Transcending Mediocrity - Ascended Mogul Logbook


Day 22

I thought about my “PS:IT-Experiment”. I think the problem why it doesnt work is because I’m expecting it too much, so my subconscious Yoda-guru shuts down and says “Nope you get.”.


Day 23

Confirmed the ultrasonic-experiment. Had AM Ultrasonic played on the lowest level possible and had some quite interesting dreams. May be a coincidence, but I think it’s a good hint.


Day 24 - Conclusion and Outlook

Ok, let’s end the testing phase for now and come to an conclusion.
While AM hasnt helped me to manifest a six-figure income and a bunch of hot girls, it definitely worked as a sort of first step.
Here is a short overview of the effects I noticed:

  • Easier to tackle procrastination
  • Easier to end anxiety and self-doubt (Especially the anxiety-effects are huge)
  • Motivation to spend my time wisely
  • Helps me to stand up for myself

So I think the first point is the most important here. Usually when I had a bad day, I’d let it pass and wait for the next day to start over again. Now I say: “Ok, maybe it isnt the best day but let’s get this done or just do a bit of it, before you waste the day.” And in most cases I do it.
It’s still more a problem of my lifestyle, but it helps not to waste a day. It’s like a net, catching you so you can climb the latter up again and dont have to crash on the earth to wait for the next turn.

What I want to try next is, well what other sub could it be, Emperor. You saw me crying about it a few times and I think I have built a solid foundation for it to work better. We’ll see.

So lets recapture what my goals were with this sub and where it helped me:

Primary objectives:

  • End procrastination (Not completely, but a very good starting point. I guess it would end it completely if I’d continue listen for a longer period of time)
  • Build financial independence (in form of wealth generating actions) before winter (Nope, but on my way)
  • Get more done (Got more done)
  • Own Apartment before winter (Nope, but we still got time)

Secondary objectives:

  • Have a more active social life (Measurements: Having more friends I hang around with, more people who are interested starting a business with me, having the courage to use a dating app to meet a girl (There’s something really deep behind this, trust me) (None of it, but I think it’s because of the stage Im in right now)
  • Get to learn more stuff and pass the exams in September with ease (I bought Limitless afterwards and I definitely noticed an increase in learning capability. We’ll see how exams will go)
  • Have more people liking and approaching me (Nope)
  • Be less frustrated when things dont turn out as planned (This is something I found quite interesting. There were times where I was so close to closing a deal and last minute it didnt turn out, but I dont care as much as before. I just move on)

So, all in all a pretty good start. My plan is to continue with Emperor and then move on to GOLD.
Alright, thanks for reading and commenting, Ill start a new logbook for Emperor and thanks again for the opportunity to test it out!

Edit: I have realised that the anxiety-part is a huge one especially if you are a person that lived in fear most of their life. Im not saying this part has completely changed, as Ive dealt with fear a lot already and know what to do about it, but I definitely noticed that this sub made the anxiety… milder, let’s say.
I’m also thinking that Emperor will probably suit me because of the social aspect. Now, look at me, I dont have a social life (yet). I have no idea how it will be with Emperor but it is such a pain in the ass to care and worry about everything. You start working on your business and then suddenly you feel lonely and want to improve your social life. Then you do that and then you want the business-side more. In between you also notice your diet and fitness is lacking optimisation.
So… I think it’s a very important skill to learn to focus on 1 or 2 main goals at a time and stick with them.


Why not continue for a bit longer?


Well, remember, Im a crazy impatient … .
The thing is, now I got a better understand of how the subs work. Before I thought AM and Emperor are the same because the description sounded very similar. Hm…
So I think Ill continue with AM for the rest of the month probably and then move on.
Ill post if something significant happens.


Or what would you suggest for long should one listen before moving on?


Well, I happen to be very bad at listening to my intuition. So I would possibly give bad advice. But generally, I’d say you stop when changes stop happening. That means the sub has done all it can.

Or, if you’re impatient you do it like microwave popcorn. As soon as the time between changes is getting too long, you can turn it off.

For now, finish up the month. If you want Emperor, start running it on the 1st or 2nd of September. You could go the last weekend of the month without subs to clear your state a bit.


Good advice, thank you.

PS: I have just edited my conclusion post, if anyone wants to read it.


Day 27

Been playing AM overnight the past days, and I think its a good method.
Nonetheless, I experienced tinnitus about half an hour ago and now Im thinking about the cause and what to do. I have 2 theories:

  1. Its because of the ultrasonics. Maybe my ears havent recovered enough or they have been played too loud (which would be strange because I almost make sure to play them on the lowest volume possible)
  2. Which is more likely is that it is some sort of a relief from my ear. Now you got to know that I am dealing with sore ears and and a sore threat since 2 years now and its gotten better and the last couple of days I have taken some steps to recover my throat (center). So it is possible that it is some sort of discharge of all the stress that has been accumulated there.

Apart from that, I think AM is a really good sub if I want to take action and get things done.


I decided to comment on your journal since I have also been using Ascended Mogul for about a month, but I havent started a journal yet myself.

The part where you mentioned it was “all getting more…real” is what resonates with me the most. I had done a few wealth subliminals in the past without much luck. I found I kind of wanted a fantasy of being magically rich without changing my habits. Now, I have had a lot more self control over frivolous spending lately, and that is what is actually inspiring the most confidence in any future endeavors.

Are you still using AM?


No. But it is very beneficial when I want to get work done, I noticed. It pushes me to take action.
Emperor has a build-up that is way more slower in this regard, but is better longterm probably.