Using Stacking Modules with Multi-Stage products?


Stacking modules are meant to “hook” into major programs and amplify/emphasize certain elements of those programs.

Multi-stage products are divided into stages, where each stage serves a specific purpose. So how does this interact with Stacking Modules? Will SM’s work better in specific stages and not so well in others? Is it recommended to limit stacking completely when it comes to multi-stage programs?

So indirectly I’m trying to figure out if there are different instructions/recommendations when it comes to multi-stage products as compared to the single-stage major programs.


@SaintSovereign recently said this about a Stacking Module:

So maybe it’s not clear now how stacking modules will work with multi-stage. Especially the oldest generation of them.

What should be my stack like? The start point to start crushing it

@SaintSovereign and @Fire

Will stack modules eventually be updated to current versions like other products have been?


I’d like to also know more about the multistage titles. Apart from some rather garish copy, I really have no idea what they are about - going by the sales pages and the emails. For example, does Stage 1 from EoG address issues of self worth or self love? I heard those can have a tremendous impact on the state of our bank accounts. I wish there were module lists like it used to. They don’t have to have fancy names, I’d just like to know what beliefs are being worked on.


I wished the same thing a few days ago. Then AMASH and Saint clarified a few things. You should read this post or better yet, the entire thread, it’s not that big.

Additionally, listing out the modules had a little side-effect of people thinking that every module was it’s own MP3 file and that led to some misunderstandings.

In short, however, we can expect a listing of intended outcomes on products. Likely not too detailed, since it’s still up to the listener to determine the goals of the sub, but enough to appease your needs, methinks?

I too have wondered if EoG ST1 is as effective in blasting away our limitations as Khan ST1 is, but that question deserves its own thread.


They have different focuses, so I personally don’t think it is fair to compare them.

EoG ST1 is about breaking down all negative beliefs related to money, wealth, and financial success.

Khan ST1 is about breaking down all negative beliefs related to dominance, sexuality, self-esteem, and all kinds of relationships.

I think Khan ST3 and ST4 has some focus on money as well, but it’s not as distilled as EoG, and therefore the change is not as powerful.

You have read the development threads for subs, so did you read there anything that might answer this definitely @DarkPhilosopher?


Mostly people (including this guy named DarkPhilosopher that pops up everywhere) wondering the same thing. How stackable are the multi-stage programs? What effects can be had by stacking?

But the multi-stage thread were the first ones I went through, I may have to go through them again to see what I might have missed.

What I have recommended to people is to stack multiple stages. So people that insist on going for ST3 but still have some healing to do could create a loop where ST3 dominates, but also containing at least 1x ST1. Somehow I feel that certain stages can stack well enough. Like ST2+3. Or ST1 with any of the other stages.

The question for me comes from the fact that I don’t know what’s in every stage specifically. What if a Stacking Module is meant to hook into something that isn’t in the stage in question? What if a stage is so targeted it does a lot better if not stacked?

I have this pervasive thought that only ST4 is meant to be stacked with other subs, since it is the complete product. Plus, by the time you can handle ST4, you have prepared yourself adequately to handle more subs in your loop.


I agree with this.

My understanding is:

ST1 = Khan Core Programming + Healing
ST2 = Khan Core Programming + Additional Money and Dominance and Sexual Programming
ST3 = Khan Core Programming + Massive Action and Manifestation
ST4 = Khan Core Programming + Everything before - Healing


Been running khan stage 1 since release, i am thinking of going to stage 4 but i want to keep the healing aspect, @DarkPhilosopher @SaintSovereign do you think it would be ok to combine the st1 and 4, i realise it will be a huge script but i intent to run it for the rest of the year. I am running khan stage 1 for 16 hours so i was thinking stage 1 for 6 hours and stage 4 for 10 hrs, any suggestions would be really appreciated


I think so, it’s pretty much my premise in this thread. Khan stacks with Khan. Essentially you’d be getting the complete Khan experience here. Well, the complete complete Khan. :slight_smile:

You should be mindful though. There is a reason stages 2 and 3 exist, don’t skip them just because they are part of stage 4. There’s meant to be a progression through the stages so that your subconscious makes a smoother transition. Going directly to stage 4 may actually slow things down, which may or may not be compensated for by your running it for the next 5.5 months. All would depend on how much of a Khan you already are.

If you do, please do share your experiences.


Thanks for the reply @DarkPhilosopher I have decided to to do stage 2 for 30 days and and after that stage 3 for 30 days with a few hours of total break down with them as i do not want to lose the healing aspect, Then i will go to stage 4 hopefully the transition will be a lot smoother


I have been doing Regeneration by itself for a month and a half, after running Emperor for 9 months and other titles alongside it for shorter periods.

I am not sure what to say about running Regeneration by itself but I keep wondering how Total Breakdown might compare and contrast. I think, though, that I am going to keep focusing on one title at a time.