Ultima Experimenta: Hailing Hydra never felt so good

I am literally listening to Ultima Test (A) right now. My plan is to take 15-30mins between each track to observe how I feel.

Grateful to be a part of this test group.


First loop of listening:

This is slightly less smooth than my custom sub, but that shouldnt come a a surprise. I found myself asking “How long more” with 3-5 minutes left. Nothing noticeable so far.

Okay the craziest sh!t just happened, and I think it deserves it’s own post:

I just listened to the second loop of Ultima (A), followed by the same meditation that I’ve been doing. It’s about 45 minutes and the whole purpose of the meditation is to be pure consciousness.

During the meditation, I was able to BE pure consciousness for extended periods of time. Even though I did feel some sensations in my physical body, that did not distract me from being pure consciousness. So did different thoughts that entered my mind. I acknowledge them, and saw that disappear.

I also visualized myself traveling through the vastness of the cosmos. I saw myself having a boomerang, and I threw it away from Earth. I saw this boomerang travel so far away from me that I couldnt even see it. Then it emitted a light and I teleported to it. This happened like 10-15 times throughout the 45 minutes. I wasnt counting because I was pure consciousness. Then… I summoned The Ancient One and asked her how far I was away from Earth after throwing the boomerang 2 times. It was 5 trillion^2 kilometers, or 3106855961186.67^2 miles.
I also visualized myself standing on the shoulder of Archangel Michael, and teleporting next to Christ.

I lost track of space and time about 3-5 times in this meditation. I also developed a gratitude and appreciation of how just how vast the cosmos is, and I know I’m only barely scratching the surface.

Now I am just sitting here typing in bliss…


What meditation is that?

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Waiting for @Hermit’s response on that :open_mouth:

Extremely impressive - somehow this doesn’t even surprise me anymore

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Joe Dispenza’s The Generous Present Moment

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Try these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo6I2NXxhXk&list=PLitByWhB3tctR8NDe5ONMS8dkrjugiaDB&index=13

In 5-D your brain omits Gamma waves which gives you an increase state of awareness through brain wave activity. You can also reach this state by being in ‘flow’ which is when the two brain hemispheres becoming in alignment whereby the two Hemispheres communicate in a balanced manner.

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That’s 5-D? I thought going to 5-D would involve Astral Projection / Lucid Dreaming. This was purely visualization :thinking:

Well, did Dr.Strange use a time travel spell to calculate all possible outcomes in all realities across all time/space and dimensions before or after he could levitate?

After, sure. But are the rules in the MCU same for us? (Yes, I am aware of the Law of Correspondence, but does it apply here?)

I knew some aspects of Dr Strange are real but that much?

3rd loop, then I attended a Zoom call and saw myself on the cam. I’m not sure if it’s Ultima or my custom sub or a combination, but I think I look good vibrationally. My smile has a cheeky/sexual “tone” to it…

You mean you’re using your custom together with Ultima? Or do you mean the previous effects of your custom prior to Ultima?

Latter :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess that the handsome you is your imagination pushed out. There was some internal shift in you.

Day 2:

Just came back from socializing with 2 ladies, it was fun. I was less self conscious and enjoyed myself. Listened to 1 loop of (B) so far before I met them. On to the second one now. Not noticing anything significant from (B) at the moment.

edit: I listened to the second loop of (B), and fell asleep while listening to it. When I woke up, the track was over. I then continued with my meditation practice:

In my mind’s eye, I traveled multiples of 5,000 trillion light years. (1 light year is equivalent to the distance that light travels in one year, which is 9.4607 × 1012 km or nearly 6 million million miles) Think that’s pushing the envelope? I visualize a HUGE number, basically taking 5,000 trillion light years as X, I travelled X^X^X^X^X…X^X, where “…” itself took 5,000 trillion light years itself to write out :open_mouth: Let’s call this number “Y”.

And the best part? I DID NOT EVEN DOZE OFF FOR 1 SECOND!!!

And the “How long more” thoughts were reduced significantly, to maybe 5 times throughout 45 minutes.

I did have several thoughts pop into my head, mostly of the girl that I met in the cafe a few hours ago lol, but those left my mind as soon as it entered.

That’s not all… In the midst of the meditation, I saw myself in 3rd person traveling Y distance. From that outside point of view, even though it was Y, I ONLY SAW MYSELF TAKNG A SMALL STEP!!!

Did I Become Pure Consciousness, and hence could observe the vastness of the cosmos for what it truly is?

I’m not sure, but if this is caused by Ultima (B), sign me up.

edit2: 3rd loop of B done. I imagined a scene which would have implied that me and the woman i met yesterday had wild passionate sex. I was able to feel as if it already happened. I am in a state akin to sleep as I write this, lol

@SaintSovereign: Any comments? I’d be very interested to hear them :slightly_smiling_face:

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What were you running before you started testing Ultima?

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My custom sub for like 2 days, which consist of:

Cores: (2)

Mods: (10)

  1. Energetic Development XI
  2. New Beginnings
  3. Blue Skies
  4. Unlimiter
  6. ARES
  7. Inner Voice
  8. Information Releaser
  9. Attachment Destroyer
  10. Negativity Displacer

Results Enhancers: (8)

  1. Yggdrasil
  2. The Merger of Worlds
  3. Pragya
  4. Omnidimensional
  5. The Architect
  6. DEUS
  7. Divine Will
  8. I AM

Before this, for 2 months, I was on Stark, Mind’s Eye, and Ultimate Artist like every 3 days.

As I suspected – if I had to guess, it’s not Ultima by itself causing this effect. Ultima B is built upon technologies we use in T2, and could be susceptible to T2’s odd perception changing effects (see the “time loops” people are experiencing). That, mixed with your usage of Mind’s Eye = crazy enhanced internal imagery. Also, some of the modules in your custom, such as Omnidimensional and Yggdrasil…

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Very interesting. At this point do you still consider T^2 to be “experimental”, or does it officially have a place in SubClub’s product line?