Ultima Test Run


A bit of a background before I get to the testing results. I was running PSIT before the testing began, and will stop the sub to test UltimaA and UltimaB.

I ran UltimaA for 1 loop and immediately felt it was wanting to work on something deep within and purge me of it. I started to question who I am, recalling disappointments in my goals and efforts, but I was immediately wanting to get something done and change my disappointments into something positive, IMMEDIATELY. Now, I felt unstoppable in my pursuit of my goals and ready to conquer the world, I felt like Alexander the Great. Nothing is going to stop me in my pursuit of my goals.The master of my universe is me and I am in control. Also, I felt absolute resolve to keep pushing and not wanting to call it quits .

After four hours of stopping the sub, I knew exactly what I needed to change to correct my past failures and also knew what steps I needed to take to correct my past failures.

Overall, the sub felt easy to run in that it was not dense to me at all. I did notice it hit me hard and fast as soon as I pressed play. I have not had a sub where I came to the realization of what bothered me most and also how to resolve the issues that bother me most this fast.


Starting off the day feeling refreshed, before listening to UltimaB I noticed I was grinding my teeth a lot and still doing it now. I kept watching videos on things I felt I had to work on.

I listened to 1 loop of UltimaB and felt a sense of calm and peace. A liberating feeling and love for myself came over me. Also, did notice a desire to work but it was not as pronounced as yesterday. More of an ok I need to do this, but work at a slow and steady pace,just to get it done. Lastly, I recognized what I needed to focus on to get to my goals. It was such an intense focus.


I woke up feeling tired, not sure if it was the subliminal or that I slept only 3.5 hours. I can usually run on four hours of sleep and have a productive day with no down time.

Played UltimaA for 1 loop. Even though I was tired I wanted to get things done, so I started playing music to wake me up. I got very into a groove and did not let anything bother my work. Extremely focused on the tasks I needed to get done for the day and not have any distractions bother me. I notice when I do take a break that I don’t have to search for what I am looking for on yt, it’s right there for me to just click and watch. Yt knows what I need now, it knows what I am thinking.

Overall, felt a sense to get things done no matter if tired, but also a desire to go out and socialize when I am done with my tasks for the day. Also feeling optimistic.I feel UltimaA puts me in a mood to get things done more than UltimaB(it’s still early though,so…). It hits me hard and fast.


I played UltimaB for 1 loop and at the 25 min. mark felt extremely exhausted. Felt I just wanted to sleep in. Somehow managed to get to the computer to do some things and quietly had a productive day today, even if tired. It is so easy to keep myself from doing distracting things that would prevent me from being productive. It is more like having someone at your side making sure you stay on task.

I feel the need to be around people, but manage to avoid it till i have some things done.Very different feel to what I have experienced before with emperor. I notice I continue to have great belief in myself and optimism is still there.


Got in another loop of A in and felt great. I felt good all day, just had a euphoric feel the entire time I was getting things done. Even when hit with bad news today, it did not stop that euphoric feeling i had. Managed to just keep on going about my day without too much care on the problems, and felt everything would be okay, it’s not such a big deal.


Listened to 1 loop of UltimaB.UltimaB does not hit me right away when I press play like UltimaA, but I do notice its effects seem to snowball and become a bit better than with UltimaA. One thing I felt less of is the exhaustion. The more I get used to the sub the lesser it drains me of my energy and the more I feel its effects on me.


I listened to 1 loop of UltimaA. At night my dreams are becoming very vivid and when I am listening to music during the day I get more into the music than normal.
I love the feel UltimaA gives me, just start to feel so good. When I wake up, I wake up refreshed and ready to take on work.


Listened to 1 loop of UltimaB, it was the first time I listened to it and did not feel tired during or after listening. I continue to have very vivid dreams. My focus and concentration continue to be there when I need to get things done.


I listened to 1 loop of UltimaA. Even though, I did not feel like doing anything, somehow I got most of what I needed to do completed. I did not feel tired after completing everything for the day.

I’ll start Ultima Stage 2 now.


It’s not mandatory, but you may want to consider resting a day before starting Stage 2. That’s the advice I got from the Saint when starting Ultima (A) from my custom.


Last night, I started stage 2 of Ultima. Overall, I feel more optimistic and no gloom and doom attitude. Seem to not be letting things bother me at all. I felt refreshed in the morning when I woke up. Feels good to run this sub.


What good have you notice from having a day off?


Clearer mind is the most obvious for me. I can tell when my brain is fried from processing the subliminals, especially before Q when we were using the set and forget method.

Just this past week, I took 3 days off from Ultima Stage One ie A/B, and woke up at 6am feeling fresh, after just 5 hours of sleep.


You normally take a few days off when you start noticing your brain has been overworked?


Yup, usually 1-2. More if my body indicates for it.


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.


I listened to 1 loop of Ultima Stage 2, again. I found myself being somewhat irritated. Also, I noticed I was able to sleep better than with stage 1 of the testing. I am noticing the push to get things done. Continue to notice I get very into music, I don’t know if that is a lingering effect of the previous stage.

I have been having dreams of past and present women in my life.


Listened to 1 loop of stage 2. I am starting to feel the push to get to work and get things done. I was worried I would not feel that with this stage. Also, I just have this sense of not being worried and going along with things. I am easily letting things that bother me just slide.


Still only listening to one loop of Ultima stage 2. I have been feeling very much on edge. I am starting to get easily aggravated, but I somehow manage to keep my composure and not go off on people. I find myself having difficulty getting going in the morning.
It is like, I have brain fog and I need to get rid of the cobwebs to get going.


I listened to one loop of Ultima stage 2. I woke up feeling great and all the irritation was gone from the previous day. I have been noticing that my voice is a deeper, not sure if it is the sub or not. Also, I have noticed that I am having these sudden surges of energy, which allows me to get things done. Socially, I am finding it easier to engage people. When I wake up I feel less groggy as I listen to this sub more.

One more thing, I do feel the need to bark at someone that irritates me, but again today I felt more composed when reaching that point. It’s like, I just took in a deep breath and let things go and moved on with my day.