Transforming Yourself Model - Steve Andreas


Doing research on this and working to see how useful it might be.

Transforming Your Self: Becoming Who You Want to Be






Are you familiar with this model @Dmitry?


I am working on adding some NLP processes to my daily practice of listening to two Superchargers, doing Wim Hof breathing and microcosmic orbit, and carrying out various magickal rituals. Also implementing tdcs, light and sound and ces.

I have pretty much reduced my time watching television and pointless youtube videos to zero. I continue to watch youtube videos that help me learn things that are related to my goals.


Can you help explain what TDCS and CES are? Also what is Microcosmic Orbit? Thank you for your time.


I made a thread here on TDCS. Look at that and all will be revealed.

CES is cranial electro stim.

The Microcosmic Orbit is from qigong.


Wondering if you are familiar with Michael Winn’s Primordial Qigong? A guy who labels himself a spiritual counselor recommended it at my gym, and I’ve been doing it since September, but I wonder how other more experienced QiGong practitioners recommend? I also have a little bit of experience with Bruce Frantzis’ Dragon and Tiger and Qigong but didn’t notice much benefit.


I am familiar with Winn but not his protocol. I have read a bit of Frantzis.

I am most familar with Glenn Morris and Gary Clyman.

Path Notes of an American Ninja Master, despite the dumb title, is a great book.


Path Notes of an American Ninja Master


01-30-19 @ 8:35 PM;
I’m very familiar with Win Hof’s methods, just in the first three days on level one and I was able to hold my breath for almost 3 minutes straight without any struggles.


This is Self-Concept model, right? Yes, tried it. Found to be a not that simple for ordinary people (including me) but ideas are great and can be implemented using other techniques and methods. But as Model itself - brilliant.


Yes, it is.


I am delving into this model and really working to determine my core values. I am figuring this will help my work with the subs, too.

Still early but this is becoming a main development tool in the time I spend at night for study, analysis, writing, hypnosis, superchargers and meditation.