Uber's Redemption Arc

Hello everyone, this is the beginning of my new journal as well as a new phase in my life, and new journal means new stack and a custom! All of this will be geared towards self improvement, foundation, healing, and discovering who I am. Now I am calling this my Redemption Arc, because of the nature of this stack and journal, but also signifying the end of my previous journal “Death of the Boy, Birth of the Man” and the start of a new phase in my life.

My goals for this stack is to instill a strong foundation within myself, and had values, habits, and mindset changes that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I want to Redeem my past, for all the times that I have spent wasting away at a dead end job not bettering myself or having a plan for my future. Always going out drinking, not being responsible or mature for that matter, while I have no regrets for my past, I do want to make up for the time wasted. I am about to graduate school soon and life will truly begin for me, well in my eyes start over with a clean slate. So I want to start now before that happens, so I can be ahead of the game a bit, and deep down I just knew it was time for this phase to begin.


Okay so time to officially kick things off with the Custom and my stack.

Primal Ascension (Will change the name lol)

Ascension: Chose this bad boi here because well I want a clean slate and Ascension is amazing at building a strong foundation that can stand strong for a lifetime. Plenty of internal healing as well which is something that I do need but still able to take plenty of action along the way. Instilling new values that are more inline with a mature man and not that of a child, and also helping me with my masculinity. With this phase coming along Ascension is great to going down the right path.

Primal: This one is here because it hits masculinity from a different angle, at least from my perspective. To me Primal makes you able to utilize and accept your dark side, while using it in a mature way. The internal healing in it is honestly amazing, and like Ascension still able to take action without getting too bogged down in my emotions. Primal will help me utilize and cultivate the dominance that can be used for any aspect of life while keeping it under control. Sometimes you need to bring about a certain type of tenacity to get what you want. I have also noticed that like Ascension, Primal has a way of making people respect and fear (if needed) you, from your aura alone. While I am in a state of solitude and honestly dont desire romance at this point in time, I do have issues with romance and sex, so might as well address now, and primal takes care of all of that.



Went with SPS Muscular and Endocrine system because I do workout quite a bit, im a butcher, and a massage therapist so being strong and having muscular endurance helps out lol. Endocrine is there because while I never got blood work done, living an unhealthy life for years can definitely do some damage to your hormones and if my system is good well now it will just be better!


Sultan: While wealth isnt really a huge focus and Ascension does have a bit in it I wanted to add it in here cause along the way I would like to come up with ways of making some extra cash especially since I will be done with school soon.


Went with Inner Gasoline, Male Enhancement, Prevent Premature Ejaculation, Stop Porn and Masturbation. So I went with these modules here because for the longest time I did PMO and I mean for years. While I have gotten better with it I do slip up from time to time and can have phases where im doing PMO again. I am ready to move on from that and finally heal. Dont get me wrong I believe its perfectly fine to burp the worm once in a while, just not to porn or all the time. Also in my past relationship I did suffer from PE and well it sucks. Looking back I believe there is a correlation to my porn usage and lack of control with my sexual energy and my PE, cause during the relationship when I was practicing NoFap and had other outlets I went from lasting a few minutes to around 30 mins. Male enhancement is in there because well I noticed whenever I was running WANTED, Uber Jr seemed not bigger but full, and PMO has been known to cause issues and I want Uber Jr. to heal lol and if it gets bigger thats dope too :wink: Inner Gasoline to help me transmute and control sexual energy so I control my urges not the other way around.


Productivity unleashed and Carpe Diem: I want to get used to well being productive as I have been lazy for a very long time, and I wanna be happy while I do it haha. Also the extreme positive motivation to get things done can help me appreciate the value of hard work.


Lion IV and Invincible Presence: These 2 here are to help me understand and cultivate my power inner and outer. While also making me calm and nonchalant at the same time.


I.Q. Cognitive Booster: I am still in school and will have to take a lot some extra classes to get other certifications so this will help quite a bit, plus I do intend to run this custom for a while so this will kick in.


Foundation: I was going to put a healing sub in here but decided to go with this one instead. I am a very introspective person and the SubClub products have only amplified that ability but also pushed me to take proper action. However there are times where I become too introspective and start going down some internal rabbit holes haha while it does help there are times where the emotions get the better of me and I lose focus. So a sub that will help with that is a game changer for me, I also believe it will help with taking action since I wont be in my head as much.

Result Enhancers

Deep Sleep: Sleep is absolutely imperative for general health, and honestly execution of subs.

Mosaic: I do intend to stack this custom so this will make the process easier.

Tyrant: Ascension and Primal make a powerful combo in terms of inner power and foundation, as a I grow in internal power this will help bring my inner reality into the physical reality.

Omnidimensional: Manifestation and also seeing things from multiple angles to find the right plan of action faster, so I can take action.

Deus: This will make my custom get stronger over time but also grow along side me as well.


For the other two subs.


So this almost got replaced by limitless, beyond limitless, or QL but decided against those for Spartan. I chose Spartan because while I could benefit from any of the Limitless series Spartan has more use for me in terms of foundation.

  1. The discipline and iron will goes beyond working out, to the point it helps me take action in many aspects of my life. As I grow along this phase, some old habits will die hard and this aspect of Spartan will help me stay on this path.

  2. The focus I get from spartan is insane and also hits in multiple aspects of my life. Work, school, working out, or studying, Spartan keeps me on the task at hand.

  3. Increasing your mental strength as well can make me a lot calmer in very stressful situations, and to keep me going and never giving up

  4. Spartan does make people respect me but not like Emperor or Ascension does. I cant really explain it just yet lol but if I had to give my honest guess. Its like people know I wont break and will get the job done no matter what.

  5. The physical health is also amazing on Spartan, and working on the endocrine, muscles, bones, skin, ligaments, tendons. This is great for me since I am becoming more serious with my health, Spartan will help with getting things in the physical health department started.

  6. When I have ran Spartan in the past I did have a boost with learning as well, while the limitless series could help me more in this field, I am honestly not worried about my state boards and Spartan helps enough while also giving me the benefits listed above too.

I will say I have had the thought that later down the road I would run Quantum Limitless specifically for stage 1 but I am saving that for when I am living a much healthier lifestyle on auto piolet lol but we will see what happens.

Minds Eye

So this has been a very interesting sub for me, cause well its helping me with my natural pre cognition abilites and it is helping me with manifestation, and helping me with finding the best solution via visualization. The biggest one is that it has me talking to myself internally…To explain, with my spiritual/esoteric beliefs, I believe in whats called the “Higher Self or True Self” this without going into crazy details is basically your soul or who you truly are without human conditioning. Minds eye basically rekindled this relationship and honestly the inner growth probably helped too and its been doing me good.

So for the past two weeks I have been fighting an urge to create a custom cause well I wanted to wait until after school was done, then I cave and started to think of a custom, and then resisted again. This went on for a few days haha. Until I finally decided I was going to make a custom haha and it wasnt what I had made at all, lol and I still had weird feelings about what I was making so I took a deep breath, went inward and spoke with my higher self and it went like:

Me: “Okay idk what the hell you want so I give up, just show me/tell me what I should do”

Higher self: “Okay this is what you should do”

Then this all happened within minutes but the whole process just felt right, so yeah this didnt really happen until I started to use Minds Eye. Dont know if anyone else will experience this result because this correlates with my personal beliefs, and ngl I didnt want to post that result because of that but obviously I decided to post it anyways.

So yeah this is my current stack!


Okay so I definitely know the Foundation module has been working just as I expected if not better. While I do have to catch myself when my mind starts wondering, once I do catch it I can generally ground myself again, best part is this only took a few hours after the first loop.

Deep Sleep is AMAZING! So the night before yesterday I slept for about 8.5 hours which was nice but usually whenever I sleep a lot after a few days of very little sleep, 9/10 times I sleep very little the next night. Last night was a different story however, I fell asleep faster than normal and I was out. I woke up 30mins before my alarm and I just feel great, with no grogginess whatsoever.

The PMO modules was in full the throttle cause I had very little sexual urges, and when I did have them I was in complete control. They usually spark up right before bed but not last night :grin:

So yesterday I went to the coffee shop to study and get food and was very busy so it was also very loud in there. I had no issues maintaining focus at all even one of the employees said “Idk how you are able to focus with all this noise.” Lol

No socially I am still in a state of solitude which is fine by me but I did have some awkwardness when speaking. Whenever I would speak with a worker or whatever I noticed I would speak differently, like in a much more professional way. This was very sudden so that’s why it started some awkwardness within me, however I am okay with that though. I’m actually curious to see how deep this is going to go though haha


So today was pretty good at work even though a healing cycle got triggered in me lol. So today at work, the person that I consider my work sister kinda called me out on my shit and ngl I’m glad she did.

So to explain, on what was said is about me and dating. She basically called me out that I just don’t like letting women in or show vulnerability in any way. When I told her about my last relationship she agreed it was fucked up on how it ended and it does explain why I have issues with being vulnerable. That’s basically the gist of it all and tbh she is right, and I even told her that.

Opening up that wound hurt in a good way, almost like a release. I realized my walls have been put up since childhood. Before I go further I will say that I always had a healthy home life and relationship with my parents. With that wound being opened up I finally realized how many opportunities I have missed with friends, or romance, and the only one to blame for that is me. I put the walls up, and now I am going to knock them down.


Really like your custom and the way you broke down each module in relation to what you want to achieve out of each one of them.


Thanks dude! Lol like I said in one of the above posts I literally let my subconscious guide this process so it went very quick. While customs are a very personal product it is good to hear an experienced user’s approval.


Okay so after some heavy thinking about yesterday’s post I have found where some of those tendencies to push others away started to originate. The healing has begun, and I know it is going to take some time to truly heal. A good start for me is sometime down the road I will start casually dating and start getting myself out there.

However as I stated in my previous journal and one of the posts above, I am in a state of solitude and growth. While I can have a social life while I am like this, my focus is on foundation, and to take care of some debt I accumulated during my time in school, but even during this phase I will try my hardest to be open to possibilities as well.

Okay so I will clarify my listening schedule before I really start. I didn’t want to post this but I have been feeling an internal urge to share it for a while now.

No one in this community told me to do this, nor will I suggest anyone to do their own experimental listening schedule . This was a decision I made on my own, and this is the first time and this is the first time even speaking about. Tbh I just listened to my subconscious.

So I basically started to listen to 3 subs per listening day, 3 days a week. Very rarely I will do 4 subs but if I do that is once per cycle (excluding AC) and I’m generally using it as a booster. I tried this in early spring and while I did get results the recon was too much. Few weeks later I went through some major healing and mindset shift and I ended up getting the urge again. I brushed it off as ego and for about 8 weeks the urge was still there, so I gave it a go again and here I am.

As for washouts I just listen to my subconscious. Sometimes after a week or two I get the urge to take an early 3 day washout and I take it, sometimes it’s just 2 days. However after 3 weeks, I take a 3-5 day washout regardless of how I feel.

Idk what makes this time different, maybe it’s minds eye, maybe it’s a maturity thing on taking action now that I have grown. Idk. Ever since I have added minds eye, taking action has just been easier and I have been getting better results despite listening to more.

Not trying to be a show off, and as I said I didn’t want to share this at all, and stopped myself multiple times DM’ing people that listen to crazy listening schedules. However if people are going to follow this journal, they have a right to know my listening schedule.

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Moving forward, despite the emotional pain that got sprung up yesterday, I am taking it like a champ. I understand that it is necessary to become a better person. Due to the growth and this stack I am remaining grounded and pushing onward.

Other Results

  • Taking two weeks off from school besides for these two Saturdays to work, and to study extra at home! Plus between working full time, overtime, and holiday pay, what I make in a month I will make in two weeks plus more.

  • Optimized my school schedule at the same to finish the remainder of my tests these upcoming Saturdays

  • PMO modules are really helping as well at controlling my sexual urges and tbh I have none at this point in time.

  • Deep sleep is giving me some amazing sleep these past few nights. I fall asleep easier, stay asleep, and feel well rested.

  • I am genuinely happier all around, even after listening to my stack I am very happy. Lol I really look forward to my listening days because of this.

  • Coming up with action plans for the day and executing said plans.

  • Controlling my portions when I eat and while I don’t practice intermittent fasting, I do stop eating after a certain time.

  • I am starting to feel healthier too, have more energy

  • I am starting to look better as well. My posture is improving, my hair, and skin is starting to look better as well. While I don’t have any sexifier modules or subs Spartan is making making look healthier which will make you look better.

  • Studying is a lot easier too, and I am remembering more and more.

  • Confidence, urge to take action, and welcoming challenges is increasing.

  • Better control over my emotions and not in my head as much at all. This is making everything so much easier.

This is all after two listens haha can’t wait to see what comes in the future.


As the day progressed I have noticed more results happen

  • Workout was pretty good! Had a good pump, more strength and endurance, better form, optimized rest between sets. Best one is my shoulder injury seemed to have improved! I will progress slowly with this, but today was a promising result.

  • Did a lot of cleaning today at home for my parents, and the busier I got the more I wanted to get more done. This was definitely Carpe Diem

  • At the coffee shop to study and I am taking more in than usual. Also staying on task with a few breaks here and there.

  • Random people staring at me from women, men, and infants.

  • Even though I am very productive I do have an easy time relaxing as well.

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So today was pretty good, I was very low energy in the morning but eh I’m not a morning person, but I’m trying to fix that slowly :joy:

Had a few results pop up after work however!

  • Decided to get a haircut, and change it up a bit and my instincts were right! I look pretty good!

  • Noticed my hair seemed thicker and fuller.

  • Had a coupon for the haircut that goes by dates returned. The sooner you come back the more you get off. I was eligible for $4 off instead of $6 but the manager who I am cool with came over, and gave me the $6 off. She told her worker you didn’t see me do that haha

  • We have a person that recently graduated and she is moving to a different state on Saturday. I was goin to suggest a meet up at a restaurant with a few other classmates as well. Well she texted me earlier saying that they came up with the idea and we are now goin to meet up tomorrow at the restaurant I was goin to suggest anyways. I’m manifesting events that I don’t even put work in now!

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I have also decided to start reading the book called Models, by Mark Manson. I have seen it posted on this forum before but today I have felt pulled to read it.

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Excellent book, great choice. You will like that book a lot. I’d also recommend The Manual by W Anton. The two are kind of different angles of the same coin. What I like about The Manual is that it helps you understand why each sex is attracted to what they are. Very brutal in it’s honesty, but if you’re ready for eyes wide open, I’d highly recommend it.

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Yeah it’s already smacking me in the face with past thought processes haha but I am accepting them as I read along. It’s funny how I made a huge post about my past relationship and the urge to read this book manifests, guess I’m ready for the lessons lol.

Thanks for the book suggestion lol I think I saw that one too on here or while looking up Models haha I think you’re going to be my Self Help Book Guy from here on out

I’ve been called a lot worse :grinning:

In all seriousness though, The Manual really opened my eyes, because before that, I was actively drinking the kool-aid narrative that men were pigs for choosing women’s looks over their character and all that. It all seemed so confusing to me back then; but when I found that book, and he broke everything down into biological reasons, it was a huge paradigm shift.

So rock and roll my friend, but be ready to never see the world the same again - but in a good way.

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Hell yeah brother, I will definitely look into it when I graduate in a month.

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So Models has been a very eye opening experience for me, it goes much deeper than just attracting someone tbh. Even though I have healed through most of the pain in the past in relation to romance, I am now able to look at it from a different more intellectual perspective. I am starting to see how I can also look at the pain and grow as an individual, outside of the scope of romance as well.

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So this is an update for Stop Porn and Masturbation. As some of of you know I have done PMO for years, and the past 4 years I have practiced NoFap. While I have had good streaks, they have all ended in failure obviously. Either by masturbation by itself or by PMO. While my porn usage has gone down dramatically, when I relapse, I relapse hard and have a tendency to binge. It got to a point that I decided I wanted to conquer this vice that has plagued me for a good portion of my life hence why I added Stop Porn and Masturbation. Results so far:

  • Easier to stay focused on task, as in less intrusive hyper sexual thoughts

  • Urges have practically vanished, in the beginning at least and when they do comeback, much easier to manage.

  • Starting to see women as human beings and not sexual outlets. I did get better with this but this module does make it much easier

  • Finding the reasons as to why I got so hooked into Porn to begin with, to better understand myself.

  • Starting to find joy in a lot of things, especially the smaller things in life.

  • Very calm yet powerful energy. As in not jittery, or explosive energy, it’s very controlled.

  • Cultivating my self control

  • Channeling the sexual energy, into more productive activities.

  • Stronger baseline with motivation.

  • Able to find better habits to replace PMO faster as well as integrate said habits. Be aware this module is in my Ascension custom, with Ascension doing that on its own, however it is a lot easier now.

  • The amount of concentration is astounding when you’re not obsessing over sex or pornographic images.

  • Have not edged at all.

Now some things I will mention is that I do have inner gasoline in my custom as well. I put it in there for the following reasons.

  1. Wanted my body to get used to having more sexual energy as well has transmuting it. Which is known to happen naturally practicing NoFap

  2. Now these to modules together don’t make me bulletproof to the side effects of NoFap. To those that are aware of NoFap that basically means the “Flatline” period. Which is basically your brain adjusting to the lower levels of dopamine. However as said, it is a lot easier to manage.

3 I want to reiterate the point that I made earlier about the urges. When they go away and come back that is when I would fail, or continuously edged until I relapsed. When they did come back I have a much easier time controlling them, and not the other way around. My point in this….You still have to put conscious effort in controlling your urges.

Now I’m not goin to start posting crazy NoFap posts all the time as that is not my goal, and to be honest I don’t really care about the die hard NoFap community. I even personally believe that masturbation is healthy when done in **moderation ** for me that number is once a week to once every two weeks, but that’s my opinion, yours might be different. However if I want to get to that point I should be able to master NoFap (90 days as it’s always said) in a way to master an aspect of my self. That correlates to my PMO habit as well as the ability to transmute my energy to more positive means. A man who can master his vices is a very strong type of man and unfortunately a rare breed these days.

Now to those that have considered trying out NoFap and don’t have an issue with PMO, I would just give it a shot with out these modules. To those that have struggled like I have, please take the time to read this thoroughly and see if you could benefit from these modules like I have. I will be clear about this though, You have to be ready to conquer this aspect of yourself, cause if not, even with these modules you will fail. As the saying goes with SubClub, these aren’t magic pills, you still have to put in the work.

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Okay so it’s been a few days but I have had good amount of results to share!

  • Starting to experience joy in the smaller things in life again.

  • Experience joy while being productive! Work, school etc.

  • Had to take two tests on Saturday and on subject I had to teach myself. The day before I envisioned myself passing the test and feeling good about it. Next day I passed with a really high grade, even though I forgot to answer 5 questions :joy:

More control over sexual desires, and transmuting the energy for better purposes.

  • I am more social and my overall vibe is improving! People seem to enjoy my company more and I also enjoy other peoples company more now.

  • Now that I’m not as needy for womens attention I have gotten more stares, smiles, and one has even stopped what she was doing just to speak to me.

  • Overall mood improvement! I have been a much happier person in general and it is affecting multiple aspects of my life in a very positive way.