"To Infinity, and beyond!" (EQ, QLQ, DDQ + stacks)

I started Emperor 7 days ago. I’ve spent some time reviewing other journals and topics, particuarly around reconciliation and changes from v4. Finally ready to start sharing now.

Firstly, I’m high functioning and on the ASD spectrum, with likely undiagnosed Aspergers for many years, so social interactions have never been a forte and often presented quite a challenge. I work in a call centre and have worked call centre jobs or back office sys admin jobs for years, largely because it cuts out the difficulty of the F2F interaction when working on clients’ problems. The Aspies tends to make my interaction style on the phone hyper-formal and steering the conversation away from any personal level of interaction. This means I often solve someone’s problem a greater percentage of the time than other SDOs (first call resolution) but rarely if ever receive any compliments/positive feedback from clients like other agents receive (and when I do, it is usually on the phone and often shut down by my difficulty in responding to compliments). I mention this to give some background on the difference between my experience with Emperor and what I imagine many other more social or socially adept people may have seen progress or experience in.

This experience has begun during COVID-19 lockdown with stage 3 restrictions in place in my local area too, so its not the best atmosphere to test the social component of Emperor. In addition, I already have a partner (monogamous) I’m in a long distance committed relationship with, one we both plan on escalating to living together as soon as conditions and circumstances permit.

I will be very interested to hear how many if any people on the spectrum have been using Emperor or similar products to try to improve their social interactions or position, as well as how many are in committed relationships which strongly contextualize how the sexual aspects of the program develop.

My first run was with Emperor V4 during my sleep cycle which ended up feeling great. I didn’t end up switching to Q until late in the next day when I had understood what Q is. The speed at which Q had me hitting a wall (Wednesday) was incredible compared to other subliminals such as a certain other subliminal producer’s sub I once bought about becoming attractive to beautiful women which I could listen to for ages with virtually no noticeable effects (probably indication of it not strongly working, or taking longer).

Exposure levels have been limited too due to the nature of my work, which makes the speed more noticeable. My listening tends to be during my sleep cycle, during journeys to and from work, and in the morning hours before work. On weekends I’m more free to listen for multiple loops at once, although this is limited due to the nature of my listening device not being portable. I’ve had questions about stopping and starting the subliminal and what kind of impact that has on efficiency which I haven’t seen discussion on in other threads yet.

I’m writing a novel (actually a series of three novels, hard-boiled) which has been on the back-burner since a fire in which I lost almost my entire personal effects (including rare, impossible to replace books and my guitar – I still weep thinking of that one of a kind steel string burning to ashes) and had to start over, just before COVID-19 lock-down hit. The sub has already had me reconsidering my planning around the chapters I lost in the fire and yesterday I wrote my first paragraphs in Chapter Eight which will no doubt be tweaked as the chapter unfolds. I’m looking forward to seeing how it helps with my creativity and willpower to sit and write, as this is the first weekend I’ve had since starting the sub.

I’ll go into my experiences on the two subs in more detail as I get time to put my thoughts and experiences in order. For now, I just felt a push to get this topic started so I can keep a more coherent record of the experience as it unfolds.


Hello and welcome! So glad to have you with us and I’m very excited about following your journey! What are some of the goals you are trying to achieve other than improving your social interactions? Emperor is not known for being a very social subliminal, in fact quite the opposite. Is there some reason you didn’t choose Daredevil instead?


I found the subliminal originally while searching for another subliminal I used to run by a youtube user who had emperor in their name. I ended up being directed to this page twice and my choice was determined by an intuition that went against my logical choice (the marketing copy I have to admit did not convince me and actually turned me off with how cocky it sounded). I tend to trust my intuitions as they usually turn out to be correct, such as a recent one to purchase shilajit resin and experiment with taking that.

Even if I had had a chance to try Daredevil or some of the other subs, I probably would have stuck with this one. The spiritual alpha subliminals have intrigued me as well as the Limitless one, but my goals are probably more in alignment with Emperor:

  • The empire building is attractive to someone on my salary, not to mention being a writer who needs direction on the practical aspects of publishing beyond what is written in writing magazines. I’ve definitely been keen for many years to create streams of passive income to enable my other goals to have the resources to take shape
  • Emperor still had social/sexual/romantic aspects listed which suggested improvements in those areas along with building leadership abilities which is also what I’m looking to develop. It seemed like a good balance to help create a well rounded outcome, which appeals to this Sagittarian.

Also, perhaps I just subconsciously was craving the challenge of taking on one of the most difficult/powerful subs on the site straight off, LOL!


Cool! I admire anyone who enjoys rising to a challenge. :slight_smile: As a suggestion, I would recommend either adding Daredevil to your stack or purchasing True Social to use how you see fit. These will counterbalance Emperor’s tendency to be “less social”. While Emperor does have social scripting, it’s focused on the same goal of Empire building and not general social skills. If you’re ok with that then carry on but I suspect you want something broader (correct me if I’m wrong) and if that’s the case then I do not believe Emperor will fully satisfy that for you

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll keep them in mind, although I’m limited in how many I can purchase for now by my budget and the USD conversion rates. I’m not sure which social subliminal would best suit me, mastering social interaction like Daredevil suggests is appealing, it would be more appealing if there was a component to master kino and the physical aspect of a social interaction which is one thing my ASD has always caused me great pain in (wanting to initiate, or knowing it is right to initiate, but having the mind overanalyze the process of doing it or the potential reactions and freeze as a result). Any suggestions on what subs would work with that, even for just casual physical interactions? Would Daredevil help with that?

If you mean just regular kino in casual conversation to build trust etc. then yes Daredevil would cover that I’m sure. If you mean romantic escalation through kino then I would suggest Primal Seduction

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Day 5

I found adding Limit Destroyer to my stack on day 4 quickly removed some of the burnout and anxiety reactions I had, but being easily over-reactive to things that are trivial in the grand scheme of things was still an issue. Over the course of the week I observed myself getting angry at work at small things, and on Day 5 ended up hanging up on my partner over teasing around my eating habits (after a discussion which had made me anxious anyway). That said, even with the over-reaction, self worth has been improving and my analysis of the situation was lucid: the criticism was unfounded, although my sensitivity to other peoples opinion of me particularly while going through reconciliation is probably overkill.

Day 6

I found my performance on calls to be improved particularly at the start of the day, remaining calm focused and methodical even in the face of difficult or emotional customers. I’ve also been a lot more open in my explanation of situations to customers, being clear and honest when scripting or procedures are unclear. I’ve always had a push to excellence in my work and usually end up in situations in my roles where I become indispensable, the sub has given me an extra push on that even in its early stages despite fatigue and burnout from work stress during COVID.

I also noticed my self talk during the day around the fallout from the phone call the previous night pushing me to worry less about outcome and receiving the silent treatment, knowing that I had acted with as much integrity as I could in responding to the event. Knowing that I have plenty of work to do with the novel and planning around long term goals and that this is at times more important than being hyper-social. I also see my other opportunities to be online-social more readily and take them.

Today is day 7, looking forward to seeing how things unfold…

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I was drawn to Primal from other peoples reviews, perhaps something worthwhile trying after Emperor. Normal casual conversation kino is more important first though since even this is problematic for me. I’ll look at Daredevil as being my next sub to add to the mix, after Emperor has had more time to build a solid foundation.

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Perfect! I look forward to following your journey and welcome once again :slight_smile:

Day 7 Saturday May 2nd 2020

World Naked Gardening Day. I didn’t contribute :laughing: For some period of the day I tried the ultrasonic version over headphones while doing research that involved use of Youtube or having a second copy of VLC open. Despite the spectrum visualisation showing the high frequency band pushing the yellow, I could hear no sound and only detected something playing temporarily pumping the volume up to 140%. I kept it on nevertheless as an experiment, at normal volumes. Effects were experienced, but without that tangible sound of the masked there in the background its hard to tell whether it is a placebo, whether the effects are from the prior masked loops having their effects, or whether the ultrasonic is contributing.

Effects noted/experienced:

  • I had a very long enjoyable chat with my ex (who I get along well with normally anyway), feeling like the subliminal allowed me to be more of who I am. I received a big compliment from them saying they had been recognizing I had been teaching them many years ago about things they were only just now beginning to understand, and that the recognition of this was coming up for them “all the time for me now”, and that they wanted to show respect and thanks for that. It was after we had been discussing Hopi prophecy viewed in the light of plasma cosmology. I realized after the fact that this was totally an Emperor moment.
  • My interaction with them was more relaxed than it normally is, starting 6:34 in the morning and running till 8:10 in the evening, a good 4000 words minimum between us. Positive encouragement was shared on the novel, as well as inspiration on ideas for a scene in one of the chapters which now may or may not involve cocaine/PCP laced peanut butter snaps, for which I can thank their mum for the inspiration :wink:
  • My research on my topics of interest made a lot of headway, which is more likely to be connected with the subliminal as I was listening to the ultrasonic while doing said research. More than this, I now have two websites for me to devour on different relevant topics and at least one ripped DVD to review, the latter on the topic of sexual alchemy/transmutation in theory and practice. I could see more clearly the connection of the research topics to my goals and writing, and found pattern matching fairly effortless. I suspect that the Quantum Limitless component may already be assisting these studies.
  • I was pushed to buy some clothing including a stylish winter hat for my wardrobe, and grocery choices were healthy. The increased meat consumption others have reported is familiar to me, although for me it includes a lot of charcuterie, particularly lomo, coppa, bresaola and soppressa. I’ve had the intuition these are helping to keep me healthy during COVID19.
  • Delay in reconnecting with my partner until the following day was less stressful as I felt like I was getting a lot of good work accomplished, including minor tweaks in the novel.

I switched back to masked for sleep and also had a period of no exposure on my second REM cycle and on waking. There was minimal brain fog or reconciliation noted, although the tendency to push myself beyond limits was clearly observed. Possibly limit destroyer is contributing its assistance in pushing past bodily discomfort or tiredness during research.

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Day 8 (Sunday)

  • Reconnected with my partner, first day since hitting a wall with the reconciliation on Day 5. It’s interesting how with Emperor there has been an aspect of me that can observe situations dispassionately and analyze them very objectively and without emotions impacting the judgement. This doesn’t happen all the time, it is more frequent however when the reconciliation eases up. I was very practical and persuasive in putting my perspectives across about what had happened on Thursday, and able to see through the veil of things being said to a deeper level. I took my research into sexual transmutation and Taoist sexual practices done the previous day and framed it in the context of shared interests/passions and mutual benefits, among other things. Observing it in retrospect, I’m surprised at how well I handled what could very easily have become a difficult situation.
  • Sunday was a lower energy day, health issues pushing their way to the surface by the end and I was feeling the processing of the sub wearing on my subconscious. I felt frustrated by a lack of time, by poor time management and a need to take it easier than Saturday. Highlight of the day was probably having a friend introduce me to Iron Man 3 and recognizing sarcastically Stark’s journey as the same as that of the Emperor.

Day 9 (Monday)

Slept in. It’s very unusual for me to sleep past 6:30 in the morning, or 7:30 at the latest, so napping till 8:40 showed me how tired I was, I made sure I had periods of no exposure because I knew the sub was pushing my limits. Managing self care and showering before work was actually an accomplishment in that state, but pushing through the tiredness and a killer headache with increased ocular pressure which persisted throughout the day I made it to the end with minimal work drama.

I had been re-introduced on Saturday to a website whose unique philosophy seems to be quintessentially Emperor in its nature. A little snippet:

Each individual must know themselves to be free of all forms of external reliance. This is not to imply that one should not trust others or band together in alliances of friendship and community. It is simply a warning that relative truth is constantly shifting in the hands of those who desire to control, and even though their motives may be of good will, it is still a form of control. When the hierarchy withholds information, the interpretive centers for relative truth are positioned to acquire and maintain power rather than dispensing the empowerment of Source equality.

As a result of reconnecting with the materials on this site, and techniques/principles taught, I feel like I am being guided towards a mode of being that will be supportive of the program Emperor is trying to introduce, where impressing ones will upon reality becomes easier (the “Ascension” aspect). This is an interesting development and I will ensure I don’t let this become just another set of pretty concepts I study and then dismiss.

Masked loops for sleep, cycling EQ and LDQ.


Can u comment on LD alone ? Anything u noticed etc? That u can say came from the sub

Very indepth and detailed analysis of the affects of Emperor Q, for sure its a beast of a subliminal and it was instant reconciliation for me also, and this feeling of reconciliation is still continuing almost everyday. Some days my energy is high and the next day its low, but I know from the previous two versions I have run of Emperor, to just keep going and then there is always a breakthrough. Very interesting and detailed journal, emperor_obewan. All the best to you on hour journey.

It’s hard to say, I think I’d need a period running only LDQ to differentiate. Mainly I’ve noticed it helps make the runs of Emperor a little less harsh when I run the two of them stacked one after another. But its still early days and not enough runs of it to be able to say what changes were the result of the sub. It’s meant to be a stack module anyway from what I understand.

Given I’m only at Day 10 or technically Day 9 of Emperor (I started Emperor late evening on Sat 25th), and only started LDQ on the 29th, I fully expect it’ll take at least another fortnight or so of running both subs side by side before I can ascribe any changes in behavior to a sub with certainty. Neuroplasticity studies have shown several different timelines for changes in the brain, but I haven’t seen anything that shows significant changes in less than 3-4 weeks. Its hard to be objective here given we’re all using this subliminals for specific purposes and that purpose in itself is going to have its own impact on the RAS in spotting differences.


One other thing I’ve noticed, while running Emperor a second person has commented on me seeming like a teacher or wise mentor figure to them. Both women commenting on my smarts. Some of that was happening before Emperor, but its been re-emphasized recently in online interactions. I’ll keep an eye on it to see how this evolves.

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Have begun first test run of Sanguine Q and so far really digging it. Haven’t even finished the first loop but energetically I can sense an internal change. I think I’ll be running a few loops of this this morning and running a single loop of Emperor Q on the way to work. I was able to begin observing the changes even from only minutes into the first loop. The energy feels more dynamic and adaptable than my typical reactions, reacting quickly to internal changes in ways that are on point.

I plan on grabbing another stack module after being paid tonight, possibly True Social. I’m still tossing up between that and DareDevil - can anyone give their impression of the difference in how each of these feel?

Day 12. Side note. I decided after a chat with my partner that since I hadn’t heard any comparisons between True Social and Daredevil, to make sure I get the right sub for my desires as to get the maximum benefit out of my purchases given limited funds this fortnight, to buy Godlike Masculinity and Dreams together and stack them like this: Dreams, Godlike, Sanguine, Emperor, Limit Destroyer, Emperor, Godlike. Total run time would be about 4 hours.

It’s important to state here that I almost never remember my dreams. My situation is similar to someone else who wrote about this sub I believe, with the exception that I’ve had an almost 3 month hiatus from any drugs or alcohol.

I had an extremely vivid dream, part of which was remembered, in which I was on a mission to stop hoons from drinking alcohol and then driving on a return journey which was shown graphically on the map. Somehow I ended up travelling in a car with one of these groups who also happened to be my friends.

The group pulled off the road into a service station to buy supplies, which turned out to be a servo connected with a bottle shop and some kind of nightclub. I did not want to be a part of this group but ended up being dragged along with them, one member who seemed identical in personality to one of my old gangster friends immediately went to the store owner and began trying to hustle them for the best pack of tobacco they could find and arguing with them over price, eventually escalating into trying to purchase weed, trying to bring me into his argument. I tried to run away from him. A couple, a man and a woman, who were in the car, were arguing together and being generally obnoxious. I tried to run away from them as the argument escalated out of control and they followed me into the nightclub and began coming to blows. As I continued trying to escape the continuously escalating situations this clearly drunk group was getting into where they kept trying to bring me into it as their “friend”, things got worse and worse and spilled out into the street. Further intricate details emerged indicating the female character to have some kind of mental condition. Details are no longer as clear as when I woke up.

I woke up and got up precisely when the loop completed of all the stacked subliminals above. The dream seems to have been trying to tell me something but as yet I havent yet analyzed the different characters and the plot of what happened. After I smoke I will be going back for another loop.

Given my typical inability to remember any dreams, this is pretty significant.

Day 12, program adjustments. Prior headphones died after the loop above, so I’m now using a pair of AT-M20X monitor headphones to hear the subs, a lot more clarity and comfort. Sanguine + Limit Destroyer on the way to work, Godlike Masculinity tonight to begin the evening working our way towards Emperor Q.

I think this new stack is a lot more sensible and less liable to cause hideous resistance, but that will have to be borne out by experiment. Godlike and Limit Destroyer seem to work well together.

Morning events meant I had a long break from listening from 3am to 10am, and of course none during work. This probably accounts for the lack of resistance today.

Super Connected with Jennifer Dumpert and Kate Alderton (26/03/2020)

Above great podcast interview on dreams and using them in everyday life with two people who have worked on mastering their own dreaming process.

It’s synchronistic I’ve located this two days after purchasing and beginning use of the Dreams title. Found this via Damanhur’s FaceBook group, currently listening to this with Emperor Ultrasonic playing in the background. Worth a listen.

Day 14 (13 of Emperor Q)

“My bond is with the people, and I will serve this great nation at the pleasure of myself. If there’s one thing I’ve proven it’s that you can count on me to pleasure myself.” – Tony Stark

Not a lot to report for today. I will say though reconciliation has improved considerably. Godlike is still causing some reconciliation, this afternoon I lay down to allow it to wash over me and slept a good hour and a half.

Due to the lock-down there are less chances to take action or interact and see the benefits of the changes the subs are making, but I have observed small wins, particularly in the realms of being more comfortable with myself regardless of the opinions of others. I’ve also found myself observing social interactions more, noting the smiling or nodding or body positions and the subtle male-female interplays going on, even while my ASD and more key, my priorities, holds me back from joining these groups. I can see signs of the sub working, but there is much more listening to be done, and much more action to be taken. The good thing is, the sub has helped make me more aware of my priorities and short term goals.