Ultima Stage 3 Elme Test Journal

Hello everyone,

So this journal will serve the purpose of testing Ultima Stage 3.

In my work i am most of the time surrounded by beutyfull woman ( clients or coworkers) so lets see how all this works :laughing::laughing::laughing::partying_face::partying_face:

I will integrate 1 track on my Ascended Mogul stack and let the fun Begin.

I must thank @Simon with all my heart since he pinned me and otherwise i would miss this and to @HypeDaddySovereign for letting me in on the journey.


I’m just curious wouldn’t adding AM to this test dilute results ? Like you wouldn’t know what’s doing what or how much of Ultima stage 3 is doing what it’s supposed to do ?

From the first post on the main discussion thread:

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It would be appreciated if you dropped AM during testing or it will skew the testing and the expectations for the customers who will buy the product.

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I will focus only on the sub as agreed… 1 loop a day. Lets have fun


Did my first 2 loops yesterday and went on doing my day, things i noticed :

  • mentally im in a state of no thought, i think but not compulsivly, remember a state i was training for some years ago to cultivate energy in the head, it was similar but withouht the expansion of energy, in other words i am in the now moment.
  • girls are checking me out everywhere…even agressivly coming sit near me to chat and even going as far as entering my store to make up conversations.
  • i feel good inside, like i have won a million bucks… people try to project negativity but fuck it… nothing strikes this bubble of enthusiasm and good energy.
  • i am way more calm inside

Going for second day 2 loops in…

P.s: i havent read anything about última so i cant " placebo" myself.


Ok so im on the 3rd day… 1 loop at least a day maximum 3 if i can.

Results :

  • allot of girls eye balling me hard, some of them make their intentions pretty obvious ( would be great to add something to make them act on their intentions :smirk::smirk:)
  • seems attraction is of the roof top, but it doesnt have any filters, i had a granny lady at my work wich i dont like at all and we dont even speak start to talk to me all bubbly, she even go farther on talking about her boobs…yeckkkk :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:… maybe filter hot and super hot girls the user find very attractive?
  • mentally i am very calm and super focused, i have 100% certanty in feeling everything will be alright, cant describe it in words, also the flows of thoughts are very creative and positive.
  • had guys i talk normally giving me stuff, the must absurd was this guy who always drinks 2 ice teas at lunch basically giving me one bcs " today" he didnt feel like drinking the two like he always does and he cant explain why… :thinking::thinking:
  • i disconnect instantly from negative things or comments, pretty powerfull this one

Nice results mate

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, i had a granny lady at my work wich i dont like at all and we dont even speak start to talk to me all bubbly, she even go farther on talking about her boobs…yeckkkk :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

Aww come on, she’s a woman too! You must be one hot tamale!

I understand your point of view but i dont really like this Woman, i think its the only person in the company but now it seems she loves me :joy::joy::joy:.

I was talking in the attraction sense, i dont want grannys troughing themselvs at me but there are people out there with different tastes :grin::grin:

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Naw, no filters, no limits, no “safeties.” Might even push this bad boy even harder. :wink:


Yes push it more !

One thing i forgot to mention is this sub is making me extremly tired physically like i runed a marathon, also have small pain in my higher back.

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But thats just for testing right? :laughing::laughing::laughing:… dont want to buy a sub me beeing an heterosexual male and beeing harassed by grannies and gay man :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Not joking, when I was running Khan, I frequently got told from gay guys that I turn him so fuuuucking on that I better should go away… lol

It will always stay your choice though if you want to escalate with the granny/ the guy or not

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If you’re sexy, you’re just sexy. What can you say?


Well i almost beat the shit out of a gay dude bcs he almost tried to kiss me when i was driving my car with my window open… that shit is not funny at all. This was on Ascension mogul + sex Mastery… but i sense the force is even stronger on this one :rofl::rofl::rofl:

“If you’re sexy, you’re just sexy. What can you say?” Turn it on just for Woman plz :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I think I was on Khan last year when I took a trip to Manchester (which has an active gay scene). One male barista in the coffee shop could not stop eye fucking me.

Oftentimes is women in their 40s who get hot for me. You can’t choose who is attracted to you. To catch the best looking, fish you gotta have a big net.


Nice this is sounding great

Would you say that this affects dating apps or girls you aren’t in direct contact with but remotely?

@Elme is really getting the most out of life here :smiley: