To Ascend to the Stars


After running the earlier versions of Mogul and Ascension independantly and toghether… The hybrid is here.

I have had major success all the way since 2018 hit even though it was my hardest year yet. I was broke 90% of the time, dealing with a breakup, The death of a family member and i almost became homeless.

So why is 2018 my best year yet?

1st: I found a new place to live.
2nd: I’ve finally found a good work i enjoy meanwhile studying.
3rd: I’ve terminated my depression, passivness and procrastination. I have even formed my first social circle of frinds that i get along with pretty well.

Whats more is that i am exelling in both work and studying. Im slowly climbing the ladder of success. Money comes when i meed it the most. Solutions appear as long as im confident and doing my best. Problems no longer phase me. I now have a rock solid self esteem and im proud of who i am.

I gotta thank Ascension and Mogul for making that mountain climb a downhill ride. The hours i’ve put in were worth it. Things keeps getting better and better.

Over and out.


I’ve mixed Asc Mogul with Sex Mastery X. Incidently my reconciliation have stopped tearing me apart and im growing more and more confident by the second. My mental state is on piont even though i can only afford living on cheap nutritionless food.

My body is retaining muscles even though i haven’t been able to hit the gym. Growing stronger by the day.


Last 3 days were full of rage, self hate and despair but it its always the darkest before dusk. Im growing up and learning what it means to be a man. What i reap is what i sow.

Sexual Mastery X has been intresting. Im getting stronger and stronger errections, though randomly, its nothing like before. Right now its Ascended Mogul for 7+ hours and Sexual Mastery X ( SMX ) for 2+ hours.

More opertunities are knocking on my door and im happily accepting whatever comes to my way.


The storm have officialy past leaving me stronger and backed by tangable and true results. Making friends have never been easier. People just respect me. No amoging and no trying. As simple as i can put it, its just effortless.

Got a great job that fits my scedule. Meanwhile i was unemployed bewtween Jan and Mars. Doing bare minimum to get by. Now im studying from 8 – 15, and working from 16 – 21 and i sill have energy for the gym.

Getting up from the bed have become significantly easier. I used to take 30 min just to wake up, feeling tired mentally and physically.

Yeah… Its that simple.


This marks the point where my whole life turned around, from being broke, Semi homeless, dealing with a breakup, feeling a wasted potential… into having a great apartment, working, studying, no longer broke and most importantly living to my potential… Also im back in the game… got a tinder date. We chatted for 5 days, we met up, i kissed her… And now it seems tha i will test Sexual Mastery X for myself real soon :grinning:

She was nervious the entire time… thats how intimidated she was by my presence. This is the just how un-####ing believable SubClub is… Ascended Mogul is a must for anyone who struggles to turn their life around.

No Placebo, No hesitating and most importantly no BS. You get exactly what you pay for… This will pay you back hundreds of times over. The result speak for themselves. Its that simple.

Life is ####ing Good


Any new experiences?


Still using Ascended Mogul 80% and Sex Master X 20%. This month i turned 23, had a blast with my friends and everything seemed to be going great except that my old demons are still haunting me.

Things are becoming boring, really boring. Whenever i talk to my mother, which is my best friend and the strongest person i know, she always tells me that im desiring change too quickly. Im allready bored with this mundane everyday to do list. Im making money, studying and doing whatever i can to improve.

Somehow it feels like i should be doing more or that im missing something. Just this week alone i almost lost my phone three times and barly getting it back. I wont be getting the new apartment because “ Life “ So for the time being im still moving around.

Its becoming apparent that i cant live up to my impossible high standards, no matter how many challenges i tackle. This takes time.

Ascended Mogul-wise, im becoming more and more numb to everyday BS. I just dont have the energy to care anymore. Also i’ve become rather ruthless. In my birthday party there were two guys arguing and one of them was about to hit the other so i shoved the aggressive one to a corner and told him to back off. Then three dudes took me outside and tried to calm me down. I thought i was making things better but it turend out that i was the agressive one.

What im saying is AscMog allowed me to tap into that “ dont #### around with me “ state. It didnt neccisarly make me violent, it just allowed me to express my self. For better or worse. I dont want anyone to #### up my B day party. And it felt good. Still immature. I was actually suprised and equally proud of myself. Since i have been timid for my whole life.

So dont mistake this for AscMogul makig me violent, no it only removed what used to make me back down. What i did was my choice and everyone who witnessed this is respecting me more.



It’s awesome to see your changes on this. You’ve come a long way.


Today… Just today i went through what i would describe rock bottom and later came out feeling like im on the top of the world. The only thing i did was make the choice… i will do what i was born to do and that is to become a pilot.

Earlier today went completly homeless having my father help me drag around my stuff between friends, sleeping over from one dudes couch to another. Then i realised i have nowhere to sleep tonight… i decided to pursue my dream. I went online, looked at the requirments. I check out on all except on test that i will do in May 26. After that im good to go. I was at the gym, my friends called me and we went out to the lake. Then one of thrm tells me that he knows a guy who wants to share his apartment 50% 50%. I went there, we talked the terms and im now set to go.

I started feeling peace within my soul as soon as i decided i will persue my true goal. When i was out with my friends everyone was like : “ Man you are like a totally different person, what the hell happened to you. “ They said that as i was brimming with happiness and peace.

There seems to be a pattern with Mogul and Ascened Mogul. Things will start getting better, then life throws a curve ball and right after the darkest hour, everything becomes 100 times better.


The days are much brighter now with my goal in sight. I need only to remind myself of my goal to feel great about life. My insecurities are still leaking here and there. A feeling of entitlement mixed with high expectations. When i was in my most vaulnrable i kept living in the clouds wishing for what will come, but now i have to plant my feet into the earth and be realistic.

After reading more about the pilot programs it would seem that a solid year of the program will be taken place in San Diego, California. Not only have is it my dream to vist the states one day but i have at least to friends in Cali, or from Cali ;).

Now this… this is something worthy enough to make me jump out of the bed and take this world on.


Halway done moving in the new apartment and neighbors aside this place is pretty crisp. For the longest time have i been thrown around but no more. I have my feet firmly on the ground and now im ready to take on the world.

Tinder been poping up lately, an old classmate is begging me to come visit her in Gothenburg. The gym ” staff ” girl have been going crazy around me. Two days ago i saw her walking behind me just as i was heading put. She legit used the emergancy exist and went outside faster than me, said hi and then went back in through the main entrance.

Today i’ve flirted with her. She was talking about her new job as a bartender in a new bar. I was like ” I would like to see you in a bikini, serving me the best Mojito of my life ” and she was like ” you can count on that ”.

Other than that my people skill have become awsome. People are hitting me up all the time. Its unusual to go a day without at least 5 people calling me.


I have never had 3K usd in my bank account… i have never owend that much money before.ä and im not even working fulltime. Im studying full time and work on my free time. All because of Mogul and Ascended Mogul.

And you know what?!! I want more…


Slowly becoming the man i was meant to be, with money in my account and a place to live, amazing friends and having the courage to do whatever i want. Im starting to appreciate what i have and what i can do.

I went to a city close to Stockholm to do the pilot opptitute test Part 1 i was switching trains every two hours. Did the test, it was allright now waiting for the results. On the way back i saw a very curvy girl hovering around me. Whatever. Then i boarded the train and 15 min later she came and asked me if the seat infront of me was taken. I asked her about the beer she was drinking wondering if that was allowed, she said yes and you could even buy vodka or whisky. Amusing i said. We kept small chatting untill she poured me a large cup and asked me to drink with her. I accepted and later i asked her to exchange numbers.

Looking back on how life was early 2018 im truly happy that i endured everything thrown at me. I am bulletproof. But the question is, what im i going to do. If i have the power to persevere through the hardest of things i might as well aim high. I know that i can the game of life but how big im i going to make it?

With subclub i know damn well one day i will be a millionare but is that enough? There is one way to find out…


More progress on Ascended Mogul. Though it feels a bit slow im progressing through studying, working and having time for people. Im feeling the weight of needing full energy at all time. An hour of missed sleep might cause a chain reaction. The challenge now is to optimize time and energy with the right priorities.

Things are moving fast though not as fast as i had first hoped. This only makes me appreciate the journey and who i will become. That doesnt come easy. Im on the right path though and i have moumentum on my side.


It’s starting to go back full circle. I feel the same as i did 6 months ago in the midst of the most chaotic period of my life. Nothing. The only difference is that im taking on whatever is thrown at me. Thing is im just trying to survive. Barly coming in time when i have meetings, sleeping late, waking up tired and doing everything last-minute just trying to survive.

That’s not how it’s supposed to be. Reality is different from how i envisoned how life would look life. It’s boring, annoying and the only reason why im able to keep it toghether is because i’ve gone through worse. Im just tired. How im i supposed to enjoy life? Im not saying that i need a vacation or go to disney land. Im wondering how can a person be happy even through all that.

Emotional state is the absolute #1 factor which determens outcome. If i feel great then no matter what i do, im simply more likely to succseed . Thats proven. But this shit is beyond me. I cant see how anyone can be happy through all this barrage of endless bullshit. I am making money now, im to busy for boredom or depression. My point is. This is not fun, yet they say its the journey not the destination. How come? Do i have to brainwash myself to enjoy all this sensory bs? I dont even feel like making food. Then id have to cook and then wash the dishes. Id rather starve than do that.

It would seem that i am somehow expecting a diversion, something grand or a reward for all this. There simply isnt. Thing is im unable to accept this boredom. I dont feel a thing, i dont feel like talking to anyone, do anything. It’s all pointless. The only thing keeping me going is the self image of who i want to be.

” Its all shit now but one day it wont be, because i will be X and i will do X ”. If this annoying ass life keeps going i might have to find a new framework which supports my vision.

Sometimes i play the same old sad/angry music i used to play when i was at rock bottom. It feels something at least. Id rather feel pain than nothing. Everything is boring and meaningless. Im too obligated by the stupid ass day to day activities. The way i see it. 99% of people are faking it. Nobody has their shit toghether.

What do i want? I want to be happy, to feel alive. Seems that i cant actually change my emotionless nature no matter how successful i become. Why im i happy 2% of the time? How can i change that? Im just too logical to brainwash myself with the ” be positive schtik ”. Sometimes i just want to escape in the abstract and the world of ideas. Thats a rather fun place to be than this nonsense.

I cant escape my high expectations. Without them id turn apathetic. How can a person be happy with what they have yet strive for improvment. This could be the good ol Ni-Fi loop. I just want to feel alive, at this point all i am is just a walking corpse. Fix your posture, wash your face, brush your teeth, dont forget the 20x things you need to do, be positiv, be productive, be nice to people, show up on time, call this and that etc. At this point all life seems to be is a big ass ” To do ” list and if i forget one thing then everything falls apart. 2 hours of missed sleep can wreck the entire thing.

Now i realise, everyone has it the same. Im no alone in this, nobody is. Thing is people need each other. And im all alone. Even when im around my friends i feel alone. I cant communicate with anyone beyond their stupid sensory day to day bs. It’s always got to be about them. Why? Because thats the price i have to pay for being an intuitive thinker.

The singular-absolut life goal i wished for myself is simply a fantasy. This world is nothing like they way i wanted it to be. If the world does not fit my idea then it means that im doing something worng. If i do it right then it will be how i want it to be. The reality is that no matter how hard i work, im still adjusting to this world. I cant adjust it to be how i want, how i believed and wished for it to be.

Thats not even the worst thing. Even through all this hell something bad will happen. Something so bad it makes you appreciate your day to day bs. You be like ” wow i had it so good why was i bitching so much? ” Thats not fair now is it… You just end up hurting yourself more.

The solution? Happiness and how to find it.


Feeling much better now and less burdned. I was unable to tell how tired i am. All those 4 hour sleep nights were taking its toll not to mention the bad food. I haven’t been at the gym for a while now. That helped tons.

Ascended Mogul is no joke. It hits like a one ton hammer and i see those 2% improvements everyday. I just need to sleep good and prevent unneccisay stress.


The key to my biggest breakthrough yet is tearing down false idols and by that is mean i had to give up this grand idea of who i want to become. The over serious human who does everything at 100% efficently and is somehow always winning. That is just unreal.

Having Mogul feels like there im being pulled towards the right direction. I could stray off the path for a while but now matter what, im being pulled back in. Not only that. I have gone through enough that i can now just let go and believe that i am could deal with whatever being thrown at me. I dont have to be on the defence anymore.

The false idols are finally down.


Yeah. There is no bullshit with Ascended Mogul.

It’s 100% real. You cannot base yourself on falsehoods. It can be tough, and you can’t hide yourself from it, but if you’re not being real and not building something on the REAL YOU, what is the point?

That is why every success feels so sweet on SubClub - you’re building the real you up, not some fake mask or even idea of how you should be that someone else has made for you, that can crumble in a second.

It’s all 100% real, it’s all 100% based on you.

No bullshit. :slightly_smiling_face:


A.M, Ascended Mogul, never ceases to amaze me. Just after another hurdle of hardships i came out on top stronger than ever. My mood is considerably better. At the gym im going so hard i feel nervious to keep going because i might rip a muscle.

5 days ago i met with a cute girl while randomly. We talked for a bit and it seemed that we are heading towards the same destination. We walked toghether, i made her laugh and she was complimenting me non stop. I asked for her snapchat. She is a dentist, high self esteem cutie.

We went out on a date yesterday and it was fun. She was 10 times more impressed and invested in me than me i was in her. No nerviousnessn and no hesitation.

Can’t say i have ever felt so confident in my life as i do now. I am indestructable, i am the ascended mogul.


Amazing, simply amazing. I can now be social for as long as i want to. I care so little i feel like im in the zone 24/7 and the evidence is how differently people treat me.

An older gym friend who i havent seen in years is like his cool friend while before i used to supplicate to him.

An old friend i sat with on the buss with touching me non stop and laughing for no reason. Even my voice is different. I used to feel like i had a collar around my throat when i talk to people. Not anymore.

Using Ascended Mogul every other day seems the like the optimal choice for me.