Tips on nailing nutrition for optimum physique wellbeing strength power?

@invictus (any other bodybuilder or gym goers)

What are some ways to have good diet consistent on the cheaper side. Not having to be too obsessive measuring calories and macros. Tasty food. Are there any like nutrition systems that require least willpower and can be integrated as automatic and easy.



Sorry to break it to you brother, but this…

And this…

And this…

Don’t really go in the same sentence.

If you want a good body, then you need willpower.

Now I understand what you want is a simple and more effective way to diet, but while my diet is fun, it requires counting every macro as much as possible, which is why I can eat pizzas and burgers daily while reaching my goals, so if you have the willpower to do that, then search about IIFYM.

Other than that you can try intermittent fasting, high protein diets, or just download MyFitnessPal and make your life easier.


Alright haha I used to do that like 8 years ago but it was too obsessive and i fell off hard. I’m not training to compete at a physique competition or something just looking for something sustainable.

If you want to eat the food that you want while still being in decent shape, you have to count your macros; there’s no other way around it.

If you don’t want to count your macros, you’ll have to take a healthier approach to your diet and have an intuitive understanding of macros, which can’t really be developed without going through the macro counting phase.

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What’s your goal gaining muscle or losing fat?

This or what I do is I make low calorie homemade versions of my favorite foods. For example, I want pancakes? I make kino pancakes so filling for almost 5 hours and only 700 calories. Wanted a burger or a burrito bowl? I make my own and it’s around 900 calories.

A lot of resto and fast food places have so many calories in their foods because of the crazy amount of fat they put in their food (One gram of fat is 9 calories) and that’s why when you eat it’s very easy to overeat and not be in a calorie deficit (If your cutting).

For example, a baconator at wendys is 920 calories. This is small, not filling and not really good for your health. I could make the exact same burger but with nutrient dense foods, good macros and around 720 calories that would fill me up for 4 hour if not more.


If your goal is cutting, Kinobody would be the best for your situation.

Yeah I wanna maybe stay same weight while increasing muscle mass. Gotta save up fir kinobody

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