Unleash my Identity with Khan

Started Khan Zp on 16th day of July, with the goal to rebuild myself from scratch.
My Goal is to stick to Khan for 8months,2 months for each stage.

√To develop an instilled sense of power and confidence
√To build better relationship with the world and women.
√To detect manipulation of women ,current society and act accordingly.
√To be unshakable and firm.
√Heal past traumas regarding myself, women and money.
√Become a master of social interactions.
√Develop a better mindset in regards to wealth and power.

Just finished one cycle of St1, washed out and starting another cycle of St1.

Changes I noticed.

–More reserved.
–Cold approached at least 5 young girls so far.
–This urge to talk less.
–Horny as fuck, everyday morning wood erections.
–On early days I react/get angry immediately when someone wants to manipulate or order me around.
–Less needy
–Less interest in music.
–Different weird and scary dreams here and there.
–Wet dreams 2 times after these scary dreams.
√My eyes seems more clear as if I see things in different sense or like I see things more clearly.
√This unrestless taught of what am I? WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET BETTER AND GROW AS A MAN ?

STARTED this journal because I can’t keep up with my offline journal, I skip it sometimes.


Started another cycle of St1 11th AUGUST, I noticed I’m more calm and collected.
My dick always want to run away from my skin, always getting erect everyday expecially when I hear a woman’s voice or see her physically.


AUGUST 13th 2 loops 11:38pm.

Slept off and started dreaming.
I left with my junior brother in the dream to meet someone,when we reached there I asked them how they where doing,we chatted and I told them to take care of themselves after when I was leaving the man gave me a gift in a bag.
I left with the bag along with my brother, the stuff fell on the ground and shattered my brother left me and went home without telling me.

My friends passed by and ingnored me, I was highly disappointed in them. Only one guy I barely knew much helped me to pack the shattered things up and chatted with me with humor . I thanked him and we chatted as a went home telling him how I was betrayed by those I loved /those I called friends.
I woke up with a hurting heart.

I noticed since I while now I have been comparing myself to others based on height and size, I don’t know where this insecurity is coming out from. This feeling those bigger and taller has more advantage than me in terms of dating. I know this in not the case either.I pray St1 will help me with this–

I noticed and I don’t understand why the girls around me find me funny always laughing at everything I say.

I remembered my past and remembered how I fucked up my self confidence by looking at other men fucking a woman. It has made me start this taught of I am not too small for this girl or too big or too lean, sometimes when I see my fellow man I will like to give my self up and become that man, this is the devastating effects porn has on ones self Worth.

Thanks to easypeasymethod"I’m FREE!!.

At this moment I am feeling sad and have this feeling like my heart is crying, I don’t know the cause I am just feeling uneasy and uncomfortable.

This Night I ran one loop of Ascension Chamber to manifest my results on KHAN. It been a while I ran Ascension Chamber.

In my last cycle I used to stack Khan St1 with LBH I noticed I experience lesser dreams so I dropped Lbh with this taught it might reduce the effects I need from Khan St1.


Brilliant point


After running Ascension Chamber yesterday I was dreaming this night to the extent I taught I was urinating at the roadside only to notice my clothes are wet in reality. I had to wake from that dream to change my pants.

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Since a while I have learned how to stay alone with my taughts in a quiet room without diving into useless things like porn.
Today while alone In my room this taught of --download Tiktok app na, I recalled this the method the little monster wants to use to con me back into the
most insidious trap man has ever created-Pornography. I just said in my mind the only pornography I know about is comedy and educational videos then I dived to Facebook watched some comedy.


Just In …
This night I started thinking I have to provide value to this Earth, what can I do to help people in any way? I remembered I once vowed to be one of the A list Copywriters in history even though I’m a medical student in medical school, I have this love when I see how a copy can persuade someone to buy things.

In the past I practiced Copywriting but I was so inconsistent and see the task as daunting ,now I had to go back and start a new stick to at least 5 mins and write a copy ,Read a written copy no matter how tasking the day is. I pray I would stick to this plan .

Also I noticed get less angry with my aunt’s emotional drama.

One loop of KHAN St1 before bed.


After one loop of Khan I slept off, dreams here and there I can even barely remember any of them, I started waking up and sleeping back again as if I was hypnotized. Woke up by 4:00am slept by 4:10,woke up by 6:20am slept off by 6:40am., Woke up by7:30 and slept off till8:30am before I could get up from the bed.

Felt weak and strong at the same time,went to the mirror it looked like I appear smaller I always have this obsession of getting big😁

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Man i felt the exact thing and I am on St 1 too !!

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Hello mates,St1 is not funny so many insecurities coming up. Thank you for telling me you are also on St1 I I need someone to tell my insecurities I am experiencing at these moments.

I have been looking at my self in the mirror since today the last one I started talking to myself --hey buddy you can’t change your physical self accept the things you can’t change.

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Man i felt worst than this on first cycle, I was constantly remembering all the times power was misused. I felt powerless, completely powerless !!! Like I could be crumbled by the people in power !This time it’s working on my sexuality aspect and self image issues, which shows extreme similarity to yours. It is absolutely no joke man !!!

What does help is faith !! Faith in Khan, faith in yourself, faith in your future self and trust me you will get out of this in no time. Also try to read or watch videos that uplift you in this case, and Khan does an excellent job in somehow manifesting these things for some reason.

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My first cycle I fought with my aunty, I subconsciously always detects her emotional manipulation and drama I get vexed and always retaliated which pained her,but now I’m more quiet even when she wants and talks shit to me.
I also became more sensitive to the feminine subtle shit tests.

My insecurities are getting worst day by day today height ,tomorrow size🤣


I am already going through both :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You are also going for 2cycles for each stage ?
Do you have a journal here ?

But wait ohh… instead of St1 to heal this insecurities it’s bringing them to surface why ?

Yup I do have a journal, tho i have stopped being consistent with journaling and focussing more on the internal work step by step !

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Just came across a book called Unscripted by Mj dermaco author of Millionaire Fastlane, I started reading the book.
Another thought came up again,who am I how can I get closer to my purpose, it’s not about been a doctor,a nurse, businessman or any profession of sort but what separates me from other humans.

How can I control my finances,my love life,my well being and not being enslaved by the mediocre system? There must be another way.

Since I came across one video about the matrix explained in reality, I became a different person I barely follow the masses.
My choice of music, lifestyle, thinking,I barely watch movies but since then I have become more alone and confused. What do I start doing since I don’t engage in what most masses engage in.

Started planning on buying a camera with adjustables and a microphone and start marketing myself online by tutoring people,I am looking for any reasonable recommendation on the affordable ones I can purchase.

I know I love teaching but what should I teach? Because I can’t say I have mastered any skill now.

Last night I subscribed to internet browsing , with the mindset to download The Godfather I started browsing around from website to website looking for where to, download the movie,as I was doing so I started seeing ass of women with half closed bodies ads and pop ups, my heart’s started beating, my pulse increased this taught came in my mind just check pictures of women online another taught came through–Why do I need to check out a woman online Khan’s don’t watch women online -KHANS FUCK WOMEN,
To cut the long story short, I decided to go to sleep not even downloading what I planned to.

Woke up this morning and did small chores, slept back again and started dreaming --Warlords raided our home after discussion with my dad they decided to leave, while there where on their way to leave ,the general came and mocked me,I killed him and buried him.

After that incident I told my dad,that night we left our home for another place because if they did notice their general is Dead, they would come back for us, in middle of setting where we would camp that night I woke up.

When I woke up I felt like my soul/heart is broken into smithereens.

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What is your listening schedule for the next 7 days?