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And who wouldn’t want that… right? :grin:

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More wild ideas shenanigans :v: :grin:

Q-modules: Quantum Neural Network -series

Imagine if you could outsource part of your mind’s information processing and storage to an external non-physical personal “server”, bypassing all physical limitations of your Neo-cortex and memory retention?

Imagine if you could imprint your etheric body with a neural network of your own creation, and make it an extension of your own biological neural network - giving you access to a personal and infinitely scalable “Quantum Neural Network” remote server for information processing, storage, and recall?

What if you could increase your own computational raw power, your memory, information retention, and recall - beyond all physical limitations?

What if you could start to expand your mind decades before the first actual mind-enhancing implants are created? (if there ever will be any!)

  • QNN Neo-Cortex - Like adding an external CPU and RAM for your brain to use for faster working memory and information processing. Only this one is not limited to the physical brain, but makes use of your etheric and spiritual body instead.

  • QNN Memory and Information Recall - Imagine if your mind could store information and memories in your etheric body, just the same as it would commit to saving long-term memory in the brain? And imagine if your Recall were instant and with near absolute accuracy?

  • QNN Information Sharing - What if you could share information and memories with other users with a personal Quantum Neural Network?
    Perfect for those who want a deeper personal intuitive connection with someone. (or for those with Hive-mind aspirations! :wink: )

I’m sure there is more stuff to explore here, but these are just some wild ideas that came up.

I imagine it would be an overlap between cognitive enhancement and spiritual titles, as it would (the way I imagine it) make use of one’s ‘spiritual’ body as the ‘hardware’ and information carrier for cognitive enhancement.

And as I mentioned, this is obviously just a concept and a wild idea, but it’s an interesting wild idea and I really would like to try it… If only just to see if it could indeed work…

Ping @Invictus for hive-mind aspirations :wink:


Sounds like a mix of telepathy + Akashic records access + mind’s eye’s eidetic memory.

Seems like a wild idea, till you realize that you could get a very close replica of this with RoM :eyes:

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Elon Musk will hire you.

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Haha. My aspiration is that I will be the one doing the hiring :wink:

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I feel like these older pre order stack modules should either be upgraded to new “stack” titles or Q modules

And the Covid Aegis should be upgraded to ZP v2


Vote here and now for this module!

Lust for life is waiting for you :wink:


Hello what words would not be allowed here?

See here what the module entails and if you wish to see it come to fruition be sure to upvote the module straight to the stars!!!.. and beyond! :dizzy:

Thank you for your time and effort!

Virtues embodiment, a module that develops within your character the Seven holy virtues, one for each energy centers, with a touch of holiness to it that is felt by all who come in contact with you.

Can probably be partially taken from Chosen.



This would be one of the most important modules for always keeping you strictly within the divine, never being dumb enough to think you can do harm to others without recompensation, and it should also naturally keep YOU from harm’s way…

Should constantly keep you feeling pure, holy, and divine.

This will also bring you in contact with divine beings of like nature for the virtues themselves are said beings, in a different world/dimension.

Always protected!!!

@Fire please this module would help so much!!!

It’s also the the secret of the septagon


Happy new year!!! :grin::grin::grin:


I’ll likely post a proper submission on the Roadmap soon but here’s a draft of a Q Module that I’d like to see on the store.

:grinning: Perfect Gums and Teeth

Two components:-

  1. Heal, grow and reshape (receding) gums. Helpful for those who have periodontal disease and/or those who wish to have healthier, more attractive gums.
  2. Heal, remineralize and repair teeth alongside physically changing the symmetry of the teeth in mouth.

Pair with Enchanting Smile to develop both healthy gums and teeth alongside a physically attractive smile.

Any suggestions before I add this to the Roadmap?

I wanted to add this since I’ve noticed my gums have been receding faster than I’d like and I’m worried of losing my teeth young. Also noticed there’s a lack of modules targeting the mouth area specifically - which I think is a fairly underrated part of the body since it’s part of the face. I might send a submission for a Lips and Tongue module separately later too.

@Lion any suggestions?


Excellent idea. Will upvote it.


It’s already on the list, but not really developed yet:


@Beowulf - have added your points as a comment to the request @Mithras has mentioned in the previous post. With due credit of course.


Greatly appreciate it, thanks! :+1:


QL STAGE 1 without the healing. Just the nervous system /brain restoration. Super underrated core but sometimes that healing can be harsh af


How about a Quantum Reality Q-Module.

This module would focus on helping individuals shift their perception of reality from a traditional Newtonian perspective to a more quantum perspective, where everything is seen as energy and vibration.

By shifting one’s perception of reality to a more quantum perspective, individuals may experience greater awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness of things, as well as a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life.

This module could be particularly valuable for individuals who are interested in quantum physics or anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the nature of reality.

This Module could help individuals tap into a whole new level of consciousness and understanding. :thinking:


Revelation of mind
Awakened perception
Wheel of Creation

Can all do that in their own ways.


:eyes: very nice. I will look into those for my custom.

Fluid Workflow
Finding, learning, creating the right tools, hotkeys, menus, shortcuts, macros, and whatnot to blaze through digital work. Be it 2d/3d art, programming, trading, system administration or other stuffs.

Do the most big important things first before diving into in tiny details to make it "perfect"er.

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Is Victory calls modules inspired by this?

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