Ultima Experiment - Observations By Hermit


Due to the lack of time I listened to one loop of Ultima A, yesterday.

Here’s an overview of my observations:

Spiritually – I went to a Barbecue for a friends birthday and later on we went to party further in my friends garage, so I could easily observe other people’s reactions to my Aura in conversations and what not. And what I instantly noticed when conversing with people, besides everything being very smooth is that there was a great amount of intensity to my presence. It’s hard to explain as the effects have faded already but I believe there’s a relation to this Auric intensity and the physical observations that I made. I really felt this within as without, it wasn’t only intense for others but also for myself. Perhaps when I listen another time to track A, I’ll be able to go in more detail or if I were to write down my observations when making them, that’ll make it easier.

Mentally – within an instant of listening to track A, I felt extremely grounded and into the moment of Now. Although I listened to one loop only, I must admit these effects altered my consciousness for a good amount of 6 to 9 hours, fading overtime. There was a clear shift to my mental state and as I began observing plants, tree’s vegetables everything had a slightly different look to it. There was more vibrancy, more detail, since I listened only one loop I believe it was a by product of the shift in my mental state.

Emotionally – well, emotionally speaking I felt at peace even before listening to track and I didn’t notice and huge alternations to my emotional state. I felt at peace meanwhile listening and also after listening, due to having a party right after listening I couldn’t really tell whether or not it was the energy of the party elevating my state of emotions into one of ecstasy or if it was a result to the scripting. One thing that I was really noticeable though was the Music, there was something different to it, it went deeper then usual, I could feel it throughout my body and really BE the music, which was strange as I never really felt that before (without taking brain altering substances). It was very similar to the mental observations that I made, where I was instantly grounded and in the NOW, very focused on my external senses and I could really feel that in the way that I experienced music, it felt Ecstatic to say the least.

Physical – somehow I felt muscle spams around the groin area, which isn’t new to me as I experienced this before. Probably something going on at my sacral chakra. It was very noticeable as it started twitching right when I listened to the track and it also faded when the track ended. Nothing else to note here besides a few particular parts of my body being heated-up for a few seconds.

I forgot to mention this but it is probably quiet important. I believe it is due to the intensity of my Aura but my cheeks we’re really tense and my teeth pushed on each other. I also noticed something similar when using Aura on Sex Mastery where I would lick my lips a lot.

Will report on my experience with Track B later today. Haven’t listened to that one. Hopefully we may listen to track A once more so that I can feel into this script a little deeper.

So far my experience was overwhelming as I got very apparent results which totally shook my reality till 9 hours after. Only thing I can say so far is Whaauww!


wtf, all of this with just 1 loop of Ultima A :astonished:


All that plus way more as I could write for days about my experience yesterday evening. I should of probably took my notebook with my to write down all of the observations. What was very apparent was the almost instantaneous shift in consciousness, being increasingly grounded and in this strange state of observations which made it even easier to reflect on the subliminal.


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Back onto the Experiment.

Day 3

To keep a balance between both tracks I only listened to track B for one loop, which was yesterday.

Track A & B have a very significant different, it’s almost like a 180° degree turn-around. So yesterday I still felt the effects of track A slightly, which might of have effected my results with track B but who knows.

Today I’ll be doing two or three loops of track A, so tomorrow that’ll be followed by an equal amount of loops for track B.

When listening to B, I really didn’t notice any consciousness-altering experiences, where as with A my experience was without a doubt a shift into the Now, being way more observant of everything, especially with my physical senses, there was also a quiet noticeable effect with music, something was oddly different and I could almost say that I ‘merged’ with the music.

In terms of social conversations, I did have more opportunity to test this with A as I went to a party that night where as with B, which was yesterday I only had a few long-form conversations with three different people that came to visit me. Conversations we’re deep and in the state of flow, where we completely lost track of time, B somehow made me more approachable tho, I could clearly tell that I was in a state of activity, magnetism and attractiveness.

Okay, well these we’re only a few of my observations, yesterday I didn’t have much of chance to make observations about track B, so we’ll be going into more detail on day 4.

With that said, I’ll be going for two or three loops of track A today and I’ll be sharing my experiences either later today or tomorrow morning.

I’m actually running a loop of track A right now and I can immediately tell that it shifted my consciousness once more, in an instant I feel very grounded in my body and in a state of awareness. No odd, feelings around the groin area or pelvis this time.

With A I could easily just sit and observe my reality and surroundings till the end of times, where as with B I just couldn’t stand meditating or anything like that, I would feel a push to go do things, especially mentally I feel like mental activity had increased.

Will elaborate in the next post.


Very similar results here - will also elaborate later on my journal


Yes, and after my day 2 on track A it is almost undoubtedly clear that there’s something going on with music.

Just listen to the following songs straight after listening to track A.

It amazes me, my mood is uplifted and I feel ready to go about my day. Feeling in the moment, no thoughts on my mind, very observant about my reality, etc.

Conclusion: Track A is a party drug!


Waiting patiently for the mods to verify…


Today I’ll describe the differences I’ve felt to Utima A & B

It is perhaps worthwhile to mention that I came to the conclusion that A & B are somewhat similar in there scripting but different in there build methods, which was an assumption I made in the beginning of the testing period. Although due to A & B giving alternating effects, I gave it another day for verification.

At first it felt like A was giving me a vibe and aura which was somewhat ‘intense’, my cheeks where clinging onto each other and both internally as externally I could feel and sense a vibe of intenseness of my presence. Now I must say this only occured on the first day of listening to Ultima A, I honestly didn’t notice any of these effects when listening Ultima A a second time, on another day.

Now in day 1 and 2 of listening I couldn’t really tell if Ultima A was still affecting me on the next day where I was running Ultima B, as I was still experiencing the reality shifting consciousness effect, especially after running Ultima B for a second time. So I can only establish that the effects came from B as well, yet it was different, deeper, more pronounced. First time I listened to B it gave me a feeling of focus, but not like concentration, I thought somehow it had to do with limitless like scripting which altered my mind but I didn’t notice any IQ enhancing effects, what I did notice was clear-mindedness, a clear space of mind and almost no thoughts wandering of in the past or future.

So let’s see

Spiritually – on both A & B I’ve noticed an increase in Aura, some sort of presence which surrounds me that makes social conversations flow effortlessly, people tend to like my presence and love to engage in conversations with me. When someone in a group is telling a story they’re very likely to focus there attention span towards me, even thought we’re with a whole group of people.

Mentally – there’s without a doubt something interesting going on here. Referring to both Ultima A & B, while effects do seem to alternate a little I must admit that I experience extreme sense of the now and embodiment on both tracks. My physical senses seem to be elevated and I tend to look at my surroundings quiet a bit more then I did usually; not that my thoughts wander of very often but I tend to be very high all the time and I’m not so much of a grounded person, at least not when I’m in my house as I love to wander of in my consciousness to come up with creative ideas. So ever since listening to Ultima I have been extremely mindful and my attention is mostly invested in my body and on my external reality.

Emotionally – I’m already a very emotionally balanced person and thus it is hard to tell whether I’m feeling any emotional effects, very often I’m feeling at peace or higher. I must admit though, ever since listening to Ultima, somehow music seems to put me into an elevated state. Moreover I’m not noticing any noticeable effects such as bliss or anything like that. Emotionally speaking, I’m just feeling very balanced as always, so nothing new here.

Physically – Definitely something going on here. Muscle twitches and spams all over my body, I’ve noticed these effects both whilst and after listening on both tracks. They do seem to occur in distinct spots on my body; groin or pelvis area, shoulders where joints meet both left and right, arms and legs at different spots. Seems like it has something to do with my muscles or nerves, not sure thought.

Okay so with that said I’d like to make a last comment about an observation that I made on Ultima B only, which was very intense dreams, almost like a deep healing or clearing going on. I didn’t notice any of these effects on Ultima A and I’m listening to B today so I’ll be able to confirm whether it was caused by B tomorrow.

For now, I do not believe there’s much more to say. These we’re the observations that I made, which doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything else going on, I may or may not have been aware of. Either I wasn’t aware of it, or I thought it wasn’t caused by the subliminal’s. Time will tell, as we move through the week things will get clearer by day.