Turn me into my dream character thread


As mentioned in another thread, I think it’s a good idea to start a “Turn me into my dream character” thread since we have all sorts of modules available in the Q-Store to create the best custom subliminal to turn one into his dream character…or at least have his/her traits.

As the Tony Stark archetype has been mentioned countless times in this forum I believe that there are many other characters, fictional or non-fictional, that we would like to model.

This will be a fun thread, where you can call out your dream character, and everybody else can provide suggestions on how you can model the character from the Q-Store.

Let’s say I want to model myself after @SaintSovereign . We can all chip in to discuss what modules one can use in the Q-Store to create the next @SaintSovereign.


I think there was a Super Solider (Captain America) character that people wanted to create a while ago, I’d love to see a custom for this.

Any other characters people would be interested in seeing and we can all contribute to making some pre-made subs that people can add their own flavour to to suit them and help people out?

I feel like we all aspire to be like someone but still ourselves at the same time.

Love this idea of a thread.


What if it was a villain like Kingpin?


Well, no one’s stopping you if you wish to model yourself after Palpatine or Voldemort.


I would rather stick with Kingpin. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hank Moody


Here’s a list of some highly modeled male characters:

Tony Stark
Bruce Wayne
Captain America
Thomas Crown
Jay Gatsby
Hank Moody

James Bond
Captain Jack Sparrow
Tyler Durden
Danny Ocean
Don Draper
Harvey Specter
Lucifer Morningstar
Don Juan DeMarco
Maverick (Top Gun)
Jason Bourne

Ethan Hunt
Han Solo
The Godfather
Captain Kirk
Jack Burton
Harry Callahan
The Man With No Name (Clint Eastwood)
The Dude (Big Lebowski)

*To Be Updated :wink:

This list deliberately doesn’t contain real people – Gates, Branson, Trump, Buffett, Musk, Jobs, et al.
It also doesn’t contain Anime, Videogames, or GoT characters, because of my lack of knowledge. :smile:


I knew your list of people wouldn’t disappoint. I’m always here for your replies.

I’m intrigued to see people’s ideas of customs for these characters. This is going to be a fun thread.


Since this is a fun thread, I think you could have listed down the villians. Who knows, some people may feel more comfortable with villian archetypes.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld
The Joker
Darth Vader
Hannibal Lecter


Ohhhh The Joker is an interesting build type. Same as Voldermort. Magneto too. Jheezus there’s a bunch of character builds. This makes me a little too excited to see made.


Being like @SaintSovereign + @Fire would be cool. Would create my own subliminals :grin:


Definitely need to use Emperor Fitness if you want to be like Fire, and include QL.


Oh yes. I heard he is built like a beast and writes a lot of the Subclub scripts

Fanboi moment:


Exactly why I chose those two cores haha. I’d be up for a Fire custom since in into fitness and would love to be super smart so I can actually process and understand what the heck you guys on here say because some of the words you guys use to describe things I like…am I stupid? :sweat_smile:

What further modules/cores in Fires?

What about a Saint custom? What would that consist of?


I think SaintSovereign would have Ultimate Writer module for writing and Index Gate module for programming. Also Beyond Limitless Ultima since he did mention that


We can follow Saint’s pretty easily since he tells us which subs he uses through his journal.

Blue Skies for sure, Ultimate Writer, Index Gate (good one!), BLU-E (the new one I’d assume as he mentioned he had been working/writing for 14 hours or so).

What else?

I’d probably say some wealth stuff for both as Saint mentioned something about it to break his wealth ceiling a while ago.

These are of interest to me actually as these guys are incredible.


I would also think:

Sacred Words (persuasion in writing)
Leader of Men (ofcourse)
Alpha of Alpha (to handle all the alphas over here in the forum cause remember we all alphas here :grin:)


Oh yes Sacred Words for sure! That’s in my new stack which I’m excited to try out! Definitely leader of men and Alpha of Alpha, how could I forget those?

Anything else to emulate him? I feel like maybe Stark too since they’re both so popular.


One up for Harvey Spector. + Francis Underwood without the killing


Roger Stone :thinking: