Ultima Experiments - Fractal


This is my first day so I’m listening to part A, I got one loop in. I put the listening volume to around 5%, the rain sound is still very clear though, even at those levels.

Full disclosure: I saw a few journals previously, so I spoiled a bit on what to expect. However, I don’t know what B does yet and I’ll stay away from the journals now, just so it has less bias for my results.

Before listening, I was feeling excited for obvious reasons. I had some bad days on Friday and Saturday, so I’ll be keeping track on changes in my feelings there.

During listening:
(notes were taken in order of experiencing)

  • Just 5 mins in, was feeling some tingles at the back of my head where the skull meets the neck, which disappeared around a half hour in.

  • The tingling feeling strangely went to the bottom front teeth later too which stayed there the whole time listening. I realized after listening that I normally have this feeling in my teeth, but it was like I wasn’t aware of it. I’m not sure if the subliminal brought out awareness or it was me looking for things. Sort of like when someone mentions that you always see your nose in your vision.

  • I first was sitting around to try to pay attention to feelings, but then really had the urge to do something 10 mins in.

  • Started to feel calm, like at peace around a half hour in. Just here.

  • Wasn’t getting any negative thoughts. As an experiment, I purposefully brought up a memory from the past that has been trolling me today and it bothered me much less. Before, I would get a feeling of being a fool along with the memory.

  • 45 mins in was getting some pressure around the temple, this didn’t last too long though.

  • Near the end, I was getting some pressure around the 3rd eye area.

  • I was able to get through the full hour uninterrupted.

After listening:

  • About a half hour later, I wanted to get out and do something with anyone really. While usually around this time of night, I feel like watching netflix or something instead.

  • Was feeling really good, in the moment, felt like laughing a lot. I also don’t have much worry about what tomorrow brings.

  • If I were to guess what module is in this, it would be something like EGO ADSUM because of the “now” presence.

  • There’s just this inner peace and happiness, a chill kind of feeling. Reminds me of the calm, social feeling I would get when I got drunk at parties, but without the negatives. This would be a great pre-party subliminal.

  • I felt like I had a presence when I was around my family. Not like a “I’m the shit” or anything. This one is hard to explain, but because I had this feeling I also desired a connection and to converse, like that was the important thing at that moment. Not the worries of the future or what happened in the past. I feel like this would help me listen to people better, to take in what they have to say and understand.

  • Now my night wasn’t eventful at all since I had nothing planned, but if someone suddenly called and said “lets go out.” I would have gone instantly without any worry about oh I need to do this and that maybe, maybe not etc. Usually I’m the type that prefers things planned ahead but I do appreciate spontaneous things as they happen in the moment. I feel that this brings out the spontaneous, free spirit desires in me.

  • These effects were present within 2 hours after listening, most were immediate after listening and seemed to calm down a bit after 3-4 hours.

All in all a very nice experience, looking forward to what B will bring. I plan to listen to that one early morning before I hit the gym. Thank you SaintSoverign and Fire for having me take part in this!


Listening to B today. Before listening was feeling tired, didn’t get that much sleep last night. Wasn’t emotionally leaning positive or negative, just neutral.

During Listening:

  • By a half hour in, the same feeling in my teeth increased again.

  • Didn’t get any tingles in my back skull like A.

  • Felt motivated to do some work and stock chart research after a half hour in.

  • Near the end was getting a bit of a headache around the temples.

  • This one was played a bit broken up since I was also getting ready for the gym. I paused it twice.

After listening:

  • Effects seem more subtle than A for me. Though I did have a productive feeling.

  • I also felt more energetic, I did have some caffeinated green tea while listening though, so how much is it from that? I’m unsure.

  • At the gym, I was pretty focused on my workout, I also was enjoying being there. I feel that I was also working out more intensely and performing better, especially during the first half of my workout.

  • I noticed that I had a bit of a confident walk. Looking forward, shoulder back etc.

  • Lots of synchronicity while looking at some stocks I was watching. One up 11.11%, then scroll up and see one down 1.11%.

  • I was really getting into the beat of my music.

  • After getting back from the gym, I went back to feeling tired, so I think it was the caffeine that was energizing. hah

  • In my other journal I was mentioning having lots of anxious, lonely feelings. I haven’t had any of those after listening to this and A.

So overall this one felt more subtle and I feel that it maybe leans towards production, focus and performance. Maybe some confidence in there too? I might do another round later today as I work and see how that goes.


Yeah B really seems to get you in focus on whatever it is you are doing.

I tried another loop today while doing work on my project and I came up with solutions pretty quick. I also was thinking in a way of “What is the fastest way to accomplish this?” Right now, fast is better than “perfect” because I’m iterating. Ironically things turn out better than I was hoping, one thing led to another etc. Now I have a more solidified idea on how it should look like, especially with the background art and I’m already coming up with ideas on how to bring it further, while also considering how to program those in, all while keeping it at a do-able level that looks cool, but isn’t to much work to create. This is a nice multi-level thinking that usually exhausts me.

But it doesn’t seem to have a focus on just intelligence, like at the gym as I said earlier, I was focused to perform the best while I was there. So it is adaptable to your situation. Very useful. This tech seems like an evolution of superchargers, or maybe superchargers will have this tech in the future to supercharge the superchargers?

Some other notes:

  • I get much more into music as I work too, which could relate to the hyper focus into what you are doing.

  • I have barley wasted any time on the internet today apart from spending a bit too much time browsing stocks. They’ve kind of become my YT vids…

  • I didn’t mention this earlier but an hour after eating my post gym workout, I started to get really hungry for no reason. It’s like my metabolism went higher than usual today and I was getting a feeling of low glucose levels.

So this one is also very interesting, you don’t really know it is taking effect like A though, until you start doing things.


Listening to A again. Before listening, feeling tired and slightly anxious.

During Listening:

  • I didn’t notice any tingling in the back of my skull this time. The teeth thing happened again though.

After Listening:

  • This time I did not get the same intensity of the present feeling as I did the first time. I wonder if this is either because I was really tired while listening or that I was doing other things on the computer and not just relaxing and feeling it.

  • I was driving to an appointment and I noticed that I was much more relaxed and patient while driving.

Second Listening (afternoon):

  • I decided to try playing this one with music.

  • Was getting a headache 40 mins in that was getting more intense within 45 mins in, I still forced myself to finish though. I think I’m overdoing it, seems like once a day is the limit for me. And maybe the effects lessen when your mind is exhausted, like it doesn’t bother executing the script.

After listening:

  • I again didn’t notice too much effects apart from a relaxed feeling. However, I currently am not worrying about things going wrong though like I would usually do, so it could be causing this effect.

  • I didn’t have as much focus on my project as yesterday. I did think of one small creative thing to implement that worked out well though.

For tomorrow, I’ll pull it back to 1 loop a day and will play that one around a time that I will be working on my project to get more advantage of it. I also need to make sure I get longer sleep time so my brain is energized to handle more.


I got over 9 hours of sleep last night so I’m much more energized.
Before listening, I’m feeling a bit stressed and grouchy.

During Listening:

  • 20 mins in some pressure in head, not a headache though. This started to go away after a half hour in or so.

  • Near finishing, I’m not as aggravated as before, more focused.

  • I was working while listening so I was not as conscientious of what I was physically feeling this time.

  • Did not play music with it this time and it was an uninterrupted play session.

After Listening:

  • Maybe a bit light headed right after finishing.

  • I was easily annoyed when interrupted while working, like not wanting my focus to wane.

  • The hours while working went by pretty fast and I didn’t get distracted with other unproductive things.

  • I was getting a feeling of being in a rush and trying to get things done quick. I was making decisions faster and I didn’t want to linger on an idea too long.

So the long rest seemed to help me out. I still feel that the first time I used B had more noticeable changes though. Maybe I’m getting more used to them as I keep using it so changes are becoming less noticeable as my expectations raise?


Listening to A today. I’m trying this one first thing in the morning before I go to the gym. Before listening, feeling drowsy and neutral. I got a normal amount of sleep of around 8 hours.

During Listening:

  • Half way in slight tingling feeling in back of head.

  • 50 min in feeling pressure around temples.

  • Had to pause the audio twice.

After listening:

I did not notice too much changes this time. I was focused on my workout and going hard but didn’t feel much more social. This could also be because I just focus on getting a good workout at the gym and don’t care too much for socializing, especially being on a time limit before you are kicked out for your time slot (because of covid bull). There’s also the fact that there’s this closed off feeling with society atm because everyone is paranoid that you are infected.

I’m thinking that this one might be better for me to play in the evening or late afternoon, I’ll try that again next time.

Also, I thought I would mention that I’ve noticed that I have a bit more of a pumped look with my muscles, especially areas that have been lacking like the pecs, delts and biceps. I’m not sure if this is from my previous listening of StarkQ since physical changes take longer. I don’t feel like I’ve grown mass in this short time though, it’s just like that pumped effect is retained for longer or something. Just thought I’d mention this too if there’s anything related to physical stuff in these.

I might give A another go tonight and I’ll post another update if I notice anything.


Listened to B today.

I did something different where I listened to 1 hour earlier today and then a half hour later in the evening. I was getting a headache a half hour in the second one so this may be a good decision for me.

  • I didn’t accomplish much during the day but was very productive in the evening after listening to the half hour one. I think this was my fault though because I didn’t start pushing myself to get going until later.

  • Sometimes I find it hard to concentrate now when I listen to music and work because I can get really into the song if it is one I like. So this is a plus with a catch lol.

I’ve noticed that there have been changes that have been creeping up on me the past week and I don’t know which one to attribute it to:

  • I have a more positive self image when looking in the mirror. Like I could even believe that I look “different” because the self image improved that much.

  • I find things much more funny. I usually laugh at things easily but these have increased that. I think A is responsible for this one.

  • I find I feel like I have a purpose or a direction. The couple weeks before listening to these, I was directionless and wasn’t accomplishing much. I also was on these forums a lot to figure out the Q stuff. Now I barely am on them, I just come here to make these updates and leave. It’s just I run out of time to do more than that because I try to keep going for my goals and the day ends so fast.

  • I get annoyed quicker in arguments and treat them more as challenges. Like I back down less until I feel that my point is getting across.

  • I’ve overcome lots of little hurdles in my project that could usually have me procrastinating because I would have this mentality that it is too hard to do. Now I try not to focus too much on the big picture and take things one step at a time. It makes the thing much less intimidating and often creates unexpected, but desirable results. This one is likely B


Hypothetical: You can only listen to A or B going forward. Which would you choose and why?


I would probably pick B because I feel that the production and focus qualities that I believe it gives would benefit my goals more.

If you would have asked me this after listening to each one only once, it would have been A, because I really felt the “inner present moment” kind of effect from that one the first time I used it and it was more of a powerful feeling than B. Strangely now that effect from A seemed to have lessened for me on continued use.

I’m not sure if this is from a kind of subliminal exhaustion or maybe it just doesn’t resonate with my current goals as much? I might actually just listen to A for a half hour today because I feel like I’ve been pushing it, I’ve been having a headache all day and am pretty tired.


Managed to get a full play of A after taking some Advil. I’m playing this one later in the evening though so I may not be getting full advantage of it since I’ll be going to bed soon. I’m prone for these kind of headaches by the way, so I can’t fully blame them on subliminals. I do think they can make them worse though when overdoing it though.

One thing I forgot to mention is my slight change in dreams. I have stopped playing DREAMS before bed during these tests because I didn’t want it to influence results, so my dreaming has gone down. However, the ones that I do remember have been more logical. Like there’s no outlandish symbols or events. When I woke up last night, I didn’t remember the details of the dream but my waking thought was something like “it was so realistic that I feel like I could have got lost in it.” So I’m not sure if there’s any meaning behind that but I thought it was interesting.

During Listening:

  • For a moment I got a bit of an inner energy stir around my stomach. I don’t know how else to describe it haha.

  • I got a pulsing headache in my temple after 50 mins in.

  • While this one hasn’t been one that I thought focuses on productivity, I started to do some work mid way listening to it. So maybe there’s something for motivation in it and I was compelled to not waste time even this late in the day.

  • I also wanted to listen to music again. Not sure what the relation with music is with these.

After Listening:
It’s just an hour later and I have to sleep, so I don’t have much data for this part here. Sorry!
But so far I’m feeling pretty normal. Maybe playing late like this will cause some interesting dreams? I’ll report again if anything happens.


I was at the gym this morning and didn’t listen to any subliminal beforehand. I noticed that my arms and shoulders were very vascular. I do use pre-workouts that may increase nitric oxide, but this was more than usual. There’s even a horizontal vein on my bicep which is more hidden that was also popping out. So I wonder if these increase blood circulation or maybe improve effectiveness of pre-workouts? Whatever it is, I’m enjoying the physical effects. :grin:


I started stage 2 of Ultima today and ran 1 loop. Before listening, I feel normal but also a bit excited to try the new stage. Not tired like yesterday and don’t have a headache either. I’m listening to this while trying to set up some dev kits for my project. Very dry and annoying things to me, so I’ll see how it affects my focus here.

During Listening:

  • Was multitasking pretty well. As some things needed to download/install I was also setting up other things while also talking to people.

  • In the last 20 mins I decided to relax and stop working because I had to restart my PC to continue my work and I didn’t want to stop the sub. I then found it hard to just sit and relax, I had a need to do something.

  • Not feeling any headaches upon finishing. I wonder if this is because of my familiarity with StarkQ?

After listening:

  • Right after finishing, I have a feeling of being aware. Like energized in a way with a clarity. It is a nice feeling for doing technical work. It’s subtle though.

  • I’m still not noticing anything like that strong effect experienced from my first day with stage 1 A.

  • My attempt to set up the dev kit did not work again. But I usually would be really pissed off right now and would want to throw in the towel, instead I’m just annoyed.

  • I might have been joking a bit more than usual.

  • I have a feeling that because of my familiarity with Stark, I might be able to push stage 2 more than 1.


This is what we were saying about Ultima – it works best with scripting made just for the platform. Taking a Q / Terminus / Terminus ^ 2 compatible script and forcing into Ultima may not yield the BEST results. You’re going to get results (and some might even be a bit weird), but my official prediction is that the best delivery system for a sub like StarkQ is Q / T / T2. But… I could be wrong.


Yeah that makes sense to me, I feel like a script that is more in line with the style of the superchargers or weapon X scripts may work the best. I wonder how a lucid dreaming one would work in Ultima?

One thing I’ve been most surprised about is the pump I was getting during stage 1 from working out. I wonder if it would be effective for quick temporary physical effects like that compared to Q? I’m interested to see if StarkQ has a similar effect to that because I heard Emperor tends to make a person more bulky vs StarkQ.


I listened for 40 min before I had to leave for the gym this morning. Feeling normal and drowsy before listening.


  • Starting to feel more awake 30 min in (but I’m also drinking green tea)

  • Its generally a nice feeling in my head. I’m not sure how to describe it, a slight swirling sensation perhaps?


  • Was able to go stronger than usual with HIT cardio at the end of my workout, especially at the beginning. I didn’t get to do any cardio last week while running Stage 1, so I can’t compare them here, but weightlifting strength felt about the same.

I also listened to it a second time in the evening for a full hour. Before listening I feel normal, no tiredness or headaches. Played this one with music while working on my stuff.


  • Was feeling focused, even though I’m doing things that are very annoying to me.


I have some good manifestation news for the dev kit issue I’ve been dealing with. Last night I was at my wits end with trying to fix this, so in a desperation I fell asleep imagining my project running on my phone, then I did the same thing throughout the day today. Now I just accomplished that!

I found the right resources online that led me to the right programs, then suddenly the original issue I was trying to fix just started working. I’m guessing some of the other programs I set up helped fix it, but I don’t know what exactly did it, because I was using them to try to solve things a different way. I hate troubleshooting, so I’ll just be happy with it working lol.

I don’t doubt that these subs help with this manifestation and helped me stay motivated to keep trying and trying. This issue has been taunting me for months now and I wasn’t motivated to start tackling it until a couple days ago, so it’s such a relief to have it working.

I’m going to try to continue visualizing my tasks as finished before I start them now. I usually get lazy and don’t bother with that, but it’s shown me how important it can be. This might sound odd, but I think what also helps is to visualize “options.” Like I was happy if it would play on an Android or an iPhone, so I visualized both, I believe this keeps more possibilities open.


Listened to this one 3 times today and didn’t feel overloaded (so far). This has to be from my familiarity or because switching between A and B type builds every day is draining. I had more rest than usual overnight too. I spread them out in morning, afternoon and evening.


  • Started to feel more awake even though I’m not drinking caffeinated tea today.

  • In all three listens, I did not get any headaches.


  • I started a quick side gig for a client today and came up with good ideas pretty fast for it. While making my supper I was basically visualizing the whole thing and look before getting back to them with my ideas.

  • I’m not feeling any substantial changes in my character or behavior. I think this could also be because Stark is normal to me so when I’m not following Stark, it feels abnormal now.

  • Though I feel like I’m less edgy or argumentative than when I was on Stage 1 last week.

  • My libido has gone up the past days, I think stage 1 has built up to this too. It does make no PMO more challenging though…

So yeah this one generally feels easier to run than Stage 1. It’s almost “invisible” from it’s naturalness to me. This is good because there’s not any negative side effects, but it does make it harder for me to pinpoint differences.


So for today I tried something a bit different and played 2 loops back to back. I gave around a 10 min break in between. I didn’t notice any negative physical side effects from doing this. I might be able to push 3 loops at once.

This morning I noticed my voice was deeper, but my voice can fluctuate throughout the day and also depending on my state of mind when talking. I started paying attention to my voice when I saw the Emperor’s Voice module on the Q store. It eventually returned to normal so I’m not sure what to make of it. Maybe playing the 3 loops the day before influenced this?

I was having a bad day today and was in a pissed off mood before playing the 2 loops and I think it calmed me down a bit. I was also working while listening so I wasn’t paying too much attention to physical sensations.

I’m still considering that Ultimia might be very effective for physical changes. I feel like especially my biceps actually are bigger. My scale’s not working atm though, so I can’t weigh myself. But it just seems like it is more than just a pump as I was originally thinking.


Today I listened to 40 mins before the gym and then 1 hour in the evening while doing work. I was very focused and motivated on my workout, these Ultimas seem to be effective for that for me.

Was fixing PC issues for most of the day so not much interesting things to talk about there. But I also was doing stock stuff again and feel like I’m taking a bit more calm approach in my decisions.

In the evening, I started my work again and was really energized while doing it as I listened to Ultima. I was learning a good amount of things that could be useful and hopefully solve some of my issues with the touch controls of my project. Getting this perfect will make or break the whole thing so I’m prepared to re-make the code multiple times if I have to.

A note on dreams: I haven’t really talked about my dreams because I haven’t been remembering any. It is very strange for me to have this small amount of dreams, I’m actually kind of missing dreaming haha. I am not playing DREAMS during these tests, so that is likely a big influence, but still I feel like I would dream more often than this even without DREAMS. So I’m not sure what to make of this one.


I’ve listened to over 2 hours so far today. It has been a bit of a broken up listening with 40 mins again in the morning, then I finished the 20 mins when I got back and then listened to a full hour after. I’m 20 mins in my third round and will probably finish the whole thing too.

So again no negative physical side effects noticed. I’m not even that tired considering that I haven’t been getting 8 hours of sleep lately.

I’m experiencing frustrations because I feel like the project isn’t panning out the way I want it too right now, so I have to try multiple things to see what works and testing on the phone is a slow process. I also have a feeling of being impatient or rushed to see results. I’m not sure if that is just me, because I’ve already worked on this for a while, so I want it to pick up pace, or if it is the subliminal pushing me.

I still get distracted doing unproductive things though, I believe this is just my stress coping habits taking over though.

At the gym, I’m thinking of ways to take my workouts to the next level. I’m no longer satisfied with just staying where I’m at, like I’ve been for years now. Previous listening with StarkQ has also built up to this too. I’d like to incorporate calisthenic workouts to increase my supportive muscle strength. Working out at home during the whole covid thing also spurred this interest too.

I did have a dream last night and I know it was longer and had some interesting things in it. However, I tried to note it down and nothing came to mind.

So that’s about it, going to take it easy the rest of the night. Happy Friday!


Today I was very tired and had my headaches, I think I may have overdid it with the 3 hours yesterday. I got over 9 hours of sleep too, so my tiredness really surprised me. So I only listened to one loop today. I find that I get less results when I’m in this overloaded feeling too. I saw one of the annon testers got reduced joint pain on a different Ultima. Hmm I could use that right now :sweat_smile:


  • I was getting some ringing in my left ear when starting this time, that made me a bit paranoid and put the volume lower. The ringing went away shortly after.

  • 45 min in, getting a bad headache.


  • Not too much noticeable changes because of my circumstances. I wasn’t in the mood to do work so I was taking it more easy today. Generally I’ve been zombified the whole day.

There is one interesting thing that has been happening more often lately though. I’ve noticed a slight change in my thoughts. If I say messed up on something, I don’t dwell on the negativity, I instead more have motivational thoughts. Now the odd thing is that I’ve made a habit this week of doing them as a separate voice. So it would be like “I know we can do better…” or “I understand why you are doing this… but we have so much potential not being used.” It’s like a separate, higher entity that is unchallenged by this world and cheers me on and teaches me without any judgement. I don’t know how related this is to the subliminal. Am I going nuts? lol