Steven Kotler Flow States Custom

So this’ll be a dump thread that I use to consider what modules might be useful to add to a custom with the goal of getting into deep “flow states” every day.

Also known as Deep Work by Cal Newport, Peak States by Anders Ericsson, and Peak Experiences/Flow by Me-High Cheek-Set-Me-High (that’s how it’s pronounced, that’s how i spell it, lol.)

I won’t worry too much about cores for this thread, but I can imagine Genesis + LE would be great for this…

I’m more interested in the modules

This was actually inspired by @Prioritas and @Fractal_Explorer starting conversations about Genesis custom, and while I was playing around with those ideas, I was also looking at the “flow states/deep focus” modules without meaning to.

Any ideas post 'em!



Remove the blocks from being able to learn any skill, remove any blocks from your potential

  1. Skill development
  2. Blocks stopping you from getting in the way of investing the time/energy needed to get into flow and develop skills

Subconscious Flow

When doing any sort of skill, there are always numerous micro-adjustments to be made. For example, when lifting a dumbbell a tiniest adjustment could result in better form and hence better results. Or, you could be talking to others and some very small adjustments could lead to a whole new positive impression.Subconscious Flow helps your subconscious guide you towards making these small adjustments automatically. Over time, Subconscious Flow will add up and assist you in rapidly progressing in any skill you choose and develop a greater sense of flow with any skill.

Wheel Of Creation

Ability to understand “creation” to it’s core, including creating works of art and the process of creation (flow) itself.


Time for yourself where you can reflect on who you are, your needs, your practices, creative work and even reality itself. Sometimes, all you want is focus, calm and peace. Sanctuary is the module to help you withdraw from the world for a time, allowing you to introspect and do what really matters to you. You can also use Sanctuary when your life is more hectic than you’d like it to be, or you are constantly being distracted by others around you – your life will gradually become calmer and calmer. Finally, you can also use Sanctuary to withdraw from the world for an intense period of practice and inner work, which Sanctuary will help you have the focus and dedication for.

Productivity Unleashed

Focus during work

Monk Mode

Helps you mostly detach but maintain the relationships important to you - great for someone dedicated to a LIFETIME of flow

Information Releaser

Access to the subconscious


Access information in new ways, “especially useful to analytical minds” like meeeee

Deep State and/or Khronos Key

Lose yourself in the depth of flow

The Lines, IQ Cog Booster, The Streams, Single Point

  • Think through multiple possibilities
  • General Booster
  • Hold multiple thoughts at same time
  • Focus/Flow

Book Blitz & Ultimate Writer (Or Sacred Words)

A personal choice if I were to get into flow relating to reading/writing… that may also mean informaticon gets added too.

And that’s pretty much the store…

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Wow if I did EVERY SINGLE MODULE plus one Core, it’d only be 17 modules

And I absolutely wouldn’t need EVERY module. This is looking nice :slight_smile:

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Throwing my hat in the ring here.

What about stress displacement? You’ve got sanctuary in there, but stress displacement might help with more immediacy from quick distracting stress on your way to the full goals of sanctuary.

Also Psyche Augmentation might be good too. The description can be a bit extreme, but the mechanism of action seems like it would help you block out anything that gets in the way of flow. I guess that depends on how influenced you are by these things

Psyche Augmentation aims to strengthen your psyche so that not only it is able to discard and reject the harmful influences (regardless of the source – modern life, toxic people, harmful habits, illusory and harmful self help or spiritual modalities, etc.) but grow stronger, becoming better able to discern the good from the bad and utilize the positive aspects much more powerfully, including positive and growth-inducing subliminal input.

And one more I thought of Everpresent. It’s got more of a spiritual angle, but it might work well with Subconscious Flow. Subconscious Flow is automatic, but Everpresent might make you more aware of smaller things that you could feed into the automation of Subconscious Flow. Sort of a feedback loop of a deepening awareness of yourself while simultaneously building more flow due to that awareness.

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Oooh very very good suggestions! I’d say Ego Adsum instead of Everpresent. Stress displacement would be very good too, can’t be in flow if you’re stressed :stuck_out_tongue:


So another thought here because when I was building out my custom I was very specific on what could bring up additional recon and cut it out.

Do you have any limiting beliefs when it comes to intelligence or building a more powerful mind ?

These are the 6 factors of flow

Autotelic means pleasurable and meaningful

@Fractal_Explorer i do have some limiting beliefs whenit comes to focus, distractibility, impulsivity,


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Immediate Feedback

Clear Goals

Skill/Challenge ratio

Do you feel like those issues are more of a lack of discipline/strength or a consequence of emotional experience you might get caught up in?

Good question

If i were to only choose between the two, I’d say discipline.

The issue is definitely in part discipline.

And maybe the deeper reason is caused by discipline issues so it’s a vicious cycle…

but basically I think the deeper reason behind why i don’t feel i access enough flow states and concentrate enough is often times a lack of clarity… i rarely know what to work on, i’m trained on reactivity, not proactivity.

That’s a discipline issue but also a “what’s worth being disciplined for?” issue.

Ahhhh that makes sense. I can see how a Genesis custom would definitely help.

Yeah clarity is a tough one. Is it possible that’s a form of procrastination? Like your mind waiting for a crystal clear vision before getting started?

Another good question

First of all this isn’t a productivity custom it’s a flow custom, so, procrastination doesn’t really feel like the right word unless we’re talking about procrastinating the “deeply purposeful” pursuit I could be going down.

In which case, yes, it feels like more of an emotional disturbance as you mentioned earlier, where the fear causes me to think of “purpose” like pursuits, then feel some fear, then not pursue them, then not have a “purpose”

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The new ultimate writer, Renaissance man, has scripting directly stated to help the user access flow states, remove fear of criticism,

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I think the next update might even be Renaissance Man (not ultimate writer - standard RM)

Everything is within. Everything exists. you just have to create it

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I’m of the belief that life procrastination is possible. Seen too many people in my life do that. It’s definitely complex and deceptive. But like you said fear is a huge component to it.

What are you looking to utilize the flow states for? I know you said you don’t have a clear vision yet but it sounds like you have a bit of something to focus on.

Didn’t realize this thread existed, til you linked to it from Season 1 thread. Brand new fan here of Kotler and I’m going through his Zero to Dangerous paid mentorship right now.

niiiiice i’m going through it too. Are you in the actual paid program, or did you download it off a course selling site (like I did)

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Unfortunately, I paid $6900 for it. Shoulda talked to you first I guess.

Tbh I am still considering buying it even though I have the download - the sense of community & exercises & coaching & taking the course overall more seriously would be worth it