Veles' Khan + Primal Seduction Journal

Okay guys so this will be my journey on Khan st1 + Primal Seduction ZP versions. I will be following the guidelines so a break each other day.

Main goal is to become better with women and embrace my masculine side, getting rid of my insecurities.


July 11: Primal Seduction 1 loop, Khan st1 1 loop:
Immediately after finishing loop of Khan, I felt really good. Felt more confidant, non caring and easygoing attitude, talking with everyone when usually i am quite reserved or put on a certain “fun” personality when engaging in a conversation.
This time though, i didn’t even feel the need to try, i just felt like myself.

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July 12 - Rest day.

Unfortunately this day appeared to be quite tough. I had gotten a horrible toothache, was moody and angry during the whole day. I was just a ball of negativity. Some feelings of jealousy and unworthiness started coming up. Although those feelings do come and go quite often, this time it was quite intense.
I came back home and had a fever, couldn’t sleep well. All of that was most likely due to my tooth though, as that is normal for me when getting a toothache.

My Tip for you is : do Khan on day1 and Primal Seduction on day 3 and stay on this pattern for 1 cycle

July 13th - loop of Khan st1 and PS.

My toothache has calmed down, but I am still feeling quite down. Not in a mood to speak to anyone, feelings of depression.

Still not quite sure weather this is due to toothache or because of Khan st1 healing process, or maybe a combination of both.

Anyway, let’s see what tomorrow holds for me

Do you think that will result in less pressure on me and quicker results?


But really, forget quick results instead focus on solid results in the long run.

Also its better to feel each program first before mixing it together

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I think I might do it like that, I’ll see how I feel in the next few days. Btw, since my main goal is to basically improve my dating life, would jumping straight to st3 be a bad idea?

Yes lol

It’s a 4 stage program

Similar to a piramid

Start at the bottom and work your way up is the solid way.

But you can always experiment



I would not recommend it unless you have a really healthy and solid base of masculinity first. I tried this back in 2020, not fun… start slow build up momentum, no need to get shiny object syndrome. St1 will rock your boat anyways…

Okay I’ll stick to st1 then

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July 14th - rest day

So let me first start with a dream I had. I actually had lots of dreams, def more than I used to have before starting this, but I could only remember one:

I was walking down the street and on my way i come across a drunk man harassing girls, trying to start fights with guys etc. At one point the guy starts walking next to me and I’m thinking that if this dude touches me, then I’m taking him down.

So as expected he grabs me and out of anger I push him so hard that his head hits against the wall and he passes out. I check his pulse to make sure that he’s not dead, call an ambulance and continue walking my way.

So there’s that…

Now today I felt quite meh. Not happy but not sad either. Not angry but not that excited either. I’ve had some depressing thoughts come up at some points but I was able to forget about them easily. Today I feel like I almost accepted the position and circumstances that i am in and kind of went on with the day, without focusing too much on the negative.

Also, I’ve noticed that whenever I’m speaking to my female colleagues, i am sometimes able to come up with wittier and more playful things to say, so that might be PS working.

Just came back from outside and i noticed that a lot of women are checking me out. Has anyone else gotten looks from women this early into primal seduction or Khan st1?

I also did my hair a bit different today so maybe it was because of that hah

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15th July

Okay guys so today I gave in and played a loop of Khan st4 instead of st1.

I was having a lot of thoughts that life is moving very fast for me right now and anything can change at this point, and i won’t have the same opportunities to socialize, engage with women In a year from now on. I have already wasted a lot of time and opportunities and became very tempted to run that Khan st4 loop.

Now i am not quite sure weather I should give st4 a few days to see how I feel and if it will be too much or continue with st1 from next sub session. It’s a bit frustrating for me.

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As for other things happening.

Had a weird dream last night. I don’t actually remember most of it, just bits and pieces, but what I recall is visuals of terrifying demons, something warning me that i am being overtaken by them

Also something about the world ending soon, me being in an isolated city in Ukraine during winter ( i used to live in Ukraine btw and left during the war)

From the sales page

It is up to you how to use these stages – use the first stage, then the fourth, or do them one by one. Or perhaps you are most intrigued by Total Action – go for it. Or you simply want it to be simple and want to listen to Khan Complete – perfectly valid.

The choice is yours, always.

There are probably good reasons why you’re feeling like trying out the other stages. Listen to that voice inside yourself and keep an eye out for your results.

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Yes I’ll think about trying st4, at least for a few days. If I get burned out or receive any other side effects then I’ll switch back to st1

It would be a good idea to stick with Stage 1 until the end of this cycle, but you can also include Stage 4 in there. Stage 4 does not include healing, so it’s not like you will be getting healing from two different programs. There are people who run Khan with other programs such as Wanted or Emperor. It seems like you want the healing from the first stage and the benefits of stage 4. Go for it. There’s no reason why using stage 4 right now would be harmful to you. Sure, you will bet better results as you become stronger and get rid of the blockages that are holding you back, but you can still run both programs, and enjoy your results.

If you get tired or “burned” then you will make the necessary changes, but what if you love your results instead.

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