Too many choices


Hi everybody,

I have a rich people problem right now.
After The EmperorQ test i stopped subs for a while.
And them stark came out so i bought it , and i also i have khanQ.
I want to start a new journey with of these three subs but really don’t know witch one to choose.
i Will do khan for sure because i think the sexual focus is what i need.
but when t comes to stark and emperorQ i don’t know whatt to do.

Any Advice??

@AMASH you are the expert here jelp please :pensive:


Hey and welcome here!

Before anyone could give you good advice, could you please:

  • Share a bit about your current situation.
  • Tell us about the problems that are bothering you.
  • What future life changes you imagine will bring you happiness.

Based on that, the right recommendation will be possible :slight_smile:


You are Absolutlely Right!!

I’m a 40 single father coming out of two consecutive bad breakups.
three years ago with my baby mama.Now they live in another country so i get to see my daughter twice every year.
A second breakup which drove me so crazy that i had to see a Psychologist to get out of the depression two years ago.
I have a good job as IT professional but i want more (money challenges) I’m not satisfied with what i achieved in my career yet.
My social life is at to bottom of the scale.
on drink from time to time .
I spend my week end at home nothing really interesting,
Dating is almost the same and i’m scared . Because i’ve been two year without sex or date …
i want to improve on both side , i want to reach my full potential.
I might be a lost cause but i don’t want to give up , it is too early.


Hello There , help please

@AMASH @friday


@gildasz - am sure those who you have tagged will help you out as soon as they are free. Meanwhile, allow me to advice you.

In my view, KhanQ will be your best option. Not only do you need a lot of mental and emotional healing which the first stage of Khan will offer, Khan will also help you with your money and dating goals.

I recommend you only run KhanQ for 4 months (one month for each stage). You can continue Khan Q ST4 after that of course. But run only KhanQ for the first 4 months. This will allow maximum effect for you. After that, you can slowly add another major subliminal to Khan Q ST4. Like adding EmperorQ (the updated sub) to Khan Q ST4. Or even StarkQ to Khan Q ST4.

1st Month: Khan Q ST1
2nd Month: Khan Q ST2
3rd Month: Khan Q ST3
4th Month: Khan Q ST4
5th Month: Khan Q ST4 + EmperorQ
6th Month: Khan Q ST4 + EmperorQ + StarkQ (run this stack for longer)

Hope this helps.


Title alone makes me think of a kid in a toy store wanting all the toys for there for his birthday and Christmas.
As @raphael mentioned, Khan is a very good choice. It actually encourages you to go out of your comfort zone so that you can improve.

At 40, I doubt you’re a lost cause. There’s some here in their fifty’s who are doing much better now compared to when they started with SC. So don’t give up.


Thank you guys for the support
i guess i will start with khan them.
Since EmperorQ has new beginning what do you think about diving straight into a stack like Khan Q ST4 + EmperorQ?


@gildasz - I wouldn’t recommend that. You will just waste time and then have to do it all over again. Take your time. 4 months is nothing compared to the rest of your life.


Never too late my friend. Unless your not expecting living beyond today. As long as you can live the life you want and love the rest of your love it makes the time lost in the past irrelevant. I was stuck in a bad mindset once. Felt like i lost all of my 20’s. But now i got a bombshell wife and enjoy life.

Haa IT? That’s cool. I got a degree in computer Networking and never used it. Got multiple certs too. Back in 08 when everything crashed couldn’t get any job. So then l switched careers.:+1:


Gain Thank you all
i will follow your recommendations @raphael


Listen to KhanQ. Seriously.

Start with ST1 total breakdown. 30 days. Let it wash away your failures and disappointments in love, relationships and work.

Then enjoy the ride.
You’re welcome.