Ultima Experiment

Day 1: Looped 2 times in a row

Felt some head pressure while listening and some slight pressure on the side of the head while taking a shower. But haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary from that as of yet. Hopefully, something will show itself later.


:skull: Hail Hydra :skull:


Day 2: Ultima B: Looped 2 times

While with A, I didn’t feel much for whatever reason except for that head pressure that I’ve mentioned when compared to the other journals that I’ve read here. But mind you, my mind is bit stubborn than most people, so that could play a part. But after running B, what surprised me is that I didn’t get the usual 5 o’clock crash and sleepiness that I normally get – ALL THE TIME. I was wide awake and I felt pretty good. Felt more productive, but calm at the same time as well. Because I usually take a nap around that time or I’m feeling like I need to close my eyes and sleep even if I don’t.

I’ve been pretty lazy these days while in quarantine and would watch movies on my computer or play the guitar whenever I’m at home. But I got up today and after running those two loops, about an hour and a half later, I just started to stretch and work out. It was like, sort of, a mental push to do something rather than sitting back and doing nothing. I’m hoping that I’ll see the type of results that others are seeing with A tomorrow.

Day 3: Ultima A: Looped 2 times in a row

Felt sadness coming up today. Also, felt a bit tired as well. Was thinking about my past and how things could’ve been different if certain situations didn’t go the way it did. Walked around the neighborhood today for about an hour and just reflected on my life. This is the most noticeable things I’ve noticed today after the 4 1/2 hour mark.

Day 4: Ultima B: Looped 3 times in a row

I seem to be feel more of the effect on Ultima B than A for some reason. Which is the opposite of what I’m reading from most people here, as I’m reading they’re feeling more productive on A. But maybe it’s because I looped it 3 times rather than the usual 2 times, I felt a bit tired almost near the 5 hour mark. But I didn’t take a nap or anything. Just felt a little mentally tired. For me, personally, it seems that A is more of a purging effect, while B gives you productivity. But that’s just me. But I also did find myself questioning some random things in my head today.

Day 5: Ultima A: Looped 2 times in a row

Felt more productive today. I feel like people are treating me a little more differently than usual. Like, they seem more calm around me rather than being pushy or trying to be dominant. Also, found myself listening to more music than usual today as well and getting more into it. Came home and started to listen to more music and reading up on stuff that I wanted to learn. Felt this weird, rapid, pulsing sensation on the upper right side of my head randomly, but just for about 2 seconds. Probably had nothing to do with the sub, but it came out of nowhere.

Day 6: Ultima B: Looped 2 times in a row

Felt some head pressure today with this one today just as I did with A the very first time I played it. My dreams also seem to be getting more vivid as well lately. Definitely, a lot of anger and some violence in these dreams. Still felt that same energetic vibe from B, but it felt more subtle this time around. I guess I’m getting accustomed to the feeling or something. Didn’t go out today and just stayed at home. So, I can’t say much about interactions with people. But I also feel that I’ve been getting more clear and direct with what I say rather than beating around the bush and sugar coating things.

Day 7: Ultima A: Loop 2 times in a row

Wow, I felt really tired today. I’ve read that some people here were getting burned out from listening to this and needed a break. I’m not going to take a break from listening, but man, I felt really out of whack today. Low energy and just wanted to go home and take a nap. Feeling sleepy while I’m typing this as well. But I had a strange dream where I was playing a CD on a vinyl player.

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Why are you not doing a rest day? You will feel much better after that.

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I guess, I want to keep the momentum going and get the most out of it. I don’t feel tired today as I was yesterday.

Day 8: Ultima B: Looped 2 times in a row

Felt more productive today as I didn’t have that extreme tiredness from yesterday. Didn’t really get that energetic vibe that I usually do from B, but also didn’t feel tired as well. Had a strange dream though. I was outside this gated facility of some sort and there was a bunch of people outside the gates sort of mocking these elephants that were roaming inside the gates. One of the elephants become irritated and just started ramming the gates with its head and eventually broke through. It then just fainted and looked exhausted on the floor breathing heavily. All of a sudden, I hear a new reporter saying that this elephant was always a jovial elephant that never acted out in this way and how it was a strange occurrence. Weird.

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Day 9: Ultima A: Looped 2 times in a row

My mind has been feeling way more sharp today. Felt more nimble today as well. Haven’t been going out much lately due to covid-19 on the rise, so I can’t really say how much it has an effect on the people around me. But productivity is definitely there. Felt like learning some new things today as well. Also, felt this “zoning in” feeling on something that I was focused on. Had another dream where I was playing basketball with some people, but with a tiny ball instead of your regular ball. That’s all I can remember from that dream.

Day 1: Stage 2: Looped 3x in a row

After listening to this, I would say about 2-2 1/2 hours later, I felt almost restless like I was on caffeine. Like, I felt the need to do something. So, I started to read up on some stuff that I’ve just sort of left alone for some time. But the most noticeable effect I noticed was the restlessness. It almost made me think if I drank an energy drink or something the way my body felt.

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If this is the start of the end of the sugary energy drinks industry, I just wanna say that I was here.

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Day 2: Stage 2: Looped 3x in a row

Felt a little tired today waking up. Looped the audio 3x and then took a 40 min nap. Open my eyes and felt more energized. Stayed home today and didn’t go out and just started to think about a bunch of random thoughts in my head. I seem get a bit more clever with the way I express things from what I’m seeing. Had my first sexual themed dream where a girl I really like appeared and started to show interest in me. She was just really into me and I swear I thought it was real. She disappeared for a second and then reappeared naked and asked to follow her to the bathroom to do our thing and that’s when I woke up.

Day 3: Stage 2: Looped 3x in a row

Woke up with one of those headaches that starts small and you can tell it’s going to be a full blown one later. Took Tylenol and stopped that from happening. But I’ve noticed that I’ve been sleeping somewhat better, but at the same time, I end up falling asleep really late. After listening to the three loops, I ended up taking that 30-40 min nap again. But I also realized that I can, sort of, fall into a sleep state really quickly. But I feel somewhat awake at the same time. It’s a weird thing. Usually, it would take me at least an hour to get to that point. After taking that nap, I woke up energized again, did whatever I had to do for the day and came home and started to learn about different topics on Youtube.

Had a dream about this little furry brown bat that flew into my bathroom and I closed the door in order to catch it and maybe flush it down the toilet or something. It just stuck to the wall next to these two spiders and then I woke up.

Day 4: Stage 2: Looped 3x in a row

Feels like maybe I had some sort of reconciliation or such, but I’ve been having some negative thoughts coming up of my past and traumas that I’ve never really resolved. Practically, the whole time I’ve just been thinking of these things along with feelings of sorrow. Just had these feelings of worthlessness and feeling unaccomplished in life. Pretty rough day.

Day 5: Stage 2: Looped 3x in a row

Didn’t feel much today. It was my day off and so I stayed in and sat outside the porch for about an hour and just reflected on my life while taking in the sun. Did some house chores and watched some movies on my computer and played the guitar for a bit. But I did see the time at 5:55 today.

Day 6: Stage 2: Looped 3x in a row

Felt more productive today to learn more topics. Read some ebooks today on 2 different topics. Walked around my neighborhood to think and came back to the house to ponder some more. Went out for a bit and came back home and got an urge to start working out. Some of the things I’ve noticed is that, I feel I’ve become a lot more witty in some way. I can come up with jokes that makes people genuinely laugh. I’m normally a pretty solitude guy who keeps to himself a lot and doesn’t talk much, but it’s become a bit easier to keep a conversation going.

Had a dream last night about a crazy gunfight going on in a fast food restaurant and I was caught in the crossfire. I just ducked and crawled into the corner with another guy next to me just trying to avoid getting shot. As soon as the gunfire ceased, we both got the signal and took off running out the door and into safety.

Day 7: Stage 2: Looped 2x in a row

Felt like a lazy day today, but was probably due to the heat as well. Went to work and had a fun chat with my coworkers about various topics and noticed that I was the one who was carrying the conversation most of the time. Came home and did some house chores, listened to some music, watched a movie, took a quick 35 minute nap. Noticed that I can still get into that quick blackout state of a nap than I can before I started the program. Had a dream, but I can’t remember it this time around.

The testing has now concluded and I have to say that Ultima is a very exhausting program to be testing and not to be taken lightly. Initially, I did get the energy rush, but running three times in a row for multiple days can wear you out quickly. I like to thank you guys for allowing me to test this program and experience some new technology.