Throp's Custom Intelligence Stack

Hello all,

I am writing this message to get some opinions on a custom subliminal rough draft.

I’m currently running Quantum Limitless and I will not be ordering the stack, or anything related, until I have finished my QL run (~6-8mo). However, I would like to plan now so I can maximize the custom stack for when the time comes.

I would say my goal is very focused and consists of increasing intelligence and cognitive abilities. So much so that I created the stack with the idea of one main core and everything else being a booster or playing some supportive role.

I would greatly appreciate any help with optimizing this stack. I’m not sure if there are redundant modules I should remove, or if I have the wrong idea entirely.


  • QL ST4
  • Dragon Reborn Limit Destroyer/Ascension Chamber/RoM - Maybe (Need 2nd opinion)


  1. The Architect: Energy → Development; Stop feeling tired
  2. Pragya: Assimilate subliminal instructions at a faster pace
  3. Overdrive: Make Subliminal Endeavors more successful
  4. Naturalizer: Make Subliminal process more natural
  5. Information Releaser: Release info in subconscious mind
  6. Merger of Worlds: Connect Conscious/Subconscious
  7. Mosaic: Help blend subs together
  8. Atman: Limit Remover → Become limitless
  9. Unlimiter: Limit Remover → Remove all limitations
  10. Energetic Dev XI: Booster/Energy → Greater results with subliminals
  11. Deus: Booster → Ever growing output
  12. IQ + Cog boost Booster: → Physical brain improvement
  13. Omnidimensional: Booster → Quantum infinite angles of improvement
  14. Subconscious flow: Booster → Micro Adjustments to mastery(shortcuts)
  15. Blue Skies: Booster → Push growth
  16. Divine Will: Booster → Control towards goals
  17. Jupiter: Booster: → Development of manifestation
  18. Tyrant: Booster → Development of manifestation(Cog boost)
  19. Yggdrasil: Booster → Speed up manifest pathways

Thank you in advance.


Quick tip - no need to put AscCh into a custom if you’re not sure about it - you can always play around with how much/little you listen to it on the side, as it doesn’t take up a “spot” in your stack

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And you have waaaaay too many results enhancers.

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If you haven’t already ran 1-2 cycles of QL st 1,2,3… don’t get a ST4 custom. That’s like bench pressing the 300 lb bar… not only without warming up that day, but also without even having ever trained before

You just joined the forum yesterday so I don’t know if you’re new or just a lurker, but, jumping straight to QLST4 and straight to DR: Limit Destroyer are both bad ideas so I’m assuming you’re fairly new

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Happy to help you create a intelligence stack tho, that includes QL and cog boosters :slight_smile:

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Hello Ouroboros,

Thank you for reaching out!

I will note this down.

You are completely right. I just wasn’t sure how I should approach it. My main goal is to have the intelligence sub be like a compound interest graph that exponentially gets better as time progresses.

I also completely agree with you. I should have explicity stated that the 6-8 months before I make the custom would be dedicated to running QL in its entirety doing 1-2 cycles per stage.

Thank you! Im posting this thread now so I have the next 6-8months to be further educated on
custom subliminals before creating my own.

I am new, so please forgive me. My current schedule now is listening to about 3 minutes and 10 sec of QL st1 every other day until the washout and slowly progessing if no recon is triggered. I hope I don’t convey the idea that I’m trying to go all out and burn myself out. I am completely content with a slow and steady rate of progress.

Again, thank you for reaching out :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re welcome man!

Really glad you’re doing it right, going slow and steady, not jumping straight into 15 min loops every other day, and running through all the stages. That’s exactly how I’d recommend doing it!

I’ll give you something to chew on that might help you…

You’re not gonna feel anything on QLST1.

QLST2 will start to get a little juicy.

QLST3/4 will be really good. But you’ll have to wait a minimum of 2 full cycles, ideally 4 cycles, before you arrive at ST3.

And this is completely normal as multistagers are meant to be a slow burn, with massive results at the end.

Running a second subliminal alongside QL would give you the patience and progress you’d need to stick to each sub for long enough to extract maximal value.

Two subs that come to mind are Genesis and Limitless Executive.

Limitless executive is a productivity subliminal, for taking more action and being more mentally organized with better executive functioning aka organization, planning, etc, paired with a subliminal called beyond limitless which is about maximizing your brain’s current capacity NOW… opposite to QL’s goal of maximizing brain capacity “long term.”

So that could be really good to stack alongside QL if you’re so so so deep into intelligence stacking that you want to maximize it… and the action taking alongside full expression will allow you to… well… take more action (duh) which will help you get better sub results.


You could run genesis. One of the newest subs so all the tech is maxed out. There’s executive-inspired action taking scripting, some cognitive enhancement scripting (I believe…), some confidence, some super super light healing, some social boosts, and rather than cognitive enhancement I would call it cognitive “cohesion…” meaning it integrates all your parts so you flow better. That results in purpose, which is the stated result of that cohesion sciripting, and a better understanding of yourself, another stated effect… but I think of a deeper layer it helps you tap into your subconscious, which is important because it’ll allow you to work on things that you care about, which will result in increased motivation, which will result in better outputs, which will look like more intelligence but it’s actually more passion… AND it’ll result in greater access to your subconscious for creative ideas, connecting the dots, epiphanies, insights, which are all other definitions of the word “intelligence.”

& how to choose between the two is super simple.

If you’re running subs to narrowly improve work/school/coding/etc performance, and you’re doing that every day at least 4 hours per day, 5 day per week, right now, stack QL with Limitless Executive, so that Limitless Executive skyrockets your productivity there.

If you’re running subs to improve quality of life, and your intelligence is your way of doing so, but you want full spectrum work success, social success, emotional and purposeful success, stack QL with Genesis, so everything improves all at once.

It’s that simple :slight_smile:

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Actual dog bone.

I see. Although I feel fine now, I think it would be better if I added something like beyond limitless so I can immediately start to reap some benefits so I would be okay with going even slower and more in-depth on QL. However, I can’t really pinpoint whether I should choose Beyond Limitless or Limitless Executive. I think that beyond limitless would work better for my situation and my goals.

In the future I will definitely give Genesis a try.


I was so baffled(in a good way) at your advice I forgot to quote this lol.

Before you build a custom with those two cores, run ST4 and DR:LD together in a stack. Remember that these products don’t ever “stop” so long as you run them, they will continue to grow with you and will keep working. That’s to say that if you build this with a healing title, the healing is going to continue activating.

Healing is great, and needed, but healing can at times “distract” from other objectives because it tends to be prioritized. This is either good or bad depending on circumstance.

A very long way of saying, try the stack before you build the title. Also, run your stack for at least 2 cycles. 1 cycle just isn’t enough time to gage the growth direction.

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if QL seems a bit boring, try stacking it with Genesis, Limitless Executive, or Beyond Limitless.

Just curious, what are you looking to improve your intelligence for specifically?

At what number is it too many?

Hey Ouroboros,

Sorry for the late reply.

I would like to improve my intelligence for many reasons. I could honestly write a novelette outlining why increasing intelligence is important to me. Once I see massive results, I may just go all out and create a new post explaining it all lol.

Or, you could answer it in one sentence :stuck_out_tongue:

There are multiple types of intelligence that we think of when we think of “Intelligence” determined by IQ tests.

  • Visual
  • Language
  • Mathematical
  • Memory
  • Information Processing Speed

And the traditional “high iq” person is good at computational intelligence, pattern recognition, quick wit and speech, knowledgable conversation about a wide array of topics.

That doesn’t even include Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory which I personally think is a PC way of saying everyone’s special.

So maybe write it out like this.

If I had greater intelligence, life would be better because _____


If I had greater intelligence, the part of my life that would improve the most would be _____

Uhm… 100%? 19?

100% of his modules are results enhancers.

The only exception is IQ+Cog booster which doesn’t seem necessary considering it’s a QLST4 custom, which, considering it does the exact same thing as QLST4, sounds to me like a results enhancer, but we can agree to disagree on that - I like redunancy in customs if the module is important to you so I’m not saying take out IQCOG :slight_smile:

Now it WOULD BE a redunancy beyond reason to have all these modules in here AND Ascension Chamber as a second core…

However I think AsC as a second core in this custom is a fantastic idea - then you get a shoot-ton of results enhancers in here plus you free up a bunch of space for other modules to help you accomplish your goals.

Subliminals are meant to help you accomplish real life outcomes, first and foremost.

Being intelligent is one thing, but how are you going to test that intelligence, right? That’s the most important question… because ultimately intelligence is noone’s goal, just like money is noone’s goal.

Money leads to status, wealth, sex, relationships, happiness, personal pride, freedom, new experiences, a sense of accomplishment, access to private clubs, increased safety, generational wealth, altruism, etc… there’s 1000 more reasons one might want money, it’s personal to each individual.

Intelligence is the same thing. You could say that everything money gives you access to one way, intelligence can give you access to another way. Status, wealth, sex, relationships, happiness, personal pride,freedom,new experiences, a sense of accomplishment, even access to private clubs (mensa, or elite coders, or the top of any industry, etc.,) even increased safety, building something which turns into generational wealth, you could use intelligence to make a difference in the world aka altruism, etc.

It’s the thing that intelligence gets you that is the goal.

And noone’s life is perfect if they merely improve their intelligence. Happiness increases with IQ up until an IQ score of 100, and then starts to go down from there.

So, use subliminals in a way that will actually enhance your life, not just create outcomes in a vacuum.

Those results enhancers could be replaced with modules that would help create crystalline intelligence. Book Blitz, Informaticon, skill-specific modules like writing, coding, true sell, mathematica, music producing, even the physical ones if you wanna be like Sherlock Holmes played by RDJ and be a super high iq boxer lol… there’s the plan that one uses to acquire intelligence and then modules to help you execute that plan… if your plan is to study logic puzzles an hour a day, take a look at Eye Of The Storm, or productivity unleashed. etc. etc. etc.

Hmm. I’ll give your way a shot haha.

If I had greater intelligence, life would be better because I would have the freedom to quickly and effectively learn anything I want to.

If I had greater intelligence, the part of my life that would improve the most would be my happiness because I could more effectively pursue being a polymathist.

How is that?

I think these sentences pretty much encapsulate what I want most out of this life: Brain power to accompany my curiosity. I want to be able to quickly pick up anything such as learning a complex subject, learning a new instrument, or even being able to quickly develop my skills/mechanics on a new video game.

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I see what you are saying.

I will also look into this. I was working on some revisions and would like to share them with you (If you don’t mind)

Yeah, nice, being a polymath is a fantastic application of intelligence. Post the updated module ideas here. Get through QL stages in the mean time :slight_smile:

Youl would get better results if you start taking action on being a polymath now, before the subs kick in, so that the subs have more to work with. Conscious and subconscious alignment means every fiber of your being is intent on being a polymath - you’ll definitely become one.

What skill do you want to work on first? (Polymaths still, like everyone else, work on one “main” skill at a time… they just do so much faster, are much more consistent with skill development generally, and maintain the skills after they learn them.)