To a new start and direction

Keeping a journal to document my time and progress.

I tend to have low motivation and consistency. Choosing exec and limit destroyer to help me.

I’m in the process of moving to another state .I have to pack , look for another job ,etc.
I started to listen last Sunday around 2 30 am - 1 loop exec.
Missed Tuesday by sleeping and waking up late.
Started again the next day by adding limit destroyer 1 loop.
Today is my rest day.
Bought a container during the week to put my oils and finally did that today , small step.
Starting an online class tomorrow that i wanted to do before , another step


Did 1 loop each this morning at work.Went through mail, papers and trash to get rid off.I have been trying to do this task for weeks now.
Another a step forward.
Feeling better.


Reduced my listening time today to 5 mns 1 loop each for both subs.
Bought food to cook for myself yesterday and today which is great because I was thinking buying food instead.I’m going back to doing my smoothies starting tomorrow.

Feel like progress

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Went grocery shopping Wednesday and Thursday.Going to enroll in another online class I wanted to do.
Didn’t like the pay raise % I got after my evaluation. Talked to my boss yesterday and got 9x higher.Didn’t feel anxious.

Going to increase the subs to 7 mns and see how it goes

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Increasing the subs 7 mns seem to work better Skipped thursday and listened on friday instead.Maybe i should do 2 days off instead of one.Got more boxes for packing.
Seperated the stuff i’m keeping ,giving away and throwing away.Went to the donation box this morning to give clothes, shoes, and other items.Went to staples to recycle the desktop computers and printer ,received money rewards for that.
A big progress in the right direction.

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I had a headache today so I only did 10 mns for both subs.I m glad that i m cooking more for myself.Everyday I do something towards my goal,
I m happy about that.
I m taking off from work Thursday to continue packing my stuff.

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I have been doing 7 mns fir both subs.I m cooking for myself .I m so happy that I only have 1 more box left to go through then I am done packing .This is such a huge task for me.i

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I’m so happy that my place is clean now.I donated the big items and everything I didn’t need anymore. I didn’t feel overwhelmed like i usually get when i start a big project.

Lots of garbage bags in the trash.
Now, only my everyday stuff are outside, the rest are packed , boxed and ready to do.
I’m so proud of myself.
Before the sub , i would start and stop after 2 days. i would mind rehearse this project but never the motivation and persistence to finish.

Thank you to subclub and the guys on my suggestions thread who helped me.

Pro tip: I printed a big picture of a clean living room with a woman cleaning happily on my wall as my goal.

Now, next step is to find a new job .


March 19th. 2:20 am

Started a new run today with rich + lbfh.

1 full loop each.

Journaling after listening since I feel wide awake now.

When to work and my co worker offer me food.

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Today is my rest day.I received a cute new bag from a co worker and an incense box from another.

Going to do start a manifestation technique today so I can receive more.

I am a great receiver .

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