Nootropics for Improving Performance


I wanted to get a topic started about nootropics. I know for myself I am using Noopept, Fasoracetam, Oxiracetam, Tianeptine Sulfate, Adrafinil and Theanine on a regular basis.

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Using Modafinil alongside products like Khan

Adrafinil and Noopept are mainstays for these late night Subliminal Club development sessions.


What exactly do nootropics do and help with? Never used or heard of them lol


They’re used for memory/attention/creativity enhancement, depends on which one. I myself using L-Theanine and Caffeine for my study sessions. If you’re a bit hesitant these are pretty beginner friendly and safe to use as L-Theanine is found in Green Tea while Caffeine in Coffee.


Have you guys ever heard of the Genius Brand?


Yes, the L-Theanine and Caffeine stack is a good “introduction” to nootropics. When I work on music / write, I like to rock Oxiracetam. For heavy duty tasks, Adrafinil.


My usual source for nootropics is here.

I sometimes take Cannibal Genius as a standalone, too.


Is it possible to include a “nootropic effect” in subs need focus like emperor etc. So a part of emperor will have modafinil effect to help the user work longer hours


Phenylpiracetam bro, tryed it once… stronger than adrafinil… just don’t take it often.


I wouldnt like to use drugs for working. I work around 200 - 250 hours per working month. I dont think it would be sustainable to take nootropics that often


Lately, I’ve been playing with Fasoracetam + Coluracetam. It’s an interesting, potent mix, but the fact that it works so well scares me. Gotta be a trade off.


08-21-19 @ 9:30 AM;
Care to share your findings/results using the mentioned combo?


In addition to the standard “racetam” upgrades, like fluidity of thought and speech, increased creativity, etc., on that stack, I also get:

  • Incredible sense of well being
  • Insane focus
  • Critical analysis skills skyrocketed
  • Improved executive function / decision making skills
  • Increased physical energy

Seriously, it just turns me into a powerhouse. I even put on the thai gloves for the first time in six months and did some pad / heavy bag work and it was almost like I never stopped (from a technique standpoint, but my cardio is HURTING).


I have been using Fasoracetam several times a week for the last couple of years. It is great stuff.


08-21-19 @ 10:40 AM;
Interesting results you’re getting there with that mix/combo. I’m following this thread closely, as I’ve been interested in Nootropics for a while now, but I’m concerned about any possible health risks related to their use. Have you noticed any negative side effects from their use? And how often are you taking that combo?

Is there a reputable source where you guys get yours from? You can PM me that info if you don’t want to post it here.


I get my stuff from – dunno how much longer they’re keeping everything in stock, though. A lot of stuff is sold out.

I’m worried about health risks too, that’s why I’ve been cutting back on use quite a bit. I was taking it everyday, twice a day until recently. Knowing how the body seems to work, there HAS to be some kind of payoff for getting those improvements. Sometimes, I feel a bit down and depressed on the following day. Thing is, doing a washout of everything once or twice a month seems to help. By washout, I mean of everything – subs, caffeine, nootropics – just a few days of letting the body go au natural.


Tried a bunch of stuff last couple of years.


  • Phenylpiracetam - best of the racetams for me. Take with a choline source. Big help when studying and keeping yourself focused.
  • Lion’s mane - one of the few nootropics you can actually feel. Don’t know if it made me smarter but certainly more carefree and relaxed.
  • Armodafinil - gives you that super alert feeling. Moda is overhyped in my opinion but if all you’re looking for is energy, this one packs a punch. Just don’t expect to sleep.
  • Microdosing psilocybin - Blurring the line between drugs and nootropics here, but this one can definitely alter your mind. Initially got this for a friend suffering from apathy and depression. He claims it helped him reset his mind, though he took a lot larger doses than me. Made me think some weird thoughts and laugh really hard. Long-term not sure if it had any benefits.


any side effets like nausea etc? Any issues sleeping at night?


Also do you think you can have a module in subs that creates the same effect as those two?


What about Genius Consciousness?