Uber's Redemption Arc

Very good results, congratulations.

You have inspired me to take a look at mind’s eye, perhaps it’s the missing piece in the puzzle that I have yet to solve. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks dude! Yeah Minds Eye is definitely something else. I would also recommend meditation while running it, as the same with Ascension chamber.

Another thing that I get with it is a lot of insights regarding the goals of subs. Take my Primal Ascension custom for example. It very foundational with alpha characteristics. So I envision how I want to change on a core level, and go from there, but I keep it very basic and not outcome dependent.

Another person to ask about Minds Eye would be @Invictus, he’s like the Minds Eye King lol. However as it’s stated, Minds Eye helps with your own unique way of visualization, so take what I tell you and if you decide to run it, make it your own!


So I noticed a result that happened that wasn’t expected but it’s very welcomed. So I noticed my jawline seems a lil bit wider. It wasn’t from fat loss at all either. Definitely have to give this one to Spartan cause I don’t have any physical shifting modules in my custom that pertains to bone structure.

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I can relate to the PMO and No Fap. In my experience, too many people focus on stopping PMO and not on improving their life. It becomes all about counters and trying not to reset them, when what they should be focused on is goals, IMO.

You are definitely not doing that, so I think you are on the right track here. I may have to give the Stop Porn and Masturbation module a try at some point, as these are also areas of improvement for me as well.

Keep on keeping on bro, doing great!

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Good indication of dopamine levels normalizing again, this is great.

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I know exactly what you mean in this regard. In the years that I have tried NoFap, while I have had some good streaks and more bad streaks, I was always doing the same things. Going out drinking, being terrible, with my money, diet, staying up all night playing video games etc. basically not doing a damn thing for myself.

Now this time it’s different, I have been doing a lot more to improve myself and now that new positive habits and thought patterns are setting in, it’s a lot easier now.

The only reason why I added this module is because I am ready to conquer PMO and I have the new habits to truly make it happen, and I finally admitted to myself when I put the module in this custom, on why I failed my previous attempts of NoFap. I lacked conviction, and treated NoFap as a miracle cure.

I guess learning to take action with SubClub taught me the importance of that one haha

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Yeah that’s exactly what I thought too haha. Idk if you’re familiar with NoFap but I have a tendency to go into a “flatline” in the first few days so that was miserable as hell lol I couldn’t even talk to people right.

I am starting to feel better and dude it’s insane on how it affects every aspect of my life. Even watching T.V. shows is awesome again lol not that is what I am only doing but I was watching T.V. as a study break or a way to relax but now I genuinely enjoy it now. Work is awesome again, hell even just talking to people is great again lol

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So big update, I feel like after today I have finally moved on from my ex with actual physical proof.

I was working today and I could have sworn I saw her shopping. My thought was “ Was that my ex?” I was heading on break and grab some food, and ngl I was curious if it was her or not. She doesn’t live anywhere near where I work, to my knowledge at least. I saw her walking down an aisle that led to the break room and so I walked by her and I was still confused lol. Understand that it’s been about 8 months since I ran into her.

I didn’t think anything of it until about 30 mins later when I realized she didn’t have any tats so it wasn’t her. That’s when it finally hit me. When I thought I really saw her, I didn’t get emotional, obsessive, or trying to talk to her at all, it more of lines came from a place of “Wtf is she doing all the way out here?”

That realization made me accept the fact that I no longer harbor hard feelings towards her and that I have moved on.


This is a mind dump post.

Been thinking a lot about how I wanna move forward after school and get my license, on ways on how to grow and add depth to my overall character. Fitness is one thing but lately I have been thinking more and more on building my intelligence as well.

I know I had made a post previously about possibly adding Quantum Limitless in the future. While I do consider myself an intelligent person, I do suffer from lack of focus, and also having no desire to use ADD/ADHD medication, I have been drawn to QL specifically ST1. So far Spartan has also been helping in that department but I know QL could take it much further. While doing this I have also been pulled to start reading a lot more books. Funny thing is that in 8th grade I was reading at a college level but yet I just never read books, of course now I am more mature and understand the value of learning and reading.

Been thinking about a fitness custom for the future as well too. Once I am done with my licensing exam I do intend to take a break from learning for a bit to give my mind a break lol and that won’t be until November. So I have been thinking about a fitness and seduction custom. Either Spartan and Wanted or the new sensation sweeping the nation and Wanted and EmpFit ST3. With my Primal Ascension custom I am becoming more and more comfortable with myself and around women, while also healing in the romance and alpha department. Having realized that when it comes to dating and all that, I do need to eventually quit holding myself back and put myself out there, so I feel a fitness/seduction custom in the near future.

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Even if you may not get it for months from now, go ahead and post what you want to create. Plan now while you have plenty of time to think.

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Yeah and I think putting these thoughts down on a post does help me process my ideas even more.

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So far things seems to be going pretty good, I have had my emotional ups and downs since really starting NoFap Hard Mode how ever the good phases are getting better and better! I really am glad I went with the modules for my PMO addiction. These modules also do well during the periods where your urges come back as well!

Now for the bigger update! So Primal Ascension alongside doing NoFap has led me down a large rabbit hole of my past habits, as well as childhood trauma. Basically I am learning what I used PMO for and ran from

A lot of those issues have been coming back and while they don’t have much hold over me anymore my past pain is still very well present. Now today I woke up with a plan. Whenever I have to figure something out and it’s to difficult of an answer to find sometimes I wake up from a deep sleep saying the answer out loud. Tbh that’s how I decided to go to school, it’s something I have always done since early childhood lol don’t ask me what it is cause I can’t explain it haha

Anyways the answer that I got was Dragon Reborn. Now DR is the reason I joined SubClub, it was the first sub I bought, just never ran until I felt I was ready. It was in the back of my mind since summer but I wanted to wait until I was done with school, but I only have a few weeks left so I’m not too worried about it. So whenever I get an answer I do have to figure the best way to go about and today I also thought about “Why now?”

  1. As I said I am almost done with school

  2. I can already tell I am goin to be in a state of solitude, for awhile Wanna get my bank account back up, pay off some debt, focus on fitness, inner growth etc. Since I won’t be worried about school, it should be easier

  3. I am even more dedicated to becoming a better man

  4. My birthday is 6 months away, I am curious what type of person I can become if I grind out hard for 6 months and focus on some serious healing and growth.

I will continue my Primal Ascension custom since it’s very foundational I feel it would pair well with DR, as well as Spartan, until I make a fitness custom.

All this said, I will be staying off the forum for a good amount of time starting tomorrow night. I wanna focus on my studies, finishing school, passing my state boards, and making my next move in life.

To those that read this. Best of luck on your paths and never stop believing in yourselves, no matter how hard and dark times can be always continue to persevere.


I know I have said I would stay off but since starting Dragon Reborn I seem to have had a breakthrough.


I was pondering a while ago on moving forward with my path and looking back I decided a clean slate is needed in regards to my anger. That led me to forgiveness, this is the first step towards healing from my past.

Forgiving others for actions towards me both warranted and unwarranted as well as forgiving myself. Somethings while unforgivable, most are forgivable.

Forgiving myself for never being strong enough and quitting multiple things in my life. For being lazy, for becoming a heavy drinker and wasting years of my life, letting my health go to shit. Etc.

Other Results

  • More relaxed

  • Action correlating to my Primal Ascension custom and Spartan seems to be easier to do. Minds Eye definitely helps too.

  • Introspection toward healing seems to be optimized.

  • Emotions seem more balanced, while also feeling more of my emotions. Processing them seems easier too

A lesson that I quickly learned, is the appreciation of adversity. Breakthroughs come during the pain and hardship not after the hardship. All the lessons that I am learning and have learned happens during the struggle.This will be a long healing journey but it does look promising.


Wasn’t going to update but changed my mind since I had another breakthrough today. I was sitting in class and I was worrying about finals and what I am going to do after school and what not. Then it hit me in such a subtle yet profound way, I overthink things way too much.

Now usually that is understandable in a few situations but I finally understood that I wasn’t being shown the current moment, I was being shown that I overthink way too much over everything. While I have gotten better with it, at least in terms of being grounded, learning that part of me has had me thinking about a lot of times during my life. I now realize that my overthinking has slowed me down a lot in life because I never took action, instead I just sat there and did what I do best and overthink. Honestly while writing this out I believe it comes from a place of low self esteem (which has gotten better), as well as a need to be a perfectionist. Understanding this I can now identify moments like this and slowly start breaking the cycle.

I consider this a major step forward towards healing and overall development.

I am making this post in regards to NoFap and the module “Stop Porn and Masturbation”.

I gotta say this module is a godsend, it literally makes NoFap so much easier it’s unreal. Now I used to struggle with edging very badly and this module basically eliminated that habit as well.

One point I will mention too, is that this module won’t make you “Flatline” proof. I went through it in the first few days and well it’s sucked. While my mood did start to slowly improve, I felt no joy in a lot of things but I did make an effort to be motivated, and even that was hard. It finally ended after a few weeks and it’s uphill from there.

I am respecting women more, I see women as human beings now, and not just sexual outlets. It’s amazing just being able to casually speak with women like it’s nothing, also in a respectful way too. Tbh looking back it’s very sickening of me, but I am glad I am moving forward.

Also starting to feel joy in the smaller things again. I noticed this the other day, but playing video games was just extremely fun. Now I’m not saying I’m goin to be a hardcore gamer again lol but I do play video games to give myself a break from school and work and plus it’s cheaper than going out haha. Just finding joy again in the small things is just such an amazing feeling and it’s making this phase so much more worth it.


Okay so did a 4 day washout honestly to just take a short break from subs.

So lately I have had a strong desire to run WANTED instead of Spartan and after some thought during my washout I decided to at least give it a shot, and so I did. So far it has been pretty good I noticed after an hour of playing my skin started to get a glow to it and I did appear younger. Appetite went up as well. The nonchalant attitude came in full swing and ngl it feels very natural. Like I just don’t give af about the things I can’t control lol. Yet I was still productive over the things I can control.

I think looking back with the switch is just a huge mindset shift, from the growth in while I wasn’t using WANTED, my current custom, NoFap, and Dragon Reborn. I admitted to myself in the middle of the day is that in the past even though I didn’t want women’s validation, I actually did. That in the end is neediness and it’s not attractive and it’s definitely not behavior of that of a WANTED man. Now that has changed, I am less needy now.

Although that has changed, one thing I have noticed today is a slight desire for romance. Now even though I am doing 90 days NoFap so relationships and sex is off the table for now, I kinda see this as a challenge. I’m learning how to appreciate women’s beauty and acknowledging my sexual attraction towards them without being needy, just being in control, and it went well today!

Other things I have noticed is that people seemed happier to see me, and socially I made people laugh more. I enjoy the personality of WANTED and the social dominance that I get with Primal, I can either be introverted or extroverted whenever I please so having both aspects in a stack is very nice for me. Did have some stares from people of all ages. Oh and even though I was more social with people I knew, if I didn’t know said person I was a man of few words haha.

After some thinking on why I did the switch from Spartan to WANTED was that even though I want to focus on fitness, right now school, my state boards, and goin into a business with my colleague, takes precedence at this point in time. Now could I also focus on fitness? Yes but at the level I am going at with it isn’t crazy enough for me to need a fitness sub at this time, and tbh WANTED did help me with fat loss, strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health. So WANTED is plenty for me and it’s also giving me another avenue of internal growth. Once I get into a position where I can go to the gym consistently then I will use a fitness sub, until then I will just workout at home, and WANTED will help give me the results I want. Or make a WANTED fitness custom before then and just make it a long term sub in my stack but I will cross that bridge when I get there

Now for Dragon Reborn stage 1, honestly this has been very nice so far to play. It’s allowing me to be more introspective while also keeping me grounded and in the moment when necessary. I have had better control over my emotions lately as well. As stated in my previous posts ST1 helped me realize a few of my traits that don’t serve me at all. I seem a lot calmer too and much less anxious.

Oh and with Minds Eye I am manifested an easier, yet more optimized tests for our program and it will benefit all of us :joy: I mainly did it for me but making it easier for all students is a plus.

Also! New listening schedule! I am doing two listening days a week. 1 day on 2 off 1 on 3 off I loop of each sub for 7 mins.I have been wanting to do this for awhile and now I finally remembered to do it!

Minds Eye
Primal Ascension
Dragon Reborn ST1

Okay so it is day 2 of me waking up earlier on a consistent basis. It’s an adjustment to say the least but it will be worth it. Even though I am tired I do find it easier than usual to get moving and get my day started

So I decided to change my experiment schedule a bit. So on Sundays I will do Minds Eye and Dragon Reborn and Tuesdays and Thursdays I will do Minds Eye Primal Ascension Custom, and WANTED. Kinda just followed my gut on that one.

Now for the interesting news…So I listened to Minds Eye and my custom for 7 mins but while I was listening to WANTED a voice in my head told me to go for 15 mins from here on out. I was hesitant at first but I listened to it all. Now I was expecting to just be drained of energy after that but instead:

  • I got explosive energy. Now usually I get tired after listening and after a few hours and/or caffeine intake I am good. This time I felt like I took pre workout

  • Just demolished a workout right after, and had more muscular endurance.

  • Insane confidence instantaneously, a level of confidence I haven’t felt in a very long time.

  • Extreme optimism and positivity

Honestly while I felt great but my overall reaction was “Wtf?’” cause well WANTED at 7 mins causes a lil bit of tiredness for me, but 15 mins gave me super energy . So on that note on Thursday I will do Minds Eye my custom, and WANTED for 15 and see what happens.

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Major Update

So today I took my written final exam and I passed with an 84/100! :smiley: All I have to do now is take a practical exam but I am confident in my abilities so I know I will pass that. I am honestly so happy right now and so proud of myself. Now I still have to put the remaining hours in so I wont officially graduate until October 3rd but I am done with everything else so I can mentally take a break for a bit. That said I take some time off from the forum (for real this time lol) during my mental break. I will still continue to run my stack, which btw went really well today, I did have some anxiety but that was for the test haha, so I will continue with 15mins per sub.

Now this part is goin to be a thank you for SubClub. When I started school I was severely depressed, I had very low self confidence, I was a heavy drinker that didnt care how much he spent, and honestly I didnt care if I was alive or not. While I did very well in school I wasnt doing so well internally, and it finally hit me like a ton of bricks while I was on leave from school that I needed but also wanted to change. Shortly after I found SubClub. Long story short I turned into a man that learned to love life as well as himself. Got a lot of self confidence, and started to believe in himself more and more.

The amount of healing, and growth I have done since January is insane and there was no way in hell I could have done that myself haha. So thank you SubClub, the products that you produce are life changing and in my case life saving.


I wanted to let you know that you should check out a book called “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod - it’s a great motivator (and also a lot of practical steps) in regards to getting up earlier and kicking ass. Doing good bro, keep going.

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