TMB - Project Ultima


Hey Y’all

So I was super eager to try out the project when I received it so made sure my headphones were ready and waiting for when I woke up.

I listened to Ultima for one loop as I didn’t have much time to listen, may listen for one more loop later this evening. I usually look for signs the sub was working and all I noticed so far was a happiness feeling. Whilst Ultima was playing I was doing a little wiggle and dance on the bed and could feel more energy.

Once it had finished playing, or even part way through however I had felt tired and like I needed to go back to sleep again - to the point I closed my eyes to listen to it during the end of it.

I felt happy throughout the day and have had a great day until I had an argument with my partner which has been happening the last few days so nothing related to the sub - however I did feel just quite calm and easy which isn’t entirely normal for me as I do tend to get angry quite quickly. I’ve been for a walk and seemed to feel pretty calm all the way through - normally I’d have it on my mind - I was pretty chill. Maybe sub related? Who knows.

Other than that I haven’t really noticed too much and I’ve only had one loop so far so we shall see if there’s anything else to discover. Going to try another loop either today or tomorrow.



This is probably my thoughts overthinking what could be going on haha but I wanted to write this down anyway just incase.

So, I had a singing lesson today, the song was bought to me 30 minutes before the lesson and I didn’t know too much about it, but the lesson went super well - again I was happy at the time, I was learning Chasing Cars - now Chasing Cars to me is about just wanting to be with that person and being together. I actually just read the Wiki page to see the background behind the song.

Like I said, I had an argument with my partner earlier which has been happening for a few days now - but it was an argument that kind of, so far, has lead to us being united kind of. Realising that we do want to be with each other, regardless of what’s going on and that we are continually chasing each other.

Is it possible I manifested that? Or am I over thinking what could be going on with the subliminal?

I saw in the testing thread that Saint suggested possible results in a day.

Maybe this could be the case, maybe I’m overthinking. Who knows?

All I know right now is that that is pretty cool, and that right now I’m in good energies and I’m enjoying myself.


It’s 3:39am right now and I’m feeling super clean. Had those incidents above happen and and some stupid incident tonight wherein scared my boyfriend (for fun - just something I normally do :joy:) and didn’t realise he had a cotton bud in which meant he hurt himself.

Normally during something like this I’d get super defensive and annoyed because clearly something like that would be an accident. He’d get overdramatic - like he did - but I wasn’t annoyed or defensive. I let it go and helped him out.

I can definitely feel something of a difference in the way I’m conducting myself - whether it’s down to the sub or not is the question however it’s the only thing I’ve changed really.

Definitely feeling calm and whilst I feel tired, till energetic if that makes sense? Like I can push through?

Again, this is all from one loop and it’s via the test so it may just be me but this is what I’m noticing.

Going to do B in the morning.


Currently listening to B and I feel super tired already. This is the first loop and I’m going to listen to 2 loops as I’ve got more time today.

I’m going to take a break after the first loop and then listen to the B part later this evening.

The B side is definitely hitting different, I don’t know how to explain what’s going on but it just feels different to yesterday’s.


Still listening to B and I’m feeling something pulsing through me, like I’m aware of an energy through my body.

Also a tingling feeling, as if the hairs on my skin are standing up.

Update 2:

I’m editing and journalling everything I’m feeling as I’m listening to the B track so I don’t forget however I’ll also come back later to journal the possible effects.

B feels different to me than A does. B is a bundle of energy, remember how I said I felt tired? Well I still do however I feel like I can go and take on the world. I’m nearly 40 minutes in the track and I want to go do work - I’m excited, motivated and all that exciting stuff.

I closed my eyes to listen to B about 1/4 way through - now I can’t stay still normally to meditate however I’ve felt so good on B so far and I want to continue listening to it. It felt as if I was being pulled to do the things I want to achieve in life.

One thing I noticed was normally I can’t visualise very well in terms of imagery - hence why I wanted Minds Eye however whilst listening to the track I started visualising things super clearly for me. Not to the point it I felt in the picture but I can see details clearly.

At the first the pictures were random - me in a truck on a highway - bare in mind, I can’t drive as I’ve never taken lessons - so to me this is random- however I noticed I was visualising as it happened so I started to think about things I wanted to achieve and what happened? I could visualise the outcome already happening. I’ve never been able to do this before - visualization is actually always the step I would skip when I used to do Law of Attracton stuff because I could never do it. How is it that suddenly after listening to this track, well, during the track that I can suddenly do it?

I feel strong and powerful right now, still tired, but hella motivated and ready to go. I’m excited at the moment. I feel so good.


So it’s been about 6 hours now and I’ve just woken up from a nap and I still feel Hella tired - as if whatever was in the sub needs time to process but I also feel great!

I feel motivated and ready to accomplish whatever needs to. I feel mentally strong and ready for whatever needs to be done. I feel productive.

One thing I’m starting to notice which may be from the sub is that I’m manifesting nearly instantly. This may be coincidental but follows off my thoughts and posts from yesterday so I’m experimenting with it.

The problem is that I’m manifesting the good and the bad, or semi bad right now.

So, just things I’ve been thinking about - even silly things such as ‘I need to empty this cup of tea more as it’s nearly overflowing’ and then two seconds later knocking myself to where I’m spilling the tea…ultimately having it emptied a little aha.

I’m experimenting by focusing on the things I want to to happen and seeing how it goes.

Other than that, I’m super calm and feel great.


Had an absolutely brilliant day yesterday and everything was going super well until my boyfriend annoyed me, however again I was super calm and things resolved by itself.

This morning I woke up in a really annoyed mood and tired, even though I didn’t use any subs in the evening, and I had 8 hours of sleep - normally I get 6.

Note: I haven’t used Ultima during the night like I have my other subs and my other subs have been have been put on hold until Ultima is finished testing.

I’ve decided to go for a walk and I’ve started playing A of Ultima whilst I walk. I’m feeling great and my mood from this morning has faded, I’ve woken up ready for the day.

I don’t feel the extreme energy I did on the B side as of yet which I’m actually craving but it feels like A is gradually building up.

Physically I’m feeling tight and sore everywhere, but that could be from overall lack of movement in total.

I’m starting to feel productive and eager to work whilst I’m listening and whilst I type as I have goals to hit this month and my focus is on them and positively smashing them out of the water.

I’m very much focusing on everything positive I want at the moment and being careful about the negatives and trying to stay in the present for it.

As I’m walking now, I’m starting to notice a power about myself and how energy is connected to everything. The nature that I’m walking past feels connected to me and I feel more at peace and at one.

I’ve still got 15 minutes of the track to go but I’m excited to finish and update later.

As of right now, I’ve still only done 1 loop per track so I’m really going to make the time to do 2. One prefebly in the morning and one in the evening.


I’m about to start track A for the second time today even though it’s 2am - so it’s been a while since I last posted.

So much stuff has happened today and I’m still getting that manifestation effect. I’ve been so super tired that I’ve had to have a nap already today and even now I’m still tired but going to pull through and listen to A before I sleep.

My targets that I’m working on are getting hit even though by accident, I wish I could explain properly, and I genuinely feel like it’s down to the subs because I was far away and now I feel like it’s happening.

I feel good, calm, powerful, magical - the manifestation experiences I’m receiving are super super cool and I’m so genuinely grateful for them. Again, may not be the sub but I’m feeling like it is - too many coincendences for it not to be.

Will do my second loop now.


So, it’s been about 12 hours since I used track A.

Woke up feeling good, slight headache but I feel good. I decided to see the effects of A when I woke up and all I can say is that as per usual I felt calm, good, and ready for the day but nothing out of the ordinary.

Gave it a few hours before I decided to listen to B which I’m currently listening to now on my first loop. I had to interrupt it half way through as a sales person came to the door. Again, I was calm and found myself super approachable. This is my first proper interaction with someone other than a family member/boyfriend that I’ve spoken to. Now, as we know - I’m gay, but it felt super easy to talk to her, ‘seduce’ and persuade her. I’m truly introverted so this is a mighty feat for me. The connection felt super cool and good, and I’m noticing that effect now that I think about it. Amazing for me.

I’m nearly finished with B and, again, focusing on manifestation of my goals for today. I have a super big goal that I want to hit today and I’m sure I’ll hit it. I’m motivated and super energised so this is going to happen, and I’m ready for it. I’m doing well so far and I feel incredible about it.

In regards to which track feels better to me, B feels like it hits me near instantly and that I’m feeling super energy towards my day, it feels as if I can conquer anything and manifest whatever I like into my reality. It gives me hope towards my day and makes me feel great about myself so far.

It does make me feel super tired, as if I should take a rest day but both tracks seem to kind of do that. Maybe it does require a rest? I’m not sure.

B has just finished and I’m feeling tired. But I’m pushing through.


Been a bit longer than 4/5 hours again however I’ve been feeling overwhelmed today on B.

My stress levels were super high as I was aiming to hit a target that I didn’t hit, I hit a lower target which is way better than last month still. I think B kept me willing to work at hitting that target but now I have a headache and I’m super tired.

I’ve noticed a couple headaches whilst on this Sub but that could be a number of factors - the headphones I have can be super uncomfortable to wear - especially for an hour but it’s worth it so far.

I felt energised throughout the day, determined and willing to push through whatever I needed - a little grumpy need the end whilst I kept working and wanted to chill but I truly believe B is pushing me to be productive and work at my goals. It’s like it’s demanding action.

Time to go to sleep and allow everything to process.


Woke up good, not great but good, had a good sleep and rest ready to start working all over again.

Currently listening to A track for the first time today and I’m about 15 minutes in so far, I’m feeling productive and going to clean out my room whilst I’m listening to the track. My headphones have a transparency mode (not the actually what it’s called but I know that’s it on the Airpod Pros which they’re not) to allow me to listening to my boyfriend whilst I clean and also listen to the audio. This is something I could have used yesterday when answering the door but it’s benefit anyway.

Checked my phone this morning to play track A and saw my phone already had track A up, because it goes by the last song that was played - does this mean I played it yesterday instead of track B and maybe my posts relate to the reasons I felt like I did because it was truly track A? Maybe. However, we are going to continue off and do track A and see how I feel for now.

If it wasn’t track B yesterday it would explain why I didn’t feel the energy I have done and why I wasn’t feeling the same why I did when I felt the B track. Don’t get me wrong, I feel good and all sorts on A but track B feels like it gives me superpowers. We shall see on any observations over today and tomorrow. It’s a definite advantage in the way I’m looKing at it.


Four hours later and my head is pounding. I have a headache and need to have a nap but the room is annoying me since it’s still not clean :sob:.

I have stuff to do and I’m tired, everything’s feeling like a bit of a struggle honestly.

I’m good in myself but my head is hurting and I’m super hungry but also frustrated as heck already. Gahhh.


Take a rest day if you need it. Quite a few testers are reporting feeling burned out.


Definitely feeling burned out and sick at the moment. Will have a nap and see how I feel tomorrow but it definitely has to be related to the sub as I’ve had slight headaches leading to pounding ones since the 2nd/3rd day.


So last night I only ended up napping for about 15 minutes and it truly showed how tired I was as lately I’ve been sleeping at 4am-6am yet yesterday fell asleep at 1/2am.

I’ve woken up at 8am and still feel super tired however I’m pushing forward with B right now and it feels great. Whilst I’m feeling super tired and just know I’m going to have a nap later, B makes me feel super energised again and like I can physically push forward with whatever I need to do. It’s as if it’s making me take the action I need to get what I want done, I can’t stop thinking about it - great in my book. I definitely prefer the B track out of the two as A pushes me but not as much as B seems to.

Mentally I’m super tired but physically I want to go go go. So may go take advantage and use the energy I have before I need a nap.

Going to see how I feel later on or after a nap to determine whether a rest day is necessary or not. At the moment, seemingly so, however this energy wants to keep pushing forward towards productivity.


Nap time is coming, I’m not feeling the same on B as I was the other day, maybe some down time needed.

Bare in mind there is only one time, maybe twice?, that I’ve played the loop more than twice so for me to get this off one loop each day is incredible. This is clearly something super powerful and I’m feeling as if it won’t be necessary to play this every day, regardless between A and B.

This feels like what Terminus was like but I didn’t feel like this after a couple days, it took about 5/6 days whereas Ultima has made me feel like this after 2/3. I truly think a rest day is necessary. I’ve gone from a huge high to a massive low. Energy flat lines a couple hours after - like caffeine, which I don’t have.

I feel like I could keep going physically but mentally I’m dry of functional energy and cloudy.


My nap was so weird, it felt like my mind was wide awake and I could hear literally every little noise, but my body went to sleep - so now I’m more tired than I was before. I could hear the kids across the road playing, the sound of nature, people talking, and I must have been dreaming at stop time however it’s such a blur because I literally just remember colours.

Guys it feels so weird. No idea what was happening but I’m still tired.


So I ended up having another nap last night as I was exhausted and fell asleep to the B track, I could not wake up properly. It’s literally like my mind just wouldn’t let me up and I had to drag myself out of bed.

Few hours later and here I am at 5:05am wide awake and feeling fucking incredible. I don’t know if it just took time to process and I needed sleep but I feel great. Slight headache but feeling way better and and if the sub is working and doing its magic.

I have to go back to sleep as I’ve got a bunch of work to do tomorrow however it’s good to feel energised again.

Main Discussion Thread - Q

So I’ve had a busy day! Been constantly doing something so I haven’t had the chance to update however I was tired today after I woke up this morning. I was up and ready though physically, like my body had energy still. I listened to A whilst watching a TV show with my boyfriend earlier and I found it so much easier for it to process during that time rather than focusing on the subliminal because my mind was preoccupied with something else.

Gonna do it again with A as I’ve decided to up to 2 loops now. I feel like I needed the one loop until this point and I’ve got what I believe to be 2 more days so I wanna see the experience of two loops a day now.

After reading other journals I’m starting to realise that we have a similar thing in common, we are needing less sleep and that it doesn’t feel like we are getting to sleep. My brain is constantly thinking about something and my body is just sleeping - at least for me. Is anyone else feeling like the latter?

So when I wake up I’m just mentally tired and pulling myself around but I’m able to just pull myself to do what I need to do. I feel this mainly on A which is what I used today - and again I needed a nap mid way through the day but I got a lot of what I needed to do today done. I do feel a little less disorganised on B but I prefer the energy B gives me.

Also, during this thinking time I’m definitely more aware of the fact I’m dreaming however my short term memory loss is making me forget them, I just see colours and all that kind of stuff - nothing including myself or anyone else as of yet. I can definitely feel the processing of both subs when I’m using them compared to other subs.

In regards to reconcilation, I feel way less than normal subs - normally I hit reconcilation quite quickly and hard on powerful subs but I don’t feel like I’m hitting anything like that besides just being tired and having to process everything. I feel like everything is quite smooth. Sounds contradicting and I am getting headaches but I’m putting it down to my sleep - it’s workable headaches now too.

So far throughout the week I feel a bunch of energy, a bunch of productivity, action taking, ideas, creativity etc however I also feel a huge crash where I need to sleep but I’m not truly sleeping as my mind is awake, and then I’m up and running again physically.


I haven’t listened to the sub yet today, going to do it soon however I just wanted to make a note that I’ve been seeing a lot of angel numbers recently. Saw 555, 333, 111 etc. I’ve noticed others have too. Interesting.

Also, I may have to reverse my thoughts on this build slightly, maybe it does need more rest. I feel once the sub has processed you feel fucking amazing on it, whether A or B and there’s been two times I’ve felt so so powerful and really felt the height of the subs powers for both tracks. Every other time I’ve felt great but not as powerful as those two times.

Maybe more rest for Ultima is necessary. I feel like even once/twice a week for this would run you whatever you needed for the week from the build.


Still seeing angel numbers. 888 today in someone’s live stream on that app and it’s making me feel special haha.

I listened to B earlier whilst watching American Horror Story and straight after listening I needed a nap. Bare in mind I had already had a longer one earlier in the day.

This sub is so so powerful, I can feel it hitting straight away but feel like it overloads my body/mind and instead of feeling hit with energy straight away, I crash. I’m assuming this is what’s happening anyway - just going off what’s occuring to me.