Using Modafinil alongside products like Khan


Anyone used modafinil alongside Khan/Emperor/Limitless ?. Would it be beneficial in anyway to amplify ones learning skills.

Another subliminal website, I use to haunt this was seen as not a good idea for reasons I have no time to go into.


modafinil isnt trying to reprogram your brain. i dont see any reason you couldnt use both


how about lions mane mushroom? plus maybe micro dosing of psylocibine

One other interesting thing I’ve run into the past was the ability of valporic acid to reopen the critical-period learning of absolute pitch —


Ive tried kratom,pheinbut, since finding sub club and it hasnt hurt my results. I even use l theanine 200 to 400 mg and that doesnt hurt my results so i think you will be fine


What exactly does lion mane do ? Ive seen it mentioned a few times lately


I use Adrafinil, Lion’s Mane and Fasoracetam five days a week.

I don’t think any of them has any effect positive or negative on subliminal use.


There’s already a thread on it. Those members would have direct experience of the effects.