Hi Everybody,

A Week ago i had asked for advice regarding which subs could help me to gain control of my life again.
here is the link to this topic too many choices

As recommended i dived into Khan. So this will be my journal and i plan to post updates on weekly bases.

KhanQ ST1 D9 (8 hours a day+ 2 hours at night ultrasonic only)

the first week was pretty heavy on me.
At first i started to experience a kind of brainstorming about my daily habits.
The things that are holding me back for real:

  • Porn
  • video games
  • Procrastination

since day 2 i just stopped porn effortlessly.
I play video games less and less everyday.(i get angry and i can’t stop feeling the waste of time)
Procrastination is gradually going away as i’m trying to have ad to do list every morning.

I have been thinking a lot about my past relationship, the reason they failed, it brought me a new perspective on my experiences thing i did not noticed before.
I also deeply questioning my friendship circle . It’s like i;m looking for the benefit i get from all of this and so far i fell like i gonna loose some friends because i don’t any interest in spending time with them anymore.

i have this idea that i could create a list of improvement list i would work on :slight_smile:
week 1 Stop porn
week 2 and 3 stop smoking
week 4 Going back to the gym

etc …
See you next week


Yeah porn can be incredibly distracting and a complete waste of time. Especially clown porn that is the worst


agree :smile:


I’m experiencing a weird feeling since yesterday. I feel like switching to stage 2.
Two things are coming to my mind .
1 - khanQ works way faster than the original version.
2 - i bought Khan last year and played with it.
I did St1 twice for about a month every time and the things that’s come to my mind during the process where 80% the same !!
I’m confused.
@SaintSovereign what do you think?should i stick to it ?
thank you


Honestly, only you can answer that. But, I’d say that if you’re on the fence, you may not be ready to switch — reconciliation is shifty like that.


Hello there,

I’ve been busy lately so i wasn’t abe to post at all.
I’ve used KhanQ st1 for 21 days and decided to switch to st2.

As i said before ST1 made me go throught many past event and traumas , some of them i’ve completely forgot.
Specificaly when i was yonuger i think i was 9.
a little boys experiementing life.
basicaly i would snick into my cousin room at night and we would play daddy and mommy.
At that time i did think about doing anything wrong, but when my mom found out…
i got so severlly punished i couldn’t talk for days. i think i burried the shame in a dark place for so long that it affected my behaviors all my life.
Finally i can recall this event and how it affected me in a long run.

that was the best thing that Stage 1 brought me.

Now on stage 2 for 10 days:

So far it is a slow start i feel nothing specific.
but i would say that i’m really relaxed in my social interaction .
My walk stance is so fluid and careless , i just live in the moment and that is a nice feeling.
can’t wait for the next two weeks to see whats it’s brings to the table.


Here a link to big difference i notice using khan and Emperor Q