Un-liking a post?

I just noticed I’m not able to un-like a post that I previously liked… is this a new feature or have I just never noticed this before?

That’s odd, I can easily unlike people’s post. Did you try using a different device to see if it’s still causing the same issue?

Always been this way for years actually since I joined the forum. I think you just noticed it.


I’ve noticed that if you like a post and unlike it after a certain period of time, you can’t

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So just after a certain length of time, it becomes “unlike-able” then. ok.

What happens if the OP changes their post to something that the people who liked it no longer appreciate?

eg. “I like kittens” changes to “I like kicking kittens”… I can see how people who liked the first version would prefer to unlike after the edit. :wink:

Definitely into the oddball weeds here, but just curious.

Huh looks like I learned something new today too.

I notice I can’t edit my post after a certain time, so I would expect this to not be an issue.

Hmm, I wonder if it’s the same time length for those 2 things.

Interesting… thanks everyone! I definitely learned something today.

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You have 29 days to edit a post before you can’t edit anymore

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ok definitely not the same length of time lol.

lol who cares? I can’t even see who likes anyone’s posts other than my own posts. A like ain’t a legal bonding document. :slight_smile: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Uh. You can. Just click on the number next to the heart and it will “expand” to show who liked the post.

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Or the 3 dots

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Good to know, giys! I don’t know, nobody will get spoiled for life over a like they received. Who would get butthurt over someone getting likes anyway? lol


How dare this post get more likes than mine. were now mortal enemys.


It’s not about caring about the number of likes, it’s about getting caught up in something that seems funny at the time and later you regret liking it because either the original post has changed its meaning, or you realize that the post could easily be considered offensive (or otherwise inappropriate) and you want to retract your like.

That’s why I asked.


We shouldn’t be stressed about that, guys. Just take it easy. :star_struck:

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No stress here, just something that came to my mind and I wanted to ask about it. :+1:


I get where you’re coming from with your question lol. You don’t want someone coming along between now and whenever, seeing who liked that thread and thinking you cosigned it.

Random, but I’m giving way less likes on here since I’ve been on Emperor I’ve noticed.

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It doesn’t matter if they think that you cosigned it. If the post is so disgusting, they will probably remove it anyway. People on this forum are growing. I don’t like the same things I liked a few months ago and there were things back then I didn’t like that I like now. If someone develops an opinion of you because you liked something, then they need to go out and get a life.

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