TOP 500 DPS In Overwatch 2 - GMX + ME + [⥀] TBD + Ascension Chamber

Hello I am back. This time I am aiming for hitting top 500 in Overwatch.
It’s a pretty precise goal, i.e it’s measurable.

I feel I need something to deal with pressure, negativity, anxiety, stress and mental health, which is something I am prone to, so I put in LBFH as it makes me feel good. But really my goal is to be hyper focused, which is why I only use one major programs (AscCh as a “booster” or support, once a week).

If you guys have advice or willing to share your thought processes and decisions in to making a stack. But I personally feel it’s time to grow up and not want everything all at once. I want to be be top 500, period, that is the goal, that is the focus. Like every sub on here is good and will benefit the goal in one way or another, but I truly want to find ones that are going to be as pure as possible in assisting in this endeavour. Like maybe one major program and the rest is just pure boosters or things that remove obstacles for the main goal.

I’ve been thinking about Minds Eye or even Limitless as mastering the game might require the productivity and learning abilities in those as well, but I am a bit hesitant as I really want to hyperfocus and need to think more deeply. Okay, I promise not to use that word again, you already know my goal.

Anyway, currently I am Platinum 4, I climped up from Gold 1.
There’s 7 ranks, where each is split into 5 tiers, where the lower number the better, so Gold 1 is better than Gold 5. My goal is to hit Grandmaster 1 and then go for Top 500, which is a higher rank than GM 1 only given to the 500 best players in the world. It is a pretty ambitious goal, but not impossible.
So what I have left is climb out of Platinum, repeat in Diamond, Master and Grandmaster.

Besides playing as much as possible, focusing on learning everytime and not just “playing”. So that means analyzing my gameplay, reflecting upon principles I’ve heard from other top players, that are important for game mastery and just be a productive student I guess. I also make sure to hit up some aim maps and courses in Kovaak’s, which is a game that allows you to practice aim. But the focus is on actually learning solid gameplay and decision making and then executing it, since aim is the least of your problems in OW 2 I’ve heard.

Anyway, hyper focus is the key, I am using LBFH for mental health, but I am willing to sacrifice it, I just need time to think how I can make this even more hyperfocused. I want top 500 and I don’t want no distractions.

Nice to be back :slight_smile: And if possible could mods please close my other thread?

Much love~


meanwhile, i can’t even get the game to work on my PS5 :slight_smile:


Oh brother, that sucks :frowning: Hope you get it working soon. Been enjoying the WC and always thinking will I see Invictus somewhere since last time I heard you worked with the marketing department there. How’s things?

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hahaha sadly you won’t, unless it’s a reel of one of the concerts, as I’m currently in the national army service, but as it turned out that I have a heart issue, they assigned me for desk duty :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh shit dude, hope the heart isn’t too limiting, how come you joined the army? Is it just a requied thing to do for every citizen at one point or did you yourself choose to? If you get a chance join the sea/marines, I’ve heard they party alot and have the best food, at least in Sweden.

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it was this.
I had been postponing it for a few years, but I was empowered to just do it this year.

its the perfect transition if you think about it;

  • Started working at the national tourism council in March.
  • Started the service in September.
  • Starting the new position at the Olympics committee when I’m done with the service in January.

always trying out something new for a while haha
keeps life exciting and unpredictable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If you ever decide to make a custom down the road for this specific goal, then hit me up, as I have a custom template for a GMX + ME custom that I wanted to order a few weeks back, so that I could join Tekken 7 and LoL competitions, but then I realized that the concerts are better :rofl:

Alright, nice I guess. I was just curious of your path. Of course dude, it sounds awesome to live a life of many adventures. I feel like it makes up for good stories and experiences, and most likely make you connect with people from many walks of life. I personally also live by the credo of open mindedness, and I love how some of my friends are shocked that I hang out with a Rocker and a very religious muslim at the same time. I like perspective.

PM me or write here if you can. Would be awesome to see what all of the invidual pieces do and learn how you resonate and your thought processes.

DAY 1 - GMX and ME
Anyway, today we can start journaling etc. So I’ve decided after long research that I need to try Mind’s Eye event though I have some doubts. Many veteran users and even one of the creators have told anecdotes and stories of how it has helped them with gaming, so I need to try it out for myself I guess. It might also combine well with Ascension Chamber, one for visualization and the other for manifestation, like two twins.

Mind’s Eye - For gaming and visualization, based on anecdotes from people who’s opinion I can’t but not value. Thanks.
Gaming Mastery X - gaming
Love Bomb For Humanity - I just feel good and since I have so many dreams, responsibilities, ambitions, work and hobbies I am prone to stress, negativity and anxiety. This one makes me feel good and helps with mental/emotional/trauma issues for me.
Ascension Chamber - a manifestation thing run once a week, to help with the other ones. I will try to explore visualization and manifestation techniques along the way with this. Shall be fun.

I started todays stack (GMX and ME) while eating lunch and watching educational OW2 YT videos.
After that I am hitting up Kovaak’s aim training game and run the Beginner playlist. I am planning to work through this for a month and then switch to a harder playlist.

First sub went through nice just as I finished lunch and watched YT video about OW2 fundamentals. I feel a bit dense in the head, kinda like a food coma, so most likely that or just information overload. But maybe it’s good to do something more chill next time while listening, so we’re not listening, playing a game or watching an education video hyper focused at the same time.
Mind’s Eye felt good too. A less dense afterwards and alot of thoughts on how I should go on about my visualization process or finding tips and techniques/exercises.

Hit up some Kovaak’s aim training, which is a nice software as it tracks stats. Didn’t hit no personal records yet. Most of my records have been hit on my PC and now I am sitting on my laptop, it’s a different setup, so I am fine with not hitting any records.

Hopefully I’ll have time to hit up some competitive games later tonight, when I have time to fully focus.


Played a quickplay and got raged on by the enemy team saying I am taking this game way too seriously, “sweating my family jewels off”. Which means playing really good. Played a character I don’t usually play either, Tracer.

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Day 2 - Rest day
I experienced recon yesterday after my subs and games in the form of headaches, doubt obsessiveness and anxiety. Must be because I haven’t run subs in a while and I also ran AscCh the day before, which is alot of exposure. Rest day today makes me happy.

I also lost all three of my competitve games last night. I had pretty high damage and kills, and even got compliments in the last game, but I am here for mastery and noticed multiple ocassions where I made bad decisions and it could easily have turned the game into our favor. As I said K/D isn’t remotely as important as solid gameplay and decision making, because even if our team has most kills and damage we still lost. And it’s a team game, period, with an objectice, it’s not Deathmatch or TDM.

I should write those mistakes down so I can reflect on them. Because thinking about them now afterwards they have become so vague. What exactly did I do and what should I do next time? Can I work on this outside of games? Memory is funny like that though.:sweat_smile:

I did some visualizations I’ve learned in the past for relaxation etc and they felt easier and were more vivid and crispy. Makes me excited how much better I might become after a few cycles!

Won the first competitive of the day, top DPS Pharrah. Lost second, won third. And more…all top DPS, but alot of valuable lessons nonetheless. The team with the least mistakes or sub-optimal decisions win, so you can always be better.
WINS: 4 - LOSS: 3
Worked through aim training, got a couple PR, personal highscore, so progress.
Ranked up! So I’m Platinum 3 now.

Good day!


Day 3 - Love Bomb For Humanity
Listened to LBFH today and woooow what a relief. The last two days have been rough recon wise and now I feel like a lump in my chest or tension in my abdomen just disappeared. I imagined/visualized a pink love fluid is filling up my body with love while I listened to it for 15 min.

I am going to try to do a love visualization/meditation just to expand on these feelings after I finish this post.

It’s still early in the day, but later I plan on doing my aim practice and hit up a game or two.


Did my aim training and broke some records, which is nice.

Another note is that this week I have been sick of work, so I had a chance to game more, and I believe growth might slow down a bit once I’m back to work tomorrow. But nonetheless, steady wins the race, and this is no race. :slight_smile:

Lost the two games I played, lost first as it was tough, we also had a leaver. Anyway, I need to rethink what pick I should have gone with, as I didn’t get any good LOS on the enemies. The second was hard as well, no team synergy. Some lessons here as always though, I feel I had a hard time taking down a pharah as a hitscan. We couldn’t get close to her as their tank held space really good. I should play something that can “ignore” space, something mobile, like maybe a pharah, genji, sombra or tracer and use high ground. Usually hitscans need space to excel and certain maps reaching highground as hitscan is hard without a tank taking space.

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Definitely gonna follow this one! You planning on reaching top 500 on all ranks? Or just dps. Also, wich characters do you mostly play?

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Thanks :pray:.

I am aiming for DPS as that is the role I feel I am strongest in and have highest potential in but the thought of doing it on all roles have emerged, not gonna lie. I believe playing other roles will help you understand your main role better and perhaps teach you how to deal with them.

I am mainly hitscan, but currently I perform well on Pharrah and Sojourn. How about you brother?

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I definitely think playing a bit of tank can really help with learning gamesense and things like that. On tank 90% of what youre focussing on is baiting enemy abilities, finding weak targets and checking when your own supports are getting attacked. Learning these skills definitely translate very well to dps too.

When i peaked in ow 1, i mostly onetricked pharah and monkey/sigma as tank. Right now i play quite a bit of hanzo and symmetra. I try to focus on more roles though (and i really havent been peaking as high as in ow1 lol).

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If youre up for it, we could duo a bit later. We could even check if more ppl on the forum play ow2 for the ultimate subclub team lol.

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Definitely agree with your points here. The principles I am trying to incorporate are valid for all roles so I can learn them playing all roles.

We should definitely hit up some games. PM me your ingame name and I’ll add you.

Day 4 - Rest day
No work today as I have to take care of family at home. Might have time to hit up aim practice and some games later.

Wow, LBFH really eased the recon down, but recon was still noticeable. Maybe I should do 7 minute loops the first 21 day run and ease into it like one would do a new exercise regime, give the body time to adjust and adapt to the new processes.

Read somewhere a theory that recon occurs if you’re not taking action. I believe that could be the case if you’re not taking action, but I am taking action.

Another interesting note I think LBFH caused is I feel anger whenever I see injustice or people being overly petty and unnecessary aggressive towards each other. For instance watching the WC Qatar and seeing how the players don’t give the ball to the other team during foul or if the other team somehow got the ball for some other rule in soccer. They just throw the ball further away from them or act like bullies and ignore the other player completely.Triggers me hard.

Even if they have the ball they just throw it away from the other team. It just feels unnecessary and disrespectful. I guess it’s the nature of sports, testosterone and pressure but it’s so ugly and petty and disgusting, makes me not surprised that there occurs a-lot of hooliganism and us vs them thinking, which leads to seperation and violence disguised under comradery.

I think this also contributes to the recon, or maybe just a natural reaction after listening to LBFH and seeing this weird petty dynamic. Maybe I am just too sensitive. :man_shrugging: Maybe I am just virtue signaling. I shall reflect on it.


Post-Post Notes
I am going to get in 3 full listens on these subs before going to 7 minute loops (micro loops) as the consensus seem to recommend you have some experience with the sub before going micro loops. I do this to maintain, as heavy recon is too much right now for me. I wonder if these subs are ZP2 or not? As that seems to be where the anecdotes around micro loops seem to be centeres around.

Did my aim training and hit two personal records :slight_smile:

I also won first and second game of the day, and I think I played it really well on my laptop. I lost the third and won the rest.
Record today: 5 games - 4W 1L

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Day 5 - GMX and ME
Decides to run Game Mastery X and Mind’s Eye like I would practice meditation. Lying down or sitting down, relaxing and focusing on the breath to ease down potential recon and it felt SUPER GOOD. Allowing the brain singular focus on ingesting the subs.

I’ve been thinking a lot about being vs doing, visualisation and manifestations. I also truly believe Top 500 is doable, it’s just a matter of time. Because the process is un-folding, it’s on it’s way and it’s just as good as already done. Just like a tomato plant seed is already a tomato plant. It’s done. The tomatoes will surely come (be manifested). Kind of.

When I was younger I had a small garden in the back yard which I grew vegetables. When a plant starts off as a seed it’s important to understand that the seed is still the plant that it is. The seed isn’t on the path of becoming the plant, it’s being the plant.
When you first start growing a tomato plant and the first sprout comes forth from the ground, though it may only be a small leaf or two, no one can claim that it’s not a tomato plant. It is a tomato plant, whether it’s currently growing tomatoes or not. The tomato plant doesn’t complain to itself and say I am not yet a tomato plant but one of these days I’ll become one. No, a tomato plant is always a tomato plant and even though it may take a year before it actually starts producing tomatoes, it was always that tomato plant even when it was just a mere seed in my hand.
Understand that you are like that seed. Just accept that you already are what you want to be. You don’t have to try because you already are. And just like the tomato plant it may take quite some time before the fruits of your beingness come into the external reality but don’t mistake that as a reason to doubt who it is that you are being in this present moment.

Anyway, I am at home still taking care of family, and will hit up some aim training sessions later and hopefully some nice competitive games.


Post-Post Notes
Did my aim training and got a new personal record. I also found time to play a game but lost it sadly. Lesson here is find ways to reach the backline when our team are bad at taking space. Because playing hitscan becomes harder if you don’t have space. A pharrah would have been perfect but it’s hard without a healer, a mercy specifically. But I can’t only blame my team, I need to reflect what else could I have done better.

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With Minds Eye in your stack, are you able to envision taking on the skills and talents of pro players? Like mimick their habits and ideas etc

Enjoying the journey for you bro :+1:

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Thanks friend. I haven’t done that type of visualization, mostly visualized me already being top 500 and how I am growing with each action I take. I know pro athetles use visualization but they usually use it for specific, focused tasks like taking a penalty shot. I am still trying to figure out specific tasks I can use. Perhaps it’s enough visualizing myself taking headshots etc.

I am feeling more confident visualizing and find myself visualizing everything I can think of. For instance visualizing every food I eat how it fills my body with nutrition, energy and health.

Oh actually I am sometimes before a game starts and a map is picked visualize what optimal positions I should take and see scenarios of picking a certain hero, if that’s what you meant.

Day 6 - Rest day
Today is rest day also the day I go back to work. Interesting to see how my day will be like, after being off duty for 1.5 weeks.

An interesting thing that has emerged in my life, most likely from LBFH, is dealing with the fact that I burst into anger. Don’t get me wrong, anger is good to some extent, but I burst into unreasonable anger, rage. I am instead trying to respond to things I dislike instead of react. Which are two different behaviors with very different energies and potential.

  • I feel like one way is mature and the other is not. One way is respons-able, responsible and the other is not.
  • One way is proactive and the other is not.
  • One way create more pain/suffering and the other does not.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

I’ll hop on to some aim training after work. I’ll also visualize ways I could have added value to the team in yesterdays loss.


I did finish my aim practice today and hit up a game competitive on my laptop, which I won, top DPS, as Pharrah. :slight_smile:

I’ve also realized how often I just react and wonder why things didn’t go as I intend them to. Which is the nature of reacting and not responding, where responding is conciously deciding what to do. I mean it’s nice to learn something and go autopilot, saves up so much brain bandwidth, but if you’re trying to learn new things, improve, you need to be aware of your reactions, all of them, the neutral, the negative and the positive. Because that’s how you’ll notice reactions that don’t serve you.