Urgent help needed

Hello guys. I know I havent been the most active here but I really need your help. My father is really sick and needs your help, So if you could send healing energy, blessings, prayers and spread the word that would be really great. If any details are required please do let me know. Thanks a lot for your help guys :heart: :heart:

P.S. if you could tag anyone who could help or spread the word that would be great. I am not as active on these forums and do not know the most active ones, but please tag everyone so this reaches as many people as possible.


If you’re comfortable please share your father’s initials. I will pray for him. Is he being taken care of with proper medical attention? A member here had a good experience with Paragon helping his mother iirc, maybe it would help him.

@Lion @Malkuth can you help?


Thank you for tagging me, @Chase.

I was the one who used 2 loops of ultrasonic Paragon ZP on my mom (sitting beside her bed) after she had a heart attack and was laying in the hospital bed waiting to get an angioplasty done.

After the procedure, she recovered fast and is following doctor’s advice on medicines and routine check up. She is walking about now and is fine after 3 months of steady recovering.

I do recommend you do the same and will offer a prayer for his health.

I very much understand that this will be a difficult time for you @myspace123 since a parent falling ill shakes the very core of our existence.

But there is no other consolation I can offer than asking you to go through the pain. Whatever you experience, embrace it with acceptance after having done the best you can do.

Both joy and sorrow are parts of our life. And there is no other way to live life then to live through everything that comes our way.



yes he is, his initials are RR. what is paragon

Also thanks a lot for the prayers :heart:


Thanks a lot for the prayers Lion :heart:

Honestly speaking I can handle myself. Surprisingly I noticed through this experience that I have evolved enough to the point where I have a mixture of faith and acceptance. It was really amazing seeing how I held myself through all of this. While I know his passing away will be difficult for me, not just emotionally but will also largely impact my QOL, I guess somewhere I am in acceptance of whatever is meant to be. Having said that though I do hope he ends up healing.


Got it will continue pray for him.


oh awesome, thanks for this.


how to use these ZP subs

All ZP subs are 15 mins. The standard is listen to it once in one day, then take a rest day, and repeat. However, it is perfectly alright not listening to full 15 mins. Saint and some people here listen to 3/5/7/8/10 mins instead.


so basically I just need to play 1 loop of it for my father thats all

In one day yes.

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got it, thanks a lot


Please read the PDF instructions.

3 times a week, or every other day might be a good place for him to start.