keep on switching my Stack of Khan & Am
I solemnly Swear I will only complain of no results, if there is no results after 6 months from now
I solemnly swear this may be reconciliatiion

Very Very Very Intrigued to Buy Ql but

I have not purchased any programs since April and am listening to what I already have.

It is really easy to flit to the next hot thing.


Share your secret:pray::pray:


Khan is a huge program that includes the functionality of AM. I’d just play the first three stages for two months each by themselves and then play stage 4 for three months by itself and then see where you’ve gotten.


I am on a month of Spartan and two weeks of Primal at this point. Before that I ran UA for a bit more than a month by itself and prior to that ran Regeneration by itself for three months.


Personally try a sub that fits your objective and live your life independently of the sub. Eventually you will see how much you changed in a couple of months…!

When we run subliminals we tend to forget how much changing is a slow process. I have so much more control over my thoughs right now that before starting subs… In like 9 months, my confidence improve dramatically, my carefreeness improved like crazy, social intelligence is so much higher than before! And more!

9 months is long…! But I have made way more progress in the last 9 months than in the past 4 years! You can go and try to change as fast as you can without sub… I’ll watch…

What did you do before doing subs? Just keep doing that + a couple of change to turn your life towards what you want!


What has changed for you by running regeneration for three months?


You need to breakdown what you really want. Then run the same stack for 6+ months. Khan is a huge sub and it needs time. I dont believe 4 months are enough to see the complete results of the sub. Some partial sure


Yep, definitly need way more time!


I’d go even further and say 12 months on Khan ST4 will completely change your life. That’s my plan.


The more you use one sub the deeper and more profound the changes will be. Consistency is the key


What sub do you think contributed most to your increase in social awareness?


Khan, and primal seduction before that. I was running primal seduction and was paying more attention to social cues.


Couldn’t agree more.


I don’t agree that it is the best way to run only one sub. I use Khan, Emperor and Alchemist and it makes me very balanced person. In my opinion, the subs have these archetypes:
Emperor is a King, Warrior archetype.
Khan is a King, Lover archetype.
Alchemist is a Magician, Lover archetype.
Combining all three you may see benefits in all areas in your life.
I see it this way, all the subs are working on confidence and other similar qualities, but they have different script and work on the problem with different angles. Who knows what script is better for your subconscious until you try it.
@lovage in his thread compared Emperor and Khan and I completely agree with him. Running only Emperor is easy to become angry and more like tyrant type, while adding Alchemist you may become more like Marcus Aurelius type. Anyway, need to experiment to see how you react and what fits you better.
My suggestion is to choose main sub, which fits better for your goals, and add another one or two subs but run it only few times a day and take one or more hours break between switching subs to allow your subconscious to proceed the information from previous sub.
The main thing is consistency with your stack.
Also, EMDR helped me a lot with healing. You can do it standalone or while running sub. Check the videos on Youtube.