Unblocking Chakras


Am wondering if anyone here can recommend any audios for fast balancing/unblocking of the 7 chakras?

Would prefer something like audios with sound-only, no guided meditations.

Thank you.


This channel has great stuff. I recommend using a speaker instead of headphones for the full body vibrations. Enjoy!


By the way, it’s probably better to understand which chakra is actually blocked.

I got some bruises and scars a thick lip etc from an accident I had 2 days ago. So I listen to 285hz for full body healing and tissue repair - it helps tremendously.

Make sure you’re listening on the highest quality


Thanks will give that a try


I see this and it works great for me.

Details: The combination of frequencies and energy will cause this video to work to dissolve and remove energy body blockages as well as stimulate and grow your chakras in a wholesome positive way. You may experience better health and spiritual growth with regular listening, you may even notice different abilities growing and developing.


May I ask if this is to help you manifest?


Yes. That is one of the aims.


I’ve often used Jonathan Goldman’s stuff. He’s got a free video available.


So these help you manifest better?


This one is very powerful.


Indeed. I’ve been listening to it maybe 2 - 4 times a day for the last couple months.


What sort of results have you noticed, for me, I feel energy blockages instantly begin to loosen or even clear altogether.


I use my breath and visualize the chakra expanding as I breath. then It eventually touches another chakra you move on to that one. Do this until all of them have been expanded. consistency is key (so like twice a day for a few weeks). That’s how I had my kundalini awakening (with out subliminals)


also you must completely cut out porn and low consciousness activities if you want a kundalini awakening


Same here. Also notice breathing becomes much smoother and deeper.


Do i have to meditate or visualize for these to work?


Do videos like this help with the use of subliminals or possibly take away from them?


Have you tried other videos from this channel and do they actually work?


Meditation and visualization always helps.

As for the other two questions, a kind request to people seeking to answer them to not start another Sapien discussion here. We’ve had a few already. Where I’m concerned, feel free to state whether or not they work for you though.


Not at all. All his videos and products automate the process for you, anything extra that you add wouldn’t hurt though. In fact meditation for sure can actually speed up and amplify the results that you’ll get.