Transcendence: Tales of Resurrection


Transcendence v2

Ascension Chamber Core
Khronos Key
Formless Clarity
Ardent Light
Intuition Enhancer
Deep State
The Single Point
Wheel of Creation
Void of Creation
Depths of Love
Awakened Perception
The Merger of Worlds
Plateau Transcendent
Blue Skies

Solace format

Apex Paragon

Paragon Complete Core
Legacy of the Spartan Core
Harmonic Singularity
Health Codex
The Aligner
APS: Torso
APS: Arms
A/SPS: Organs
SPS: Endocrine System
SPS: Renal System
SPS: Nervous System
SPS: Muscular System
SPS: Integumentary System
SPS: Fat Burn
SPS: Lymphatic System
SPS: Immune System
SPS: Cardiovascular System
SPS: Digestive System
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator

Legacy Mask

Wanted black


How goes it, Master Composer?


its going well! about 6 months ago i moved to a new country to start a new job in the city. Very glad to be on my own and out of the parents house. I’ve been doing a bunch of journaling offline but I’ve been having some great results so I just needed to share :slight_smile:


Bruh. Journey well!

Look forward to reading about some of your experiences.


Started listening to apex paragon June 30th
and just started the transcendence v2 experience August 10th (8 days ago)

Things i’ve noticed with Apex Paragon:
pros: overall just a healthier body (no surprise). I’ve been taking supplements more consistently. On days when i can, I take advantage of the free gym membership. And motivation for exercise, lifting weights. it’s all self motivation, nothing external beside having a healthy body and feeling good. Since I’ve used the fat burn module before, i know its working when i just randomly smell like BO/sweaty for no reason. I’ve also noticed the posture improving with “The Aligner” module.
when i listen to it, about 1-2 hours later, it can really nock me out. Kinda like the OG Dreams sub would make you feel right before bed. so i’ve been careful not to use it on busy work days if i can help it.

and in general i’ve been using the 30 sec to 3 minutes MAX for everything I listen to.

transcendence v2 is really something special. i can feel it. the original transcendence i had was this…


Immortal’s Blade

Energetic Development XI

Harmonie Singularity


Awakened Perception

khranos Key



Formless Clarity

Ardent Light

Inner Blaze

Mystic Osmosis

Intuition Enhancer


Elemental Opus

Deep State



The Flow

Gratitude Embodiment

and that had the main goal of being more present in the moment. khranos Key, Everpresent, and EGO ADSUM are powerful. like it actually changes how i think of things. like your memories are just intuition and images etc. I’ll post about transcendence v1 later.
but i’ve only listened to 2 session of 30 seconds about a week apart. the days after, i’ve notice i just start seeing these divine images in my minds eye while meditating. like its straight from heaven with such divine beings. and with the help of AsCh, when i want to do something in meditation, I can just do it with intention. in the past, i would sometimes ‘battle’ with myself if that makes sense. but not anymore.

yeah this post is getting long but i’ll update more in the next few days. I don’t want to post on here everyday, maybe once a week for a summary.


in the tantric perspective, the human body has gross and subtle forms, which are ultimately one and the same but of which the latter represents a more foundational level of reality. This subtle body is also considered to constitute a microcosm of the universe, and it is thus through the body that the individual is able to reunite with his or her own inherent transcendent energy. It is to this that we now turn.

Guinness, Loel. Rainbow Body (p. 84). Serindia Publications . Kindle Edition.

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a few experiences to share

  • two days ago had some heavy recon. like anger. i find my recon is almost always triggered by someone else and how they have what i want. Like friends, girlfriends, laughing and social skills. Like one of my roommates (girl) brought over a guy at 1am and they were like making out on the couch right outside of my bedroom. couldn’t go back to sleep for another hour. then that carried over to the next day (drowsiness) and also angry at myself i guess that i don’t have a girlfriend. but at times i forget how being single is in a few ways a blessing.

oh and i’ve also been listening to wanted black for a few weeks.

yesterday i had this amazing ego death experience at work. it was like i finally relaxed a tight muscle that had been cramping my entire life. then later i felt compassion for everyone around me because they are still in there ego.

the meditation need to be more frequent. I keep putting them off then i’m too tired at the end of the day to do anything long. There are 2 basic types of meditation I do essentially. one is “cleaning” like chakra balancing, prana tube breathing, alternate nostril breathing, and unity breath. the second is CFTH or at least practicing. I got an app on my phone to help see how much / when i do CFTH because that is important to be consistent at .

i got my Great dream journal to record all my great dreams. because anything above a level 3 dream is worth remembering and saving.

  • had a dream where i was given a tip on CFTH

  • a few days ago i was doing some alternate nostril breathing and there was a bout a 5 second period where i had ZERO thoughts. like my mind was as clear as air. no background music or anything. so i’m re evaluating alternate nostril breathing and going to do it more even though its such a basic practice. I think Ram Dass gave a story where someone became enlightened just by alternate nostril breathing

  • rainbow body book is super dope. its very much inthe direction of the 18th breath from drunvalo and teaches how to have the body disappear and go into the 4th dimension. still just on the first few chapters

  • there is this one girl (the only girl) at work. and on days i listen to wanted black she is much more interested in my. she even once asked if i would walk home with her and before then she would just disappear without even saying anything. but she lives a boyfriend who plays video games for a living. and she’s not even my first choice but shes the only attractive girl I see everyday and talk to.

  • also my eyes have a ton of light coming from them. i noticed this in the original wanted but its more now. like looking into the night sky via my puples. everyone has more eye contact with me. some one them I don’t really care for (like the male co workers who are 45 etc). Like we can just have a normal conversation and not a soul connection haha.

  • divine images have stopped or lessened for a bit. prob because I haven’t been meditating as much as i want to. I basically have exactly 3 times during the week to meditate. 1 when i first wake up (7-8), 2 at lunch break and 3 when i get home from work like 7 to 9. I just need to shut up and DO IT.

  • about 95% done with my audio recording of my imagery exercises. this is a big deal. once done i can start another book.

  • aug 14th i had a meditation when i was staring at the sun, then i realized "hey staring at the sun isn’t good for your eyes!, then i realized i was in meditation and took off my eye mask. I take this as a good start.


I am curious about this could you tell about this in some detail?

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They only have happened a few times but usually after I do the unity breath mediation they just appear in my minds eye. I think I had my eye mask on to block out the light and see better.
The images themselves appear for a few seconds then change to something else. But it’s hard to explain, just imaging celestial beings or objects and symbols. Like once I saw a beautiful symbol of a tree of life with glowing rainbow chakras and I imagined that light going into the corresponding chakra of my body. Another time I saw this image of this really beautiful green lady who had such a pure smile. But most of the time it’s sunsets with the image of sunlight reflecting on water and the beautiful night sky with stars. I’m definitely forgetting another but those are the ones I can remember now

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not too much to update
i’ve been meditating a lot more. saw one of the beams of the heart which was surprising because i don’t actually know much about them or how to use them. i’m in transition to a new apartment so i haven’t been meditating as much as i would normally the past day. wanted black is really good for social skills when you don’t have recon. girls just eat that stuff up. I think the aura is so strong, i can still be decently ‘unattractive’ if i’m having an off day and they still give me their attention. where as before they don’t even see you. The one girl at work talk a ton and we get along. prob because were the same age generation.

i’ve found a form of recon is wanting to buy stuff.

finished my audio recording of imagery exercises!

had a dream where i was in the 4th dimensional body, which is the ‘next level up’ in a way (not astral projection)

I’m thinking last time 1 minute of each was too much. so maybe 30 seconds of WB , apex paragon, and transcendence v2 is good. it just baffles my mind that i spend all this money just to listen to 30 seconds of actual audio per track lol


Through all living experience, this base remains completely pure. It is the pristine primordiality of the original condition, innate to every being. It is always there, forever present in each and every moment. To first recognize this reality, and then to abide in awareness of it, is what is meant when one speaks in Dzogchen of “resting in the natural state”.

To abide in this natural state, resting in awareness of, or in communion with, the expansive primordial “base of all”, is thus a contemplative state utterly beyond the moving mind of thoughts, perceptions and feelings. Resting in the natural state is immersion in a recognition of being which is utterly still, yet completely alive.

However, since such a state of being lies beyond the purview of the discursive mind, it is also, by necessity, beyond the ability of words and concepts to describe. For this reason descriptions of the ineffable experience of the natural state must take recourse to the extensive use of image and metaphor. And the primary metaphor used in Dzogchen for the natural state is that of the sky. For the sky is bright, eternal, expansive, unending and life-giving. So too with the natural state. And though the sky may sometimes be obscured by clouds, it is always there. So too with the natural state.

Guinness, Loel. Rainbow Body. Serindia Publications . Kindle Edition

listened to a record of 3 minutes of transcendence v2 yesterday as well as 5 minutes of BDML and 4 minutes of WB. i’ve been kinda flip floping apex paragon with BDLM.

a decent amount of reflection
like don’t get me wrong i like my job. its great like some days i don’t do a single thing and work remote but other days its a little bit more than a slow day. which i really enjoy because it allows me to do things i want to do like read, learn, talk to people, etc. so all and all its not a bad gig considering its a corporate job + benefits.
but there is still something that my soul wants more of. freedom
not financial freedom but actually freedom. I guess the only way to do that is through meditation.

I don’t want to make a big deal about this but when i see saint and fire talking about how one must take action it kinda is a let down in a way. Yes i know that they are talking to a wide audience and they have to be careful what they say in a way. but I’m really interested in they side of passive manifestation. where people and things come to you. you don’t come to them.
i found out about this first time in the earth sky heart workshop that it was possible. someone i found out was doing this was Colette Aboulker-Muscat. she just lived in her house and for 12+ years a steady stream of people came to her (for healing) everyday.
I just wanted to mention this topic but don’t want to go through the whole spiel of how this actually works the earth sky heart workshop is for that.

other things to reflect…
mental imagery have been exponentially powerful when i do it. i’ll do 3 session in the morning (1 minute each) and then the night of, all have at least level 3 dreams if not higher. I have a inclination that it is the ardent light module as well as the wheel of creation and AsCh. formless clarity and Wheel of creation i think are a powerful duo.
also something interesting. these 'high level dream carry on to this world. like one night i had a dream where I was given this disk and was promised a safe travel through this treacherous garden. i easily walked to the end where other people needed to really focus and try just to take a few steps. i got to the end then i went back and found my sister and my dad. both completely unconscious. i brought them together and just waited until then would gain consciousness on their own. it was like this deep cosmic love. part of me things that if i was able to project that through my eyes It could make someone ball their eyes out in one second. but idk about that. haven’t tried it yet. then i woke up and i still had that ‘cosmic love’ in me. no ego at all. it was like 3 or 4 am so i went to see if there was anything i could snack on to help me fall asleep and the weirdest thing happened, when i took a bit of a mini pizza it was like “dopemine, ego, blah blah, look at me” but only like 20%. it was noticeable. kind of like a seperate thought from me while i was in that state. if you call it a state.

While one part of me wants the whole freedom thing, the other part is like …soooo when are you gonna get laidd my mannn. I live in a big city and i see at least 10 hot girls just walking around minding their own business everyday. and i really want to talk to them. and heck i know they would be into me just because WB has a way making my eyes shine like no other. Wanted OG is more like light coming from my eyes but wanted black is more like the light of 1000 stars in a night sky. so just different i think. also with WB eye contact is easier to do if i want to do it.

I’ve been watching a lot of Todd v videos. i’ve come to realize a few things:


pass shit test:

just pass it. don’t be emotional reactive.
agree and exaggerate
misinterpret (treat it as a compliment. reframe)

- Attentiion. gt her focuesed on you
- Interest: Make the conversation relevant for her
- Decision. engage her emtions and make it about you
- Action. Turn her interest tangible her her invested.

you look like you have a good sense of humor
i want to find out more about you.

push pull:
i still want to find out more about you.
i’m intrigued.

not that you should be an ass hole but girls are more attracted to ass holes than nice guys

have a good agenda

“but basically what you want to do is be
genuine and perceived as not having an
agenda but at the same time be perceived
as genuine not having an agenda
completely by choice rather than by
manipulation right that’s like the
perfect sweet spot right that make sense”

Attraction Switches

  • Social Proof

  • Implied Social Proof - Volume, Confidence, Unreactivity, Entitlement Etc.
    Social Pressure

  • Competence

  • Frame Control

  • Escalation Skill

  • Iconography - Style, Story, Resume

  • Inverse Of Behavior - Commitment/Consistency

  • Health - Physical and Manner

  • Power/Force

  • Recklessness/Resilience

you have a penis and its natural to want to use it

your brain can learn incredibly fast with putting chaos in order

found out that the unity breath is the main trigger of these divine images I see in every other meditation.

alternate nostril breathing is a really poweful tool for me. like 17 ish minutes and i can get into complete peace or the Omkar realities. i’m not a pro yet tho. just happened 2 or 3 times. its always been after alternate nostril breathing . i need to do more micro cosmic orbit as well. that is like a deep cleanse of my astral body.

wanted black’s dreams consist of sex or group sex with hot young girls. which is cool. i think i just need to be consistant with WB and good things will happen naturally.

miscellaneous updates Fri, Sep 15,

  • i think I’m going to replace prana tube breathing with the micro cosmic orbit. possibly learn to ankh better.
  • the ultimate clearing w/o the micro cosmic orbit for me is 10 ish minutes of prana tube breathing. 10 of alternate nostril breathing, and 10+ for chakra balancing
  • ive found when i’m on the astral plane at night and i do just one breath of prana tube breathing, i have a tremendous amount of energy at my disposable. like super saiyan kinda stuff lol.
  • overall i need to just do a) more clearing meditations and b) more CFTH sessions. i have a more specific schedule, just need to stick with that. Wish i could listen to transcendence v2 more than once a week tbh, but that’s the way AsCh works ¯\ (ツ)
  • wanted black has been cool. when i don’t have recon, social interactions happen automatically. heck then happen around me. like i don’t have to do hardly any work. and the aura is like i’m an insanely hot guy, even tho I haven’t taken a shower in a few days. turns out that shampooing isn’t even that good for your hair.
  • I also ordered and received a new custom. its pretty dense and what i call the Attraction Booster custom. I’m not sure when I will start it but its designed to be added to any of these: WB, wanted, HS, PS. but i would only pick one. it has libertine, love bomb, true social and sex mastery and a few other modules i wanted to try out. so yeah its pretty dense. but i wanted to try it out and see how it goes. i’ll update when i use it. most likely micro loops.
  • more of those level 4 “dreams of light” happening spontaneously.
  • and i just order a D.O.S. disk personal pendent and i’m sooo exited to try that out to balance my chakras. its coming in the mail.
  • i’ve found if i do 3 or 4 , 5 minutes session with the muse headband back to back, i can get it like 80% calm a decent amount of the time.
  • i’m thinking i’m going to remove apex paragon from my stack for a bit. so now its: WB, transcendence v2, and BDLM . i see bdlm as kinda like a one time thing, that’s to say when i get a good enough size, i can just remove it form my stack completely and focus on other things
  • something interesting is shifting within me since i’ve been listening to WB for a while, there was one point where i was nervous i wanted talking to a lot of girls on the street, but now i’m just like my normal child like self, not worried or over thinking and definitely not needy.
  • tomorrow i got invited to go to a party from that one female friend from work, so ill listen to the stack a few hours before i leave (WB , BDLM). still trying to find some tennis buddies around here.
  • i’ve also noticed that i will become bored of people talking about boring things much more easily lol. like if 3 or 4 friends are talking about some day to day subject its like collin robinson talking to me and i’ll just leave.
  • with WB the urge to watch porn is zero. like it is actually distracting and i have a better time without it.
  • dreams are super real on days i listen to transcendence v2. maybe in the distant future i’ll try listening every 5 days or something

cherish these moments within your heart and allow them to guide your own spiritual growth the young disciple listened attentively taking in the wisdom of the Zen Master’s words he realized the importance of these seven aspects and vowed to keep them private understanding that doing so would lead him to a path of self-discovery and inner peace and so the Zen master concluded his story Leaving the young disciple with the understanding that some things are Best Kept private allowing them to unfold in their purest form within the depths of one’s being

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just had my first DOS disk session with my single personal pendent and all i can say was WOW. I put it on my throat chakra just for 30 minutes and I could literally feel it the chakra itself spinning faster and faster. in the short dream it was like i was floating everywhere i went. and a few times where i was moving into and out of a golden mean spiral (which the disks have in them). really good stuff. I’ll most likely save up for a few months to by a bigger set. after now my voice feels much lower and smoother to swallow. like a radio host haha
i woke up with the song: Eastghost - Exile in my head, right before the drop it saying “Set you free

update (long post)

daily journals
  • sep 18th had a very interesting long dream talking to my dad and flying around space.

  • sep 19th : 37 meditation: Alternate nostril breathing and Chakra balancing

  • sep 20th: 14 minutes of prana tube breathing. Really good. Several clearing dreams last night.
    One where I was this kid who was playing a role where everything I touched “just worked” then I ended making a ton of right turns (90 degree right turns) and eventually came up from this basement that I vaguely remember going into. Then I remember someone else was going to go into it and I told him no but he didn’t listen. this seemingly endless basement appeared to be a lower astral level. no beautiful sunlight. and when i came out everything was more fresh. another similar dream where i came out of this machine contraption and it had to do with temptation. when i came out the light from the sun alone was worth it. Thoughts on new stack possibilities Transcendence v2 , HS , Attraction booster.

  • sep 21st: 3 min of transcendence v2 , 1 min of apex paragon, 30 sec WB. got some really bad sleep. but at the end i figured out how to go into my heart and that was relaxing kind of. the whole going into your heart in the astral dimension is sooooooo weird. Terrible sleep last night 10 ish minute of alternate nostril breathing 15 of muse mind One round of chakra balancing

  • sep 22nd: Uneventful CFTH session - 30 minutes . 10 minutes of alternate nostril breathing

  • sep 23rd : 30 sec of transcendence v2 solace, 30 sec of apex paragon, 30 sec of WB, 30 sec of attraction booster. just took a long nap while listening to CBC. i think it was good. can’t remember any dreams.
    9 minutes alternate nostril breathing , 40 minutes of CFTH. Decent at looking through the 3rd eye. bought 6 more DOS disks (really good price)
    sep 24: Just spent a ton of time cleaning my bedroom and doing laundry. Now my desk is outside of my room.
    My new stack ideas: heartsong, AB, transcendence v2
    not sure if i should do wanted or heartsong. i have no idea what life will do. Ideally i could do wanted black and heartsong and AB. but who knows. that’s a lot
    Now time to discuss approaching girls…. this is essentially what is stopping me. i live in a huge city. part of me wanted to put all the power in and listen to wanted black and AB. but then another part of me is thinking ‘well if i can get a lot of girls, shouldn’t i try to get the ones I really enjoy being with. AB has the edge of falling module which is the mysteriousness in the wanted series.
    approached 2 girls today. one good one not so much.
    6 minutes alternate nostril breathing 30 minutes of CFTH - so so

  • sep 25: WB 3 min.
    AB 3 min
    30 sec of apex paragon
    5 min of intentional teeth healing
    12 alternate nostril breathing
    10 minutes prana tube breathing
    7 min alternate nostril breathing
    15 min prana tube breathing
    20 min for CFTH

  • sep 26 : Some pretty heavy Goodbye dreams just before I woke up
    just got my 6 dos disks, great session

  • sep 27: WB 3 minutes, AB 3 minutes , 2:30 transcendence 2
    Super Mega tired. Grumpy.

  • sep 28: More amazing recon. Depression and loneliness

  • oct 1: 18 min alternate nostril breathing

  • oct 2: a decent amount of nightmares but i got a letter from the tiny space just as i was waking up. i knew it was from the tiny space because i found distinctly feel the tiny space vibration as i was ‘channeling’ this letter. it said something about us becoming finally free in a few months and it was from my ‘other half’ so i’m not exactly sure who that is (physical or not).
    30 sec of transcendence 2
    CBC playlist while meditation in the tiny space
    30 sec of apex paragon
    17 min of chakra balancing
    10min of mco 1 loop. Felt a bit of the stiffness of steal
    14 min prana tube breathing
    Did some neck pillow on the yoga mat for 10 min and then a dos session

  • oct 3: 10 minutes of prana tube breathing and alternate nostril breathing
    20 min of alternate nostril breathing and prana tube breathing

  • oct 4th: 30 seconds of transcendence 2 , 30 seconds of AP , 30 BDML , 5 min of AB
    25 CFTH session.
    had some epic dreams. like i dug a hole in the ground and it was like i was looking down from the clouds. an inner voice called this Marduk.
    30 of BDLM
    30 AP
    30 transcendence 2
    5 MIN OF AB
    26 min of CFTH
    saw a bright redish light for a flash. it started out as a red pedestrian hand cross walk but then got really bright.
    i’ve also known that i’ve been getting tired / sleepy whenever i try to do spiritual work. not sure what that is about.
    but i’m really getting the hang of looking out the 3rd eye level of my head and not my 2 eyes level.

  • oct 5th: Generally angry at how hot girls can be and the whole situation with being a guy . aka recon

  • oct 6th: 40 ish minutes of CFTH

thoughts: i feel like i should wait on BDLM, i just don’t want to meet my dream girl and have my dick be too big lol.

  • oct 7th: had something of a resurrection dream. like my spirit was rebirthed literally.
    30 minute alternate nostril breathing
    then lots of meditation. lets just say that.

  • oct 8th:
    several dreams last night.
    got a hair cut today. talked to thisone ranodm lady on the subway. she was a tourist.
    the haircut expereince was less than pare.
    don’t feelignlike walking and riding he metro all the way to the park
    these weekends go by too fast
    might not get the mac mini its 400. don’t really know what i would use it for except graphics. and honestly i’m tired of computers .
    1 hr of CFTH

  • oct 9th:
    20 alternate nostril breathing
    20 chakra breathing
    20 mco and prana tube breathing
    one full loop of transcendence 2
    to see if it will trigger the divine images or something
    did a mini meditation while waiting for the metro and i could feel a powerful 3rd eye sensation
    i have a feeling the combo of transcendence 2 and paragon triggers divine images in my minds eye. ideas for transcendence 3

  • oct 10th: 20 min of alternate nostril breathing and prana tube breathing. nothing crazy
    did some chakra balancing and that really helped. i noticed a big different between the alternate nostril breathing and alternate nostril breathing + breathing in light from the sun.
    then spent about 20 ish minutes doing CFTH. the first few moments where good but then i get discracted some how. also my seeing from the 3rd eye lense is not doing so hot. strangly tho while i do it randomly throughout the day for a few seconds, everything feels right.
    also, while balancing throat chakra, i found a negative images which i cleared.

  • oct 11th: Feeling some classic recon towards hot girls and how easy it is for them. They just have to be weak and needy and 20 guys show up.
    There needs to be a disruption.
    Just like how they had theirs with the smartphone.
    CFTH Is an option. Actually the main solution. But it’s not common for most people.
    Wanted black and BDLM and the Attraction booster custom is an option.
    Radionics also

  • oct 12th: 40 min listening to angelic music while in my heart. Can still feel the vibration. Remember seeing my sister with large golden spike shoulder pads and her hair up. Something about me being innocent while see grounds. Or something
    Overall quality meditation. Not too much images. But I didn’t use my eye mask.
    Minds eye and LBFH?

  • oct 14th: 30 sec of heartsong sub & 30 sec of transcendence 2
    super bored. don’t want to do anything.
    went for a walk and that was nice

  • oct 15th : 24 min of alternate nostril breathing

  • oct 16th: 1 min of transcendence 2, 30 sec of heartsong

something i’ve notice while running transcendence v2 is this interesting phenomenon when i look up at the sky while outside. the first few times i felt like i’m on another world. like pandora or something. then just now it feels like when i look up in the cloudy sky its like i’m in a video game. i was sitting on a bench in the city and it felt like everything was revolving around me and i was motionless. it surprised me how still the trees are. I was a few feet away from these teenagers and they were talking classic things, and their minds moving, but the trees are alive and totally still. looking back at this short experience, i suspect that i could only notice how still the trees were because i was still within myself.
the main difference between v1 and v2 was the addition of Wheel of Creation module. so i suspect this is the main catalyst.

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just going to leave this here:

Depths of love module >>> Love without attachment module
both are great but in this custom, its really kicking it

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