Time-Related Modules

Can someone suggest some time-related modules other than Khronos Key?

I’m having a realization that money can always be earned, but time is something that I cannot get back once it goes by.

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HERO: Origins



Does anyone have any experience with this module?

Ohh my bad sleepy me. Your right.

Coming at it from another angle, there are also those modules that focus on Presence.

EGO ADSUM, Everpresent, and others

Also, any module that supports Flow and Flow States, will speak to your relationship with time. That includes a number of program core modules as well:

Revelation of Mind, Revelation of Spirit, Ascension Chamber, Quantum Limitless/Limitless. The Streams, The Lines, and others

Any module that deepens the experience and recognition of Beauty, of Rightness, and of Appreciation will also influence one’s relationship with time:

Gratitude Embodiment, The Wonder, The Flow, Starfilled Night, and others

The Monk Mode modules will also accomplish a similar outcome:

Monk Mode, Sanctuary, and others

Time is such a fundamental dimension of human experience that there are, in fact, myriad modules and main store programs that will influence our relationship to (and construction of) it.


This - if you want to appreciate time, then make the best out of every second you have

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If someone was for some reason unwilling or unable to work with Major Programs, I think that the following 5 modules would offer an excellent workshop in Time:

Void of Creation, Wheel of Creation, Sands of Time, Ascension Chamber, and Khronos Key.

The thing is, all of that functionality would be captured in the combination of Revelation of Spirit and Revelation of Mind.

I think it’s pretty well-known at this time that Subjective Time is a function of one’s quality and focus of attention.

Well, the adventure freaking continues…


Money and time are both resources that you can spend on the things that you value. Meaning any module that helps you do more of what you love & less of what you don’t like will be a module that gives you a better return for your time invested

And I also have a thread about a fantasy custom related to “flow states”

Do some research if you don’t know what ai’m referring to, but flow states lead to a huge “time dilation” effect where time becomes COMPLETELY distorted. You get so engrossed in what you’re doing, that hours feel like they fly by…

But flow is also used when snowboarders, for example, rip down a mountain at the speed of sound, yet to them they feel this moment where time slows down and they hit every corner calmly, perfectly, as if they have all the time in the world - because they experience time dilation and actually DO have all the time in the world.

So check out flow as a way to manipulate time if that interests you

I had it in one of my custom , but I couldnt discern as to what its doing exactly .

However , reading this tells me , Productivity Subs like EmpB , LE can be a good choice to go for .

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I also wonder if SAM//VANA might provide insights on time.