Transformation of Sol

Hello folks!

This is my journal I’m running Khan Total Breakdown.

13 March 2023,

First 3 min loop, instantly noticed the following effects … deeper focus, increased concentration, onset of a profound calmness, desire to journal and be more productive. A shift in attitude and desires, pondering over the goals of life such as what I like to achieve, and how to achieve it, a burning fire that brings passion and joy to all that I do.

Interesting addendum, I began noticing the effects of this subliminal program from the moment I consciously decided to act upon it, as in I made the decision to run this program and envisioned to set a few minutes apart later in the day to actually listen to it.

Soon after the program began showcasing it’s effects.

The radical change that has just occurred within only two hours actually scares me to death.

I ran 3 mins?

My entire vibe has sexual undertones lol.

There is a lot to document here. After several years of deep contemplation and introspection I’ve been gifted with an incredible awareness that does not leave anything unseen.

Dreams really do come true, don’t they? ~ Michael Jackson.

More to come soon, I have only touched upon a few things so far; there are also a lot of flirting and dating effects that became visible when interacting with a few women to my liking.

15 March 2023,

Two days later I feel like a dissolution of aspects of my identity, quite a broad effect I must say.

Also have been feeling some tiredness, a bit of stress and reconciliation but mild and easily navigated, for the most part feeling the calmness of a lion in his native territory.

Very grounded.


Does anyone know if I can just stick with the 3 mins every 3 days or so or until I feel comfortable to do more?

I read somewhere here that is what people tend to do?

I prefer the changes to go slow and steady not too much turbulence my inner-peace and harmony will always be of the highest importance. I learned from a young age that balance in all things is key to success in life and never to offset this balance too much or to be met with damnation.

So that’s what I do.

Self-mastery is important to me. A man who does not master himself will never master his life, nor steer himself towards his desired destination. The winds of life will blow him left and right and never where he wishes to be.

So that’s just a short introduction I will be posting some updates in the future.

If anyone would be able to answer my question I would be grateful!

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Yes, you can stick to 3 minutes every 3 days. That’s not an issue.

Also, can you please move this thread to the journals section. (Or can someone else move it please?)

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Thank you and lol how do I move it?

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Gotcha @Oshii

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Little bit of wealth

Little bit of that and that

Little bit of freedom

Little bit of wisdom and insight

Little bit of love and pleasure

Little bit of joy and abundance

Little bit of glory

And lot’s of virtue!!!

And a pinch of D . . . . . . .

Can’t change the title of this forum thread why is that?

Renaissance Man, Chosen, Khan and Revelations of Spirit?

What else does a sorcerer need :innocent:

I do not source that sourcery from the source!!!

How to start that New Renaissance with some grace and with some BOOM from Khan, and with some virtue from Chosen and with some pride knowing that you have made it without being deluded by the falsities of that end time madness!!!

And become the renaissance man or king?:fire::hugs::ok_hand:

French revolution? This won’t be the french one that’s for sure!!! Far bigger far greater!!!


How about a new module!!!

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Which fall under the Sexual Spiritual practises that underlie all Spiritual traditions, in fact without sexuality, there would not be a Creation, this sexual center must be developed and to the highest degrees for success in life, business, attraction, it’s your personal magnetic center that draws people towards you and grands you the deepest interpersonal connections with the people around you, on an intimate and personal level. 

With some additional scripting support sexual transmutation into the higher forces, predominantly Spiritual (peace & calm) and Divine LOVE! 

Without this center no significant power can be generated in the body for developing the higher forces, this is the center from which all life sprung and wherefrom all life must be generated. It is the life force center, it is the generator of life in your body, it is the center from which you came.

It is the energy you will need to create a beautiful life, the force that will give you endless desire and passion to accomplish your goals, it will rise up into the Heart and becoming a Burning Fire that will burn away all your sorrows. Digestion here is of the essence, proper digestion of the foods required to produce the digestive heat...

The sacral heat, the warmth in the Heart when that power is transformed into something more pure and less animalistic!

But it should never be forsaken by someone on the Spiritual path, because without it no Spirituality can ever be accomplished. This force is the essence of Spirituality, the snake that lies dormant at the spine, the snake which must be unleashed and coils through the inner portals (energy centers) that provide them with LIFE! 

It is your LIFE FORCE CENTER! (Sacral)

It is the most important center to generate additional life and those who have developed to a high degree become true magnets, drawing people towards them.

Qualities of persuasiveness, attractiveness, joy, zest for life are all natural byproducts of having this center sufficiently developed! 

Essentially, if you have this center developed to high degrees you will always be sustained energetically in any of your other centers if you learn the art of energetic transmutation.



Hello what words are not allowed?

Will be back in a good time to tell of more tales

But for now, will have to go through some transformations the world would deem impossible

Adios and take care, I wish the best to all who participate in journey of the Spirit!!!