Ultima - New Beginnings


I had a subliminal washout for the last 10 days so I might be more sensitive towards new scripting.

At around 1 pm I started this experiment with one loop for the day. While listening, I noticed to have some mood swings. It started as an excitement (pre-listening) turned into a more negative state (“depressing” might be the wrong word here) and after around 10 minutes I got hit with a surge of euphoria which lasted for around 1 minute and even made me laugh out of nowhere. That was because I was thinking of a possible uncomfortable negative event AND out of nowhere it got repelled and replaced with a new one where I absolutely dominate and “conquer” the social interaction / seduction.

While listening, I was doing my flashcards and I might had a higher motivation to finish them. Usually, I am no longer doing sessions of more than 25 mins in one run without pause but this time I was doing them the whole 60 minutes of listening. But this also has something do with the fact, that I did not want to interrupt listening to the sub.

After 2-3 hours, I noticed that my perception of reality shifted a bit. Like I was in my head and at the same time in the now. It felt like I was trapped in a sort of wrong reality and time shift. This did not last long, I would say around 5 mins but it also came with a sort of very light nausea. The reason for it was that I got asked and convinced to do something, I did not want to in the beginning but then decided to do so anyway forsake and joy of my family.

At lunch with my family, I noticed my mood being off which also got noticed by my family. I was slightly emotionally unstable and irritable (which I often am the day I start a new sub; e.g. Emperor where I got in a fight). It wasn’t that bad though and I could extremely fast, in a matter of seconds, change my mood by will. Besides, I also noticed that I commanded more respect, attention, and status. But not sure if I actually did so, or just got aware of it more. Though, probably the firmer. My voice seemed to be stronger and more confident in general, and fun fact, while mixing my protein shake I also thought that I got physically stronger as the feeling of shaking was less exhaustible.

So far, the sub kinda feels like a symbiosis between Irrsistable presence & Negativity Displacer but I could be extremely wrong here, of course.

Now, 4-5 hours after my first loop, I feel tired and a bit emotionally drained.


Before going to bed yesterday I was somehow moved to go and sleep outside.

While laying down, I noticed the bright sky and beautiful stars and entered a state of pure wonder and curiosity. I was so amazed that I downloaded an AR app to observe the stars even better. It was really a blissful experience.

Today, waking up I definitely feel more tired than usual. My work motivation is still high though I lack some efficiency (probably because of my sleep-deprived self).

But again, I got in two more arguments/discussions, which is very unusual for me. It is not that I fighting hard to win or letting my mood get dictated by it much but rather that I create tumult by what I say. I am expressing what I believe in it and I don’t let others dictate what is right or wrong anymore.

Very interesting results so far. Ultima seems to be extremely powerful given the fact that I only listened to one loop.

I will now start listening to Ultima B and report later


Ultima B: One loop

Around 11 mins in, I began to feel an unpleasant sensation in my heart and upper head. It was a strong pressure which faded away after a few seconds.

5 minutes before the subliminal ended, I was checking “how much longer” as I kinda felt uncomfortable (probably also because the headphones are not the most comfortable to wear).

After listening, I decided to watch a movie. I usually never watch movies but interestingly often/always when I start a new subliminal, I tend to watch one on the first day. It is like the script is telling me to find a role model and I pick the closest one for my goals and study them on the screen. On StarkQ, I watched Catch me if you can, on Emperor Harvey Specter (Suits) was the focus, and today it was Dr. Strange.

I had a brief social interaction afterward, where I felt amazingly calm. I had an inner stillness and love for the surroundings in me. Later, when I was talking with my mum and she was slightly freaking out, I just said: “Why are you so angry?” with a very calm nonchalant voice. She immediately quietened and replied: “I, I am not angry”, while staring at me. “Why are you speaking angrily then?”, I replied continuing in that voice. She then got very calm too. While interacting, I felt I have gained a different level of consciousness.


I am having a headache right now - which actually also happened on the first day of StarkQ


How often do you recommend doing subliminal washouts of this length? Planning to do a two-week washout starting on July 1. But it’s been a VERY long time since I’ve gone that long without listening to any kind of programming audio.


It was actually my first washout since two years. Even when I switched from another company to subclub I just went straight into Khan back then.

I would recommend taking the time and doing it at least once every year. But results have been interesting, therefore I am probably going to take a break for 7 days every three weeks with the new Q subs.


Do you still utilize rest days in these three weeks?


Yes, but haven’t decided for a pattern yet. Listening 3 days in a row and then taking 2 days off seemed to bring great results though.


Day 3: 2 loops of Ultima A

Today was a crazy day. It is currently 2 am while I am writing this and I am pretty drunk. It might be better to just post my experiences tomorrow but there are some thoughts I need to put to paper right now. It might be that I will edit some of the things I write tomorrow or elaborate on my post. But for now let’s say this:

The day started with me being pretty tired without much work motivation which would normally result in me falling in bad old habits like watching YT videos the whole day. Instead, I decided to go outside and listen to one loop of Ultima A. When I started to listen to the sub, I immediately started to get attracted by the beautiful sky outside. I noticed how the birds where flying - sometimes just flying for the sake of being free, sometimes to fly away and sometimes to chase another bird. It was outstanding… the harmony and the peace I was experiencing at that moment. After a while, I was drifting away dreaming of a known person representing my old bully in highschool. But this time it was different, I did not dream how he made me feel bad but I dreamt watching him from a third perspective, how he behaved, what thoughts he had. I studied him in my dreams and came to the conclusion, that he isn’t much different from all of us. He is also not evil or mean, he is a human having the same problems, same desires as all of us. That was a very interesting perspective on its own as I have never ever gone so far look at him from a neutral angle even though he often plays in my dreams.

After finishing the loop, I began to feel good. I quickly gained my desire to study and also did so very productively and efficiently (like going through my flashcards). I went inside and got into the flow state where I studied and really enjoyed it. I felt good so I decided to listen to another loop of Ultima while working on my studies. 3 hours later, I became extremely happy. I was so happy how much I enjoy the work and how amazing my new study system was (which I developed a few days ago). In my break, I played some music and started dancing like in the following video and even to the same music:

While doing so, I forgot everything about listening to Ultima A and just thought studying made me so euphoric. It was only later when I realized the connection. Ultima A is really a party machine.
I could stop here but this is not the end of my day.

Later, I went out doing sport with a good buddy. We had a lot of fun as usual but I felt he was not so “on” in the beginning. This quickly faded after a while, as I must have been affecting him with my good mood. After sport, I planned to go home when we were talking about me joining him and some other friends of mine in the evening. I first denied, but I quickly manifested my way to join them anyway. 2 hours later, it also happened like that. I was sitting with some people (also some nice girls) drinking and partying. I was enjoying myself very much and also had a lot of fun with my buddy ignoring the other girls. Somehow, another girl happened to call another girl I know, when I came closer to here. At that time, my buddy hurt himself with glass getting a deep bloody wound and we had to go with him to the hospital. Fast forwarding, I ended up being with one nice girl alone. We had a good time and she was confronting me with some bullshit while I was building some sexual tension about how I used to do on Khan Stage 4. We got really close, touching each other and stuff like that. However, 30 mins later she whispered something about me having a bad mouth breath where I immediately backed off. There was an event, in the past where she said something similar. But to this day she is the only girl ever telling me this while I am making out with a lot on a regular base (pre-corona, of course). So I backed off and did not try any more moves for the day. I mean when you drink you probably stink like alcohol pretty sure and while some including me don’t smell it that much, she might be just sensitive to it. I backed off but still kept my cool alpha frame for the rest of the evening with my buddy. She even suggested later TWICE that I can sleep at her place, but I denied. But why I am writing all this? It actually belongs to my private journal and not here, but I am wondering if either the results are so fucking permanent or if I did’t not get any results from subclub at all. Today, my seduction was exactly like it was on Khan Stage 4/Stage 1 even though I had a subliminal washout for 2 fucking weeks. Am I just imaging my results thinking it is because of the sub? Would I get the same results without subs? It is not only this but also my productivity improved lately alot 2 weeks after the last time listening (and before Ultima). Maybe I am just weird, drunk, or experiencing reconcilation. Would love to get some input from everyone, including @SaintSovereign.


damn, I experienced the same thing, on the party I went to everyone want to take me home with him or her to have more fun and extend the night. Everyone was into my presence and conversing with me.

I actually feel both audios A & B give you a sense of conversing in which it flows naturally.


Oh no wonder you are very charming and charismatic in general

I do think both A and B have the same script but have different build methods (like Terminus and Terminus Squared) thus effecting us differently. But will see how my second loop of Ultima B plays out today.


Yes, but last few days have been different. Social conversations went smoothly, almost like every conversations was destined to be. And then again, this time it was extremely exaggerated, different people we’re saying how much they loved me and thanked me multiple times for coming with them that night and enjoy the afterparty in a friends garage, until the point we’re it got annoying.

I have come to the same conclusion. I have two references for this one being that I got insane dreams after listening to B and second because B’s results we’re hard to tell, deep and shy, I couldn’t put words on it. First I thought B was getting my in a state of focus and concentration but it wasn’t really focus and concentration it feels more like being in the now to be honest, similar to what I feel on A only extended. But at first I thought the effects of A we’re still lasting but now I’m not so sure about that. Especially because the second time I listened to A I didn’t really have such a tenseness that I had on the first listen.

A changed the effects of B and the other way around. And on both files I have been having muscle twitches and spasms all about my body, and particularly more pronounced at the groin or pelvis, the place where my left shoulders meets the joint, and the upper back of the right leg.


Taking a rest day today with the consent of Saint Sovereign

I am having a big hangover from yesterday and I feel it would be better to start fresh with Ultimate B tomorrow, especially as I find it more energy-draining than A.

Had very interesting dreams today which evolved about events that happen in the past and that happened in the future but sadly I cannot remember them. But my dreams were fragmented.
Even though being wasted, I woke up very happy today.


Friday, engage complete reboot. And defrag all quantum virus detectors.


Taking a rest day was a good idea as I feel much more rested today and it also made me remember my dreams, which were highly vivid and super long in duration. I must say there is definitely a healing component in Ultima A, maybe something like Attachment Destroyer or Rebirth just way more powerful or prominent. While most of the healing scripting I tried, destroys the bad emotions attached to the situations and therefore often the trauma itself, but they do leave wounds. Those wounds just don’t hurt anymore and do not hinder you, but they are still there. But Ultima A actually feels to heal those wounds.

I was dreaming of the guy representing my bully again. On Emperor, Khan Stage 1 or Stark, those dreams were unpleasant where I reported how in my dream he treated me unfairly again or stuff like that. Ultima A ist the first subliminal that made me connect with him. It started that I dreamed of him looking from the third eye perspective 2 days ago, observing him, how he acts, and what he thinks making me realize he is just a normal human being like me. Today, I was actually reconnecting with him in my dreams, having fun together, etc. Only by healing those wounds like that one can truly be free from his traumas.


Interesting. I wonder if it’s a combination of prior subliminal exposure that allowed you to experience this.


Unlike the two of you, I’ve been feeling rather alive and energetic to say the least. No tiredness coming from Ultima for me. Perhaps I’m not receiving all of the scripting due to my headphones, I don’t know.


The tiredness and reason why I did the rest day was not because of the subliminal but because of sleeping less due to partying, drinking and taking my buddy to the hospital at 2 am yesterday.


It is hard to forgive when you are still getting hurt.

Khan Stage 1 made a great job in the past for me, but this is some time ago and I also did a 2-week subliminal washout before starting the experiment. So there is no recent scripting interfering with my experience with Ultima.

But it always a combination: It was Khan Stage 1 that broke down my fear of 10/10 women, but only through Emperor and its confidence boost (+ and action-taking to gain new reference experiences) I got fully healed in that area. The same is happening now. The other subliminal broke the traumas down, and only now can I truly forgive and make peace with the past. Both stages are necessary


Ultima B - One loop

Immediately after listening to Ultima B, I felt calm but “introverted”, maybe even sad or negative.

This feeling vanished after some hours and got replaced with strong joy. I played some music and I could feel the vibes of the music. My thoughts became very optimistic and replaced with a “the world is my party” mindset. After stopping the music though, my mood got worse again.

Besides that, I can really feel that Ultima B is a more powerful build method than Ultima A. I makes me wanna just stay in my bed and watch some videos instead of working (similar to Terminus in the beginning)

This was the music I was really enjoying today