Trying out the hottest new Club - the Subliminal Club


Hi I’m Dilettante. I came from another subliminal forum. I’m not sure if i can mention the name of your competitor here so I’ll leave that blank to be figured out by others.

I’m trying Subliminal Club thanks to another poster in the other forum; he had a website which had an honest critique of the other subliminal company’s experimental sexual aura product so I hopped on the SubClub per his article’s urging.

Not sure if a former poster in the other forum started SubClub (i suspect it is) but congrats to the makers of SubClub for providing a reasonably priced alternative to the subliminal community at large.

I’m going with a stack thats reasonable for me so I’ll probably make a journal later

Beyond Limitless x2
Mogul x3
Sex&Seduction x3
Beyond Limitless x2

I think these are achievable and i look forward to reporting back in 3 to 6 months time.


Welcome to Subliminal Club! This is an interesting stack. I’m looking forward to seeing your results with it. Keep in mind that our subs work a bit differently than ones you’ve probably run before. The best way to see results is setting a definitive goal for the sub (for example, with Mogul, starting an eCommerce store) and observing the difference between your baseline response levels and how you respond to things while on the subliminal.



Welcome aboard !. Whats cool about subclub is that its run by two extremely talented gentlemen
Who listen to customer needs and create affordable solutions.