Tribe of Mentors Journal


I had this idea of creating a post after i bought a book that basically inspired me to do the same.
The implication of this Journal is to gather not only Mentors ( You all and me) and help each other out in any area we have difficulties with.

I will start by adding mourning Routines that will not only change your life, your chemistry but also the way you go about during the day, mood and productivity. I dont know how we can gather all this great info we might get, but we will see.

Also feel free to add any info on the subliminals of subliminalclub that might help us doing the tasks.

Feel free to add topics and help members out who reach to you. :muscle::muscle::facepunch:


Hey @Elme great idea for a topic! I will surely follow and add along with this one :slight_smile:

As a side note, I think this would be more appropriate in the “Emperor’s Lounge” category instead of journals


Sorry for not updating topics, been busy but lets go.

######## MORNING ROUTINES ########

  • wake up and prepare a lemon juice with honey , helps your internal organs to work correctly if you drink water 30mimutes after you wake up, also the lemon juice kills free radical, keeps cancer cells death and when arrives at the stomach makes your body alcaline… honey improves your imune system, tons of good health effects.
  • Breathing exercises like pranayama or whim hof method, fueling your body with oxigen properly keeps your cells at full health and healthy, regenerates older cells instead of building new ones, ingesting prana makes you stay younger and healthy, it also has tons of good effects on your moods, thoughts and actions.
  • meditation minimum for 30 minutes following your breathing
  • keep meat ingestion to 2 times a week at fuel your body with fish, eggs and vegetables.
  • do daily exercise, running minimum 3 times a will keep your brain healthy and remove toxins from your body.


Have you tried the breathing exercise presented by Dr. Joe Dispenza? It’s in his book “Becoming Supernatural”.

If didn’t yet, try it! Mindblowing stuff.


In the morning I make a drink with lemon juice, tumeric, cinnamon, honey, apple cider vinegar and hot water. It’s the best of the best when it comes down to healing your body.


Every morning I do the same things:

  1. Head downstairs to brew coffee
  2. While coffee’s brewing, go to the bathroom to pee and brush teeth.
  3. By the time I’m done, coffee’s hot and ready.
  4. While reading the morning news, I’m sipping my coffee.


Thank you i will try it for sure. Breathing / Prana is essential to the body