Q Modules Requests


Put your requests for Q Modules here. Remember that requesting for a module(s) is not a guarantee that it will be made by SubClub. Take it as recommendations that @SaintSovereign and @Fire will consider now and/or later.


My personal requests are:

  • Perfect Eyesight (which heals every part of the eye including regaining lost rod and cone cells)
  • Perfect Health
  • Desired Height
  • Desired Male Enhancement


haha this is exactly what I wanted to request

+1 on this


Dreams - lucidity and vivid dream recollection.

  • Thick hair
  • Straight hair
  • Sharp, angular jawline (with all the supporting features, such as developed cheek muscles)
  • Symmetrical face
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Perfect nose
  • Clear, perfect skin (no scars!)
  • Thick facial hair
  • No fat below chin
  • Optimized T
  • Optimized HGH
  • Perfect sleep

Another point for Lucid Dreaming X!


Overcome porn addiction or any addiction
Will add to this later


Blue Skies :slightly_smiling_face:


@friday - I need this like yesterday :grin:


@bujin - haha. Dude, you are so persistent on the Blue Skies.


@SubliminalUser - Woah. Now that’s a nice long list.


@Grimm1390 - ah. This would be a hit. So many of us need this thanks to easy internet porn. And many in the future will need it even more. If they make this, it would be helpful to have something for PIED (Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction) too.


Immortality :joy:


@xanderson83 - LOL. Amen


+1 to dreams already mentioned.

Also I think a neat thing that could also accelerate healing is somehow targeting the Heart-brain. Gregg Braden gets into this in his YT channel and research shows a lot of emotional trauma is stored in the neurons surrounding the heart and it is communicating with your brain all the time. It’s also important for intuition, so generally better syncing with heart-brain and healing in that area.


Theres alot of people who have some sort of fapping problem/ porn issue but dont want to admit it because of shame. I dont doubt we are the only ones on here who who would love a nofap sublimnal


Devils Luck- abnormally lucky at any and everything. Right place right time- being at the right place for success. Right Action- always perform the right actions even if you don’t know what to do. Comedy Mastery- self explanatory. Friends in High Places- attract people who’re highly connected and like you. Griffith- be seen as a god amongst men and women. Frieza- mastery of martial arts that take years to master into months. Quick Money- ensures you always have money no matter what. Something for Nothing- succeed without trying and everything always works out for you. Gold digger- unisex module that has the sex(s) of your choosing give you money, gifts and support. Resources- helps you get the things you need to thrive and/or live easily and quickly. Home Alone- helps you get a home of your own quickly and easily. I dunno I’m just coming up with ideas.


Desired Male Enhancement
or better yet a sub that is a male equivalent to seductress that also included
perfect health, healing/physical regeneration, masculinity, potency, vitality etc…
confidence, desirability, male enhancement, hair (on head) regrowth or thickening, jawline etc…


This too is much needed as well.


Neat idea, @Fractal


@Pwnie21 - Griffith? A fellow Berserk fan! Ah, I see that you are a man of culture as well.