To Whom it May Concern. Greetings

So here we are… 2022. My comeback story. Back and better than ever. The Alpha that I am. So I purchased Khan and Primal Alpha, and said fuck it… let’s just go balls deep into these subliminal. I am familiar with deep inner work, psychoanalysis, and performance psych to the point that if this civilization burnt to the ground and had to rebuild, I’m definitely one of the Greats that help rebuild with my knowledge and power. I owe that and I’ll enjoy the fruits of that intense work while my empires and kingdoms thrive.

I am greatly enthused to be a part of this community and utilize the products here to aid in my transmutation process of once and for all, being the ultimate badass.

My self-improvement journey began at the age of 18 in college where I immediately thrust myself into leadership positions and made quite a name for myself. Once the spotlight was on me, I often times choked. I didn’t feel the confidence and courage needed to truly be the leader I could have been, though I sustained… some say barely, some say controversially; but my will was done. I see it as a result of my upbringing cultivating extreme doubt in every aspect of my life and my abilities as a result of generational curses, trauma, manipulation, and guilt. They always knew the natural leader was there in my soul; but it always drew envy; no matter how humble I could be.

Reconciling conflicting expectations of me from childhood to be a tough, stud, badass, gangster, or a law-abiding, professional, devout Christian. I claim ultimate victory over the wants of other people, and am moving towards what I want, verily.

Then I joined the military, which was very conducive to unlocking those potentials and really understanding the beastly side of my nature and how to properly channel that into bringing results into my life, regardless of any fear. I felt unstoppable and limitless for about a year after, because I was strongly encouraged by my local community, peers, and leadership alike. I was identified by my middle and high school as a role model to teach perseverance and other skills. Then in 2021, I just fell flat. One thing the self-improvement journey taught me is that women (and men) love that badass energy when you’re ambitious, driven, and killing everything in the way. It exalted me to a whole new level that was exhilarating for someone who was just stepping into manhood. Seeing myself have confidence that people would pay arms and legs for. It was a preview of what is to come


Welcome, lol.

Khan and Primal are cool subs. Enjoy!


Welcome to the community and all the best for your journey.


Greetings and welcome to Sub Club,enjoy.:+1:


Welcome to SubClub. Let us know how we can help.

Also, read the various journals here. They will inspire you.


Will do @Lion . I have read a few, they are great. I’m about to start my log soon, however it is a huge leap I must take. Full commitment and publicly. I’m more of the work in the shadows type, but this will be a good accountability if I have a brotherhood where iron sharpens iron.