Ultima let the testing begin


Started this morning.
Oh man i cant believe this.

This is not like any past Subs from you guys.

This is from another planet.

This ozes effectivness from the second you start listening to it.

Feel bliss, happy to be alive and powerful

Am shocked that such a product even exists like Ultima.

Feel like i am ready to seize the day.

Whilst listening seems like this contains the secrets of the universe

Start noticing patterns and formations in nature.

Can notice peoples veils, intentions and hidden ahendas

After a while feel tired from a late night but extremely happy with Ultima S1 this is not a Sub this is something else.


Welcome to Ultima. :wink:


Listened to (A) whilst falling asleep last.night.

Seems like A is responsive to what you need most at a given time.

This morning listened to (B). Could not wait for it to be over. Dont know if it was the Sub or what was going around me. Felt extremely tired, irratable on the inside and could feel wanting to kick the shit out of manipulative people.

Wonder if the subs could be shortened in the future 1 hour seems like very long.

This sub B i think also has a way of revealing ones own shortcomings and weaknesses.

Really feel tired and wanting to go kick the shit out of bad people at same time.



If this occurs another day, I’m going to change the testing protocol and have everyone do a rest day. I too, am experiencing burn out from yesterday’s usage.


Both A and B give very deep sleep. Dre


Listened to one Loop of A this morning. Though it was not like the first time of listening, there is something very pleasant with A.

Gives a nice feel about one self.

Peoples reaction, can command peoples attention with this, people will start gravitaing towards me in public and start orbitting me.

(A)makes quick impact, sometmes think what the heck is going on but definately from the sub.

Have a sense B will be less harsh tommorow.


Listened to B whilst falling asleep, gave a very deep and restful sleep upon waking felt good.

Another loop of B this morning, not at all like last time, can get a lot of things done in a short time with this, Whilst it is definitely different from A, it enables things to be done smoothly.

Is there some kind of Magik in these? Completely different from past subs.

Again Thanks for creating something WONDERFUL.


Mid afternoon crash.

Felt a surge of pressure in my behind. Could not take it much more

Had to have a nap.

Upon waking still tired.

Seems like something burning inside.


I fell asleep on B too!


whats working for you now?


I’m not even sure what “working” means as this is experimental…


how did you get to the point of being able to listen to sub clubs, what positives have you noticed with Ultima?


I just listened to it… I never knew one needed to get to a point to be able to listen to sub club…

Positives: calm, more insights from meditation, better concentration, increase positivity too


certainly the increased positives from them are appealing, they do give a nice calm, and the effects of better concentration and insights they give can be felt for sure.

Given all that what would make it even better for you?


Hmmm… More energy would be great.


What has limited you today from getting from where you are to where you now know you want to be?


Limiting concepts and delusions about how the world works.


so i can understand you more what is behind the limiting concepts and delusions about how the world works?


Probably naivety due to age :slightly_frowning_face:


given that, do you have the resources to help with that?