Ultima Test Experience


As of 9:33 pm on June 26, 2019. I am pausing my listening to my present subliminal stack until the end of the Ultima trial.

I also will not use any superchargers, hypnosis tracks or guided meditations during this trial.

I listened to Ultima A last night twice between 10:30 and 1:30 a.m. I listened uninterrupted once, took a break to eat something and then listened to the track uninterrupted a second time, finishing a bit before 1:30 a.m. I was involved in some minimally mentally taxing online activities while listening.

I listened from my laptop into an adapter that contains a dac into a small cmoy headphone amplifier and then into Sennheiser HD580 headphones.

The track was masked with what sounded to me like the standard Sub Club masking track.

I had the sensation of the track transferring a strong energy upon initial listening.

I felt comfortable and mentally sharp while listening. I had no troubling sensations or discomfort.

I went to bed by 2:30 a.m, which is quite late for me. It was not difficult to fall asleep.

I briefly awakened after having what I noted to be a vivid dream and fell back to sleep fairly quickly after thinking, “I will remember this dream tomorrow”. I only remember that I had the dream and some vague shapes associated with the dream, but cannot recall its specifics.

I slept very soundly unti 8:30 a.m. No interruptions to sleep other than waking after the dream. I feel relatively refreshed this morning after awakening.

I will run “B” at some point this evening, likely before I go to bed.


Listened to a playlist I had put together of music from much younger days and felt a profound sense of sorrow and loss. It was nearly unbearable to listen to some of the songs.


I feel a slight shift in thinking about what is possible and how I might do things.


That’s fast…


It is mostly in just feeling a break in a place where I felt really stuck. Will see how it may unfold.

It will also be interesting to see how a break in listening to my previous stack plays out.


I have been rarely going to stores over the last three months. I had been putting off going to a department store to buy some clothing items but will do so today.


Will go out and do some shopping and see what effects this may have on my perceptions and openness to people. I feel excited about this which seems odd but like a result of Ultima programming.

I will listen to “B” in the evening.


I will say that I feel a kind of lightness and enthusiasm today, that I had not been feeling recently.


Have felt pretty motivated and clear today.

In maybe 20 minutes I am going to listen to “b” for the first time and treat it like a meditation. No other stimuli.

I will attempt three full listens to “b” before midnight today.


I have finished a round of “B” for today while resting/meditating. No other stimulus beyond Ultima “B”. Felt an energetic charge with this track, too. No adverse sensations or effects while listening.


Listening to “B” a second time while doing some pointless internet browsing and listening to spotify.

I will play “B” twice in a row to get to three listens for the day.


Starting the third run here at midnight.

Listening to Spotify over the subliminal track.


Ok, so I finished “B” third run after midnight. Listening went smoothly. No adverse or uncomfortable sensations.

I felt energized after and did not go immediately to sleep, but I found when I finally wanted to go to sleep I pretty quickly went into deep sleep. This also happened with “a”.

No chance yet to really see any effects in waking life. That can happen later.

I will also be making a three+ hour drive today in fairly light traffic. Will notice how this might affect that.

I am thinking of doing one of my runs of “a” this morning before making my longish drive.


Went back to sleep again and had a dream in which I was teaching a lecture class and brought in a good friend to speak to the class. When we arrived, his step daughter was already there and I for some reason let her deliver a diatribe brutally savaging him to my class. After this I took back the stage, and later said to my friend, “I’m sorry”. He was completely devastated by being publicly attacked by someone so close to him.


Had an interesting synchronicity this morning that led me to take an action that I knew I would see the results of quickly.

It did not play out badly, but not quite in the way I had hoped either.


I have not yet run “a” for day three. Will do that, hopefully three times, after I complete my 3 hour plus drive this afternoon. I seem to tend to be most able to run my tracks in the evenings.


Nothing in particular to note from my drive. I was my usual defensive driving self with the usual contempt and befuddlement at the weird and pointless foibles of my fellow drivers.


Starting my first listen to “a” for the day.

Started second loop at 11:35. While listening I am feeling a bit of a headache like some force is pressing energetically into my head on both sides along the headband a 1.5" up from the plastic cups the speakers are in.

I will end up with two listens to “a” today.


Traveled and am not sleeping well tonight. Cannot be attributed to anything about the subs, as they had seemed to help sleep the previous two nights.


Only made two loops of Ultima A yesterday.

Today I am going to take a little different strategy. Doing the first loop at 6 am. Will see if I can get in three total loops by midnight tonight.